Binary Pilot Review

Binary Pilot is an online app that offers profits of up to 85% on trades.

What does the product offer?

Binary Pilot is a free app that allows you to trade binary options through one of Profit Monopoly’s approved brokers. The system claims to provide large profits with minimal investment. The creator of the system “Bill” then gets 5% of the profits you earn.

How does the product work?

There is no actual information on how Binary Pilot works. In fact the only information that is really available in the promotional video is instead about the millionaire lifestyle that the creator of the system lives, allegedly through the use of his trading system.

What is the initial investment?

The product is available for free for 75 days with the creator “Bill” taking 5% of any profits made through the app.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is advertised at being $1000-5000 per day. Alleged testimonials vary with the provided examples being “over $500” in half an hour, $700 within a few days and $10,000 in 5 days.


There is something about Binary Pilot that doesn’t quite sit right. Perhaps it is the lack of information on the system but really it is the nature of the sales pitch that is off putting. Whilst I accept that anybody would savour the opportunity to show how profitable their system has been, it is a rare thing indeed when it is the primary basis. “Bill” is quick to brag about his £600,000 house, his Audi R8 and Rolls Royce he purchased for his wife and the 3 months of holidays he takes annually.

That seems to be the full extent of his front end video. I have lots of stuff, you can have some stuff and help me get more stuff. To be completely honest the whole thing has a slight whiff of pyramid scheme about it with the authenticity of his fortune being somewhat questionable. “Bill” claims to have made over £4 million with his trading system but shows no evidence as to how he made this money. To top it off the restrictions on which brokers you can use leads me to believe that Bill makes more money from referring people to his “selected” brokers and taking 5% of what his users make rather than his claim of making the money himself.

Personally, not even the offer of this being free would be enough to tempt me, but some people it will likely be a case of “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”



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They claim to show live account activity where their auto-pilot software is able to predict the outcome of a underlying asset with better than 90% accuracy. I checked the account pages that they showed and the trades seem to be long-term and consistant regarding the 90% plus accuracy. I don t think such accuracy is possible with binary options no matter how good a trader you are or how good the automated system is. I wonder if that account page is fake even though they claim otherwise. With 70% profit or better (up to 85%) per option trade, a trader could buy out Warren Buffet in a matter of a few short months if this accuracy were true.

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From: Simon Roberts