30 Mar: Operation 10K Review

Operation 10K is a new product form Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong that they say will allow users to “supercharge” their affiliate marketing business. What does the product offer? Described as an “avant-garde” system in the headlines Operation 10K is actually an internet marketing system that allegedly requires just 4 steps in order to get you started driving traffic to your website or affiliate link.

27 Mar: Short Books Empire Review

Short Books Empire is a new product from Alessandro Zamboni and Neil Day in which the pair claim that they can show you how to become a success on Amazon’s Kindle store without any real hard work. What does the product offer? Alessandro Zamboni and Neil Day have a history of putting out products related to Amazon and the Kindle Store with Short Books Empire being the newest in line. Where Short Books Empire differs from other products…

19 Mar: Youzign Review

Youzign is a new product from Bertrand Diouly and Martin Crumlish that offers users a massive number of graphic design options as well as training on selling them. What does the product offer? In terms of what Youzign actually is, it’s a massive number of different templates and graphical components that users can use to create their own graphics. Bertrand Diouly and Marting Crumlish are touting Youzign as not just being able to be used by you, but…

17 Mar: Own Brand Empire Review Oliver Goehler

Own Brand Empire is the newest product to launch from Mark ‘The Lazy B’ and Oliver Goehler that claims to be able to show you how to create your own online business selling own branded products. What does the product offer? Own Brand Empire is a rather comprehensive package that according to Mark The Lazy B and Oliver Goehler will allow you insight into “the best internet business there is”. The “big one” that changes everything for you….

16 Mar: Pro Styler Theme Evo Review

Pro Styler Theme Evo is a WordPress theme from Michael Formby that he says will allow internet markets to quickly and easily create quality WordPress websites. What does the product offer? The sales material for Pro Styler Theme Evo rather surrounds the whole thing with fanfare with Michael Formby saying that it is “the most flexible, advanced-yet-easy, drag and drop theme”. He also goes on to lambast “buggy, none responsive and over complicated” themes.

11 Mar: EZCashWorld Review

EZCashWorld is a product from Julia Williams that the copy claims will provide you with a complete internet business in a box that you can use to start making instant profits. What does the product offer? The copy for EZCashWorld makes it sound like you are getting a lot of bang for your buck however I am not entirely convinced about this fact for a number of different reasons. In terms of what you can expect from EZCashWorld,…

11 Mar: Instamate Review

Instamate is a new product from Luke Maguire that allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from your PC. What does the product offer? Instamate is an online application that the creator says will allow users to automate and manage Instagram accounts from your computer. According to Luke Maguire, Instamate does this in a variety of ways starting with finding content. The software is allegedly able to find the most viral content in any niche “in seconds”.

11 Mar: Publishing Profit Mantra Review

Publishing Profit Mantra is a newly launched product from Tom Yevsikov and his team that claims to show users how to generate an income through publishing your own Kindle ebooks. What does the product offer? The sales material for Publishing Profit Mantra paints this a product that is easy to use, requires very little effort and income and yet is still able to generate a very substantial passive revenue stream. This is exactly the kind of claim that…

08 Mar: VO Genesis Review by Jenny Lewis

VO Genesis is a product from Jenny Lewis that the creator claims will show you how to make a substantial income working from home. What does the product offer? There are a number of ways of making money online and I have seen almost all of them touted as a way of instantly making a fortune however VO Genesis is rather different in terms of the niche that it looks at. Through VO Genesis Jenny Lewis takes you…

08 Mar: Ad Respark Review

Ad Respark is a newly launched product from Devin Zander and David Abrams that claims to be able to show users how they can start developing profitable adverts in minutes. What does the product offer? Ad Respark is marketed as something of a complete suite for creating your own adverts which come with the added benefit of automatically exporting them so that you can use ads on multiple platforms. Devin Zander and David Abrams say that Ad Respark…