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Betfair Scalper Review Scalping Profits Online Course

Profits Using Profits Maximiser Programme

How to Become a Betfair Scalper is a Betfair method that uses a scalping technique to scrape profits from all the horse races before the races have even begin. It is claimed that you can make excellent profits.


From Home Business Direct (homebusinessdirect.co.uk) Using your computer, you will be taught how to take advantage of how much money is entering the Betfair market at specific times BEFORE an event. Using the fact that most people who use Betfair have no idea what they are doing, users of Betfair Scalper will be able to set ‘traps’ to manipulate where the money is going, and then consistently make multiple profits throughout the day, without anybody even noticing. What you will be doing, is scalping, or creaming a percentage of the money being placed BEFORE an event has even taken place.


How does Betfair Scalper work?


The product is a detailed video tutorial, together with an in-depth manual that will teach users how to set a method up whereby profits can be made before an event, say a horse race, football match, has even taken place. Using specific software from a Windows computer (a computer is neededBetfair Scalper Review Online Now for this, not a tablet, remember to make more professional, you must act professionally, and a tablet will not cut it for this!).

Scalping on Betfair is not new, but we have yet to find such a comprehensive training course that can, and will take users by the hand and teach them everything they need to know.

This Betfair scalping product includes complete video examples on how to make profits, how to set everything up, what to do when things go wrong (and they sometimes do, in all trading), as well deciding if you actually enjoy generating revenue this way.

Scalping works by entering trades before the horse races begin, and then using methods, you will be scraping small profits from the liquidity entering the market before the main activity starts, and definitely before the race begins.

Scalping is quite a relaxed way of making money compared to many of the systems out there. It is simply a case of time that you have to invest after you learn how it is done.


What do you get with Betfair Scalping Profits?


You gain access to the scalping members area that teaches you from the very beginning, even if you are new to trading. The sections are detailed into the following:


  • Start Here
  • Betangel Use
  • Basic Scalping Profits
  • Member Feedback
  • Advanced Scalping
  • Further Trading
  • Latest Information


The course contains over 7+ hours of HD video content that is aimed at teaching you how to trade the markets, and the Betfair Exchanges to a point of making a profit.

The first videos on the course teach you all about the mindset needed, what to expect from the course, how to use the software, the settings, and then the very basics you need to get started, and then you have a section on the actual strategies, and scalping signals you will be using to take advantage and profit.

There is also a members section where feedback and emails/questions are shared with other members using videos, which digs into the actual detail of some of the more not obvious questions.

Then later on in the course, there is a video section on advanced trading to further increase your profits. These also include taking races in play on Betfair, and increasing profit on top of what you have already made, which is taught as being risk free.


Here are some Betfair Scalper Videos From Youtube:




What is the initial investment of Betfair Scalper?


£89.97 – Although when considering how much the investment is, as always, you will need to weigh up the earning potential of what is being offered, as well as the money back guarantee offered by the vendor. There are many Betfair products online that don’t come anywhere near to the quality that this scalping course offers, and continues to be increased almost daily.

What you should also consider, is the amount of products you have probably purchased over the years that have not worked, and then consider the true value of a product and course that does work. Also remember that there is a LOT of content contained in this course and a lot of instruction with well over 7 hours of video tutorials filmed in HD format for quality viewing.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for this products, which we believe makes it a snip at the price.


What is the rate of return?


The rate of return is advertised as the user making up to £40 , £50+ per day, depending on their betting bank. Although new users can expect to make upwards of £30 per day with reasonable stakes when they have learned how to scalp efficiently.


betfair scalper and Scalping profits


The course also teaches you how to scale the profits up when you have practiced enough and have enough experience. This will be the same for any type of trading product in that you have to elarn the process first, learn how the trading works, and then find a style that suits you based on that same experience.

There are now reports and screenshots of members making upwards of £100+ per day as you can see from the image on the right which is a customer who sent in a screenshot of their profits from their Betfair account

Scalping is a very good way of producing profits on a daily basis when you have learned how it works, as you are taking small amounts of money from the betting exchanges on every race, so it is really is up to you as to how much time you wish to spend doing this.

We have probably produced more reviews than anything else on the topic of Betfair, and some are amusingly bad in their execution, but some are far better than others at explaining the concepts and strategies needed when trying to make a profit from Betfair, and this is one of them without a doubt.


How Much Money Do I Need To Start?


The website states that you can actually start with a low betting bank and then increase this same betting bank with your profits. It also states that you can specify and choose particular races based around the betting banks. The following video explains this further:



Conclusion on The Betfair Scalping Course


This is an excellent product, and as long as you have a Windows computer, then together with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose really. Remember though, that as with any trading opportunity, you can only make money if you have the time to dedicate yourself to what is being taught.

The teachings in the video course are clear, concise and extremely detailed regarding how to make a profit from Betfair, and the emails we get back on the product and Betfair Scalper course have a common theme, in that customers love the course and the way it is laid out.

Here are some of the tesimonials from members on the Betfair Scalper course:


Betfair scalper testimonial 1

Betfair scalper testimonial 2

Betfair Scalping Profits Review

betfair scalper testimonial 4


Some great comments from users, as you can see from above.


Will Betfair Scalping Profits Work For Me?


Trading is not for everybody, it takes time, dedication and a willingness to prepare yourself for what is required in order to follow a strict training plan.

That said, compared to some of the outrageous claims made online for other products, scalping is one product that simply does work, and does not take that much investment to get started. You will of course need to be prepared to put some real effort in, but the returns are there.

Many people make a profit from Betfair this way, so as long as you put the time in then there is no reason it cannot work for you. You will not be a fully experienced Betfair trader after watching all the videos, sure you will know what to do, but then you have to practice what you will have learned and spend the time it takes to learn all about the signals and as the course states a lot: practice.

There are many claiming that it is one of the best Betfair trading courses brought to market, and we would agree with that assumption.


Where Can I Buy The Scalping Course?


The price is also on £89.97 –  and relatively cheap at the price for the quality course materials you gain access to.


Betfair Scalping Profits can be found by clicking here




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28 Responses

  1. Ian

    Hi where is the link to the website for this product as I can’t seem to find it?
    Many thanks

  2. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    Just to let you know that we will be promoting Betfair Scalper very soon.

    We have also been present, and involved in testing the product over the last few months, and we must say, this looks to be one of the easiest, and most low risk, low pressure trading/gambling methods we have ever come across.

    We have videoed 11 trades using this over the last 2 days, and there have been 10 wins and 1 loss, with a profit margin of £63.83. This has represented a profit of £5.80 per race traded, and when you consider that there are approximately 20 races per day in the UK and Ireland, that could be a potential profit of £41,000+ per year.

    Time is needed to generate the profits with this, but the upside is that there is virtually no pressure as the betting bank is never at risk.

    To give a quick example, the profits made over the last 2 days were:

    Race 1: £5.13 won
    Race 2: £5.60 won
    Race 3: £5.95 won
    Race 4: £7.78 won
    Race 5: £6.40 lost
    Race 6: £4.01 won
    Race 7: £10.86 won
    Race 8: £5.17 won
    Race 9: £7.79 won
    Race 10: £4.74 won
    Race 11: £12.80 won

    The profits represented a yearly increase on the betting bank of over 1,600%, which the author stated was an average figure for his students when following these scalping methods – now try getting that in interest from your bank!

    There is also no chasing losses, or particular staking plan, due to the low risk. How much profit is made is directly linked to the amount of betting bank available, but as already mentioned the betting bank is never at risk.

    We are currently creating the package for members, together with the author. The author has made well over £250,000+ via trading/gambling (bank statements inspected)and is currently advising on a few different, and extremely exciting ways that he profits from his activities, with a view to them being offered to our members.

    We expect the product to be available in around 6-8 weeks, and the product will be a complete video training course, together with detailed manual, on how to make these daily profits.

    We are very excited by this one, to add to our other guaranteed ways to generate an online income.



  3. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    Following on from yesterday testing Betfair Scalper, we completed another 13 trades/bets today, and the results are as follows:

    13 Trades – 12 wins, and 1 loss £46.90 won:

    Race 1: £3.50 Won
    Race 2: £2.81 Won
    Race 3: £3.97 Won
    Race 4: £4.83 Won
    Race 5: £5.78 Won
    Race 6: £6.17 Won
    Race 7: No Trade
    Race 8: £7.33 Won
    Race 9: £7.00 Won
    Race 10: £7.22 Won
    Race 11: £1.97 Won
    Race 12: £10 Lost
    Race 13: £6.67 Won

    Meaning over the last 3 days testing this Betfair Scalper, the results so far are as follows:

    22 wins – 2 losses = £110.73 won.

    Betfair Scalper seems to be creating a 5% increase on the betting bank PER DAY.

    This means with the following betting banks, you would be making the following, with very, very low risk:

    £250 Bank = £12.50 per day = £4562 a year
    £500 Bank = £25.00 per day = £9125 a year
    £1,000 bank = £50.00 per day = £18,000 a year
    £2,000 bank = £100.00 per day = £36,500 a year
    £5,000 bank = £250.00 per day = £91,250 a year

    And the above does not even take into account the daily compounded interest of the betting bank.

    Do you get 5% interest per DAY on your savings? You would be lucky to get 1% per year from a bank.



  4. Ian

    What sort of stakes are you using to produce those results?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Ian,

      Good question.

      Scalping is about profiting from 1 or more positions, and therefore the stake needed is higher than a direct bet, BUT, the stake is never at risk, due to the fact all the scalping is done before play.

      For example, a stake of £300 may be required to make, say £5 inside a few minutes, but that £300 is never at risk, all we are doing is ‘using’ the weight of the bank, as a means to an end – profit, not risking the bank.

      If you are familiar with Betfair you will know that if laying a trade, for example, even before play, that Betfair will take the liability for once the race has concluded, but because the races never ever go in play, we do not risk the bank – ever.

      Basically, no matter what size betting bank somebody has, profits can be made. The higher the bank the higher the profits, but with say a 5% compounded profit per day even the smallest of betting banks would quickly become substantial in a small period of time.

      We have been testing this ourselves, and are very impressed with the results. The only variable we have found that is not in the user’s control is the odds on certain horses, but that is not even an issue, because the stakes can be increased to compensate, and again, as the bank is never at risk, there is even some degree of control to that also.

      We will probably be removing these comments before launch, as to not confuse some who are not experienced at any level with Betfair.



  5. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    We have just completed further testing on Betfair Scalper today (Saturday).

    We again completed 15 trades/bets, and had 12 wins out of 13 bets.

    15 Trades – (2 no trades) = 12 wins, and 1 loss and £77.28 won:

    Race 1: £1.72 Won
    Race 2: £6.29 Won
    Race 3: £8.03 Won
    Race 4: £1.94 lost
    Race 5: No Trade
    Race 6: No Trade
    Race 7: £5.15 won
    Race 8: £6.81 Won
    Race 9: £11.32 Won
    Race 10: £2.18 Won
    Race 11: £4.68 Won
    Race 12: £7.41 Lost
    Race 13: £9.53 Won
    Race 14: £4.26 won
    Race 15: 11.84 won

    Therefore for the last 4 days consecutive trading, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the results were as follows:

    33 wins and 3 losses

    Total profit so far = £188.01 won, and that is only completing approximately 50% of the daily races, and the first day, Wednesday we only completed 4 races.

    We have made an increase of the betting bank of 9.4% in 4 days.

    Based on the results, we are pretty sure that had we completed a full days trading down all the races (approximately 20 races per day) we would have made profits of £100+ per day.



  6. Ian

    Hi Guys, how subjective is the method, does it tell you which race, horse, entry and exit points?Must say it looks very consistent.Does it only work on horses or can it be used on other sports as well?
    Many thanks

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi again, Ian.

      It is fairly subjective. There are definite entry and exit points, and what we are finding is that approximately 8 times out of 10 the profits are fairly easy, and just happens almost to the letter, and the other 2 times are what we have started calling ‘variable’ trades as it takes a little longer to gain the profit, but yes, the win-to-lose ratio is highly stacked in the favour of the scalping method.

      Without giving the information away ( which could also confuse ) the scalping method entails laying ‘traps’ in the market around 10 minutes before the race when the market is fairly static and then capitalising before the start of each race when the liquidity (money) floods into the market creating movement on the price.

      We have videoed all the trades this week which will be used in the training course. We have not tested it on other sports, although it is highly possible it would work with other sports, the reason we have stuck with horse racing, is because that is what the author uses, and with 20 races a day, there is plenty of opportunity 7 days a week.

      We will be putting a few more days testing in this week hopefully, time permitting, then we will be completing the training course.



  7. Jamie L 1987

    I am trying this product at the moment, and it is well explained and looking good so far, I also made some profits this afternoon.

    It does take time as explained, but I really like the pace of it, so thanks.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Jamie,

      Thanks for letting us know how you are getting on with this.

      You are right though, the slow pace of scalping defintiely seems to sit well with people using it.



  8. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Hello Everybody,

    Just to let you all know that the Betfair Scalping product was actually launched about a week ago, and contains around 2 hours of video tutorials on how to follow scalping, and how to make profits this way.

    The product has been well received so far.



    • Gavin

      How much time does doing this take up and can you do this if you have a full time job working 9-5, or do you need to be available to place bets etc right before races start??

  9. MB


    As somebody who has been trying to do this for a while now, I fully appreciate the need for the instructions, and the videos are first class.

    Starting on Sunday I am already in a good profit, I won’t say how much as that is not the point but I am very excited moving forward with this.


  10. cat

    I bought this today and there is a lot of stuff to watch and read, outstanding amount of content for the money.

    I am looking forward to geting stuck in, and will let you know how I get on 🙂


  11. Scouse John

    A truly exceptional course, far more than I expected.

  12. Raj

    Hi can this product be used on races in Australia and Nz ?

  13. Davey

    This is a great product really taught me how to trade and the best I have bought in a LONG TIME! Thouroughly recommend this little gem

  14. bimal

    this system can i use with other software without betangel ?

    • BigAL

      Probably. It’s a professional course teaching you a method that is dependent on the market and not dependent on a specific software, so you would need a trading software (any) that has the “enchanced ladder” mode, and all trading softwares have it. You would probably have no problem if you use, for example, Geeks Toy.

      BetAngel is by far the most preferred by professionals, and the most detailed, that’s why they are using it, and it is truly magnificent.

      Good luck in your trading journey.

  15. Max

    Hi there,

    Buying the course today.

    I was wondering what the initial start-up trading investment would be? £500 or £1000? Thanks.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Max,

      The betting bank can be as small as you want really, you would just start making smaller profits but can then build up using those same profits to increase your betting bank.



  16. JimDawson

    Hiya, I signed up for this betfair course and I really like it. I have read a lot over the years about how to make money from betfair but this really ticked the right boxes on what to actually do. I am not trading live yet as I am still practising but if you are interested in a proper instruction it is the best I have come across so far by a distance. I will report back when I trade on the live side but I can some big potential with this scalper trading.

  17. MakeMoneyForum Admin


    Just to update the page and for readers to keep track of how members are doing with this scalping course, the coruse creator has a Facebook group where he details feedback from actual members:




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