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Matt Mitter’s Value Rater Review

Matt Mitter’s Value Rater is one of Betfan’s newest products with selections coming from the eponymous Matt Mitter, supposedly something of a celebrity in the horse racing world.

What does the product offer?

As far as tipster services go, Matt Mitter’s Value Rater seems to be something of a selective effort with Matt Mitter clearly not opting to try and find bets every day. The bets that he does identify however are generally rather decent looking, at least in terms of the odds that you are backing.

A cursory glance through the month reveals odds of up to 66/1. Unfortunately, this is somewhat marred when you start to look at the numbers.

The strike rate for Matt Mitter’s Value Rater stands at just 25% which is in many respects, not a bad thing, especially given the odds that you are backing. The problem however (at least in my book) is that this is combined a staking plan that involves betting 5 points per bet which can quickly add up.

How does the product work?

As the name suggests, Matt Mitter’s Value Rater is a value based service and this is definitely something that the results reflect.

In terms of his approach, Matt Mitter uses his own personal handicapping system and is quite clear that this aspect of Matt Mitter’s Value Rater is based on his own grasp on both the basics of analysis (including form and race reading), as well as focussing on  certain types of races. Namely those that are grouped and graded.

This is claimed to be to allow Matt Mitter to extract the best possible value and also to allow him to apply his own handicap system.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan are offering 3 different subscription lengths for Matt Mitter’s Value Rater which are a one month (28 days), three months (90 days) and 6 months. These are priced at £49, £99 and £159 per respective period.

As is typical for products from the Betfan group, there isn’t any money back guarantee on offer however they do say that they will review any requests for refunds.

What is the rate of return?

Since the launch of Matt Mitter’s Value Rater at the start of April this year, the service has gone on to make a profit of 337.75 points with most of it coming from just a handful of bets. It is worth pointing out that this amounts to an ROI of 116.47%.


I am familiar with Betfan and their products and as such, the criticism aren’t likely to be anything new. In fact, they are principally the same across almost all of them and Matt Mitter’s Value Rater is a perfect example.

First of all, at £50 per month, it is expensive. Even staking £5 per point (meaning £25 per bet) would mean that you would have made a very modest profit, however you would also be risking large amounts per month. This is because Matt Mitter’s Value Rater fits the model of “when it wins, it wins big”.

There have been 2 large wins that have both doubled the betting bank to date, and whilst one would hope that these will continue to come in if what Matt Mitter says is true, I am not convinced that this will be often enough.



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2 Responses

  1. Maurice

    Very informative,I for one don’t understand why tipsters go for 5 points stakes on every wager instead of level stakes when the sp or B O G are so high

  2. Peter

    I can see this review is a little dated, as it over 12 months old. Value Rater offer a range of different products on their website now and at much lower prices too. It might be worth having another look as I am personally well up on my stakes. Very happy so far with what Matt has suggested.


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