Follow the Money Review

Follow The Money is a new Forex trading system that is operated by Guy Cohen and marketed through Agora Lifestyles. It claims to make trading easy to carry out and massively profitable, even with minimum effort.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Follow The Money makes the whole product sound increadibly easy to use. How easy exactly? Supposedly you simply have ot have the “The Skill to Spot Where This Wavy Line Crosses From Negative to Positive”. Replete with a chart which is not just cut in half and labelled, but coloured pink and blue. If you can’t see that point, I honestly don’t know how you could have navigated to the website.

Of course this is all headlinging stuff and as such, it is carefully crafted in the Agora Lifestyles tradition of making everything seem like easy money. Of course, this must be balanced out with obfuscating any actual information about the product or service, smething wihich the sales material for Follow The Money does often and with very little subtlety.

So what exactly is Guy Cohen offering here? There are two main aspects to Follow The Money, both of which seem oddly juxtaposed when laid together. The first thing that is on offer is a home study manual (replete with supporting online video tutorials). All of this supposedly will allow you to “become a super-proitable trader from home”. The second aspect of Follow The Money are selections which are uploaded online to a closed website.

This latter part of Follow The Money seems to be where Agora Lifestyles and Guy Cohen are pushing the product. In fact, they actually say that you don’t have to worry about the training aspect as Guy Cohen has done “all of the work for you”. This simply leaves you to find a trade through Follow The Money that interests you and place your bets, rinse and repeat. The sales material suggests that the whole process will simply take you around 10 minutes per day. It is only stated however that you will receive these for 12 months.

As well as the training and Guy Cohen’s own selections that make up the core of Follow The Money, there are also a number of different bonus products. These vary rather substantially in quality and appear to be a combination of previous trading products put out by Guy Cohen as well as Agora Lifestyles.

How does the product work?

As I have already touched upon and hinted at, Agora Lifestyles are up to their usual tricks with Follow The Money. I say this in so much as they give away very little information on what to expect and an awful lot that serves to make the sales material for Follow The Money even more confusing. Essentially however, Guy Cohen does give us enough information to paint a picture of what to expect.

Follow The Money is based around the movement of share prices. This is a very obvious statement, however the way that Guy Cohen’s system works is supposedly different from others. Where most traders are able to look at data to spot trends, wait to see that a trend is going to be forthcoming and then get in at the end (all of this according to Agora Lifestyles of course). Follow The Money on the other hand supposedly shows you how you can identify when these trends will happen and get your foot in the door early. The astute amongst you will notice that this is pretty far removed from the simple “crossing over” point that is mentioned in the headline for Follow The Money.

What is the initial investment?

The fact that Guy Cohen has teamed up with Agora Lifestyles means that Follow The Money was always going to be an expensive affair. Also not surprisingly, there is only one option for those who wish to buy into Follow The Money which is a one time cost of £297. Fortunately, there isn’t VAT to pay on top of this. It is also worthwhile pointing out that there is a money back guarantee in place for Follow The Money. It isn’t of the best quality however. You only have 30 days from receiving Follow The Money in order to send the product back.

What is the rate of return?

There are a few numbers that are thrown around in terms of how much you could earn through Follow The Money. The first of these, and the headlining number is £3,900 per month. This then becomes anywhere from £150 per day, all the way to more than £2,000 in a day. These are rather extraordinary claims and I don’t find it acceptable that there is no mention of how much you would have to invest in order to leverage this kind of profit. Furthermore, Agora Lifestyles provide absolutely no evidence to back any of these claims up.


I can’t help but feel like a large part of Follow The Money is based around hypotheticals. Maybe Guy Cohen can demonstrate profit with his methods, however I can’t help but feel that the numbers have been scaled up. This is a method that Agora are particularly fond of, as they also are with compounding in quite unreasonable ways in order to hit their target figure.

All of this is a shame as despite my best efforts, I haven’t seen a lot about Guy Cohen that suggests that he is dishonest or his products in any way lacking. Furthermore, I do think that there is something to Follow The Money. The problem as far as I am concerned is that firstly, I don’t think that Follow The Money is actually anywhere near as easy to use as it is made up to be. The second, and this is a biggie for me, I don’t see much value.

I am sure that I would be berated were Guy Cohen here to tell me why Follow The Money is worth the money, but for me I simply feel that just shy of £300 is a lot of money to ask. Especially for something that whilst aimed at those who have no trading experience, doesn’t seem to realistically take this into account. Personally, I can only see users making small amounts without a big bank to invest.



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I bought Guy Cohens Iluminati system for over £3k It was rubbish, he then came up with another system, that the publisher gave me for free it was called flag trader this was also a complete disaster. I do think that he can make his systems work for himself. However they are so subjective that very few could understand them.

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