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See How This Man is Making £50 Per Day Using Daily Betfair Method

Making Betfair WorkThis system has the potential to make profits of £50 per day, using a method of choosing what other people fail to see, making at least £18,000 per year.

When you consider the current economic climate, the prospect of generating regular gains is obviously attractive, and therefore when somebody offers to show you exactly how they do this, and have used Betfair to make profits for well over 9 years, making at least £50 per day, you obviously have to sit up, listen, and take notice.


The Product is Called: Pete’s Betfair Method


How Did This Method Come About?


Back in 2007 there was quite a commotion on eBay regarding a particular information product that was being sold by a man called Pete. You see, his information product was receiving rave reviews by those that purchased it – Via his feedback.

Although, even since then, and after we managed to persuade Peter to allow us to promote his method again, members are already making good gains with this method. Here is just one very happy customer to have reported back to us since followed the steps outlined:


How it is working for Stuart


Click Here For Full Details Of Pete’s £50 a Day Betfair Method


Anyway, back to how this all came about. Now, Naturally when people see and hear about somebody who is having success of any kind, it generates interest, and this product really did create a lot of interest at the time – because it worked. A product was put together on how people could replicate Peter’s success, and he taught them how to follow the steps he had devised.

What Happened to Cause The Commotion?


People started making some really good money using the methods, so much so that Peter stopped selling the information because he was constantly getting snide remarks from jealous sellers who tried to steal his information – but it had a copyright.

In general on eBay, when other sellers see they cannot have a piece of the pie, they will sometimes steal it, and that together with the hassle Peter was getting, he decided to pull back from eBay, and just concentrate on his own profits. It was a shame, as many people were benefiting.


That Makes Sense – Why So Successful?


What Pete has created, over a period of 9 years is a methodology that takes advantage of people’s failure to stand alone with decisions, and use their own initiative. He basically makes the money from people’s mistakes, and if you know anything about betting, then you will know that 99% of people who place bets lose their money by making silly mistakes.

Pete realised that Betfair was VERY different from traditional bookmakers, and that an advantage was there to be had, and the main reason, as mentioned above, was that with Betfair you are trading against other traders – with most of them not having a clue what they are doing, and backed with historical data analysis the advantage Pete found was very real.


And This Will Work For Me, Too?


Yes, the methods that are used have consistently made profits for well over 9 years, meaning that if you are seriously interested in something that has stood the test of time, and has been proven to make regular profits from Betfair, this is definitely something you will want to take a look at. The problem with most people who follow systems, is that they were not purchased from the originator – somebody who tested for many months, and now makes his living from the very information you are about to use.


Realistically, What Profits Are People Making?


A member made the following testimonial post just today on a similar website:


And here is another received a few days ago:

As you can see, real people are using this information to make real gains.  For years people have tried to make money from Betfair, but only those dedicated actually do, because nobody was willing to actually teach them how they do it. Now, Peter, for the first time in 6 years has decided to offer his methods for a limited time.


I am Very Interested in This, Any Experience Needed?


Well, in a moment, we will show you what Pete has to say about it, but Betfair is quite a simple site to use, once you understand the basics. We have also read the method, and it is about as easy to implement as you can get, around 20 pages long, and you can start immediately.

Remember, that the methods that Pete teaches, have put food on his table for over 9 years. They work, and more importantly, it is how he makes his money. It is not that often that somebody comes along and shows you how to make money the very same way that feeds, and clothes their own family.


Video Tutorials Included in Pete’s Betfair Method


Also included in the package are video tutorials, where we (ourselves being professional traders) show you EXACTLY how we make profits using Pete’s Betfair Methods, and how you can copy exactly what we do.

We show you how to set everything up, and how we have made some great profits with these methods ourselves.  Also, if you require any support, then you can send us an email directly, and we can advise on anything you need to know. In fact, if you read some of the emails below, you can see that our customer support is very well spoken about.


A Short Video of Us Making £75.96 In Under 2 Minutes!


Many members have asked us if they can see a video of the profits being made, so today we made a quick video of a LIVE trade using Betangel software, which is not essential, as you can just use Betfair directly, but the video shows where we made £75.96 in under 2 minutes, the video can be seen here:



Have You Tested the Method?


We test all the products we offer to our members, that goes without saying. There has also been other verified testing that the method produced a profit of over £1,300 over a period of 30 days. Our most recent testing produced the following results:

Saturday 7th February:

3 wins out of 5 races:

£83.04 Won
£36.20 won
£61.91 won

Monday 9th February:

3 wins out of 4 races:

£45.91 won
£98.18 won
£63.87 won

Monday 16th February:

2 wins from 3 trades.

Profit inside the 40 minutes we were trading: £143.91

All winning trades have been videoed, and will be available to members.


And These Methods Still Working in 2016?


Yes, today in fact we received two emails from recent users with the following content, and as you can see they are extremely happy with their results 🙂

2016 Testimonials Petes Betfair method

As mentioned, we receive testimonials for this particular method on a daily basis, from a variety of different people, and last week one particular user of Pete’s Betfair methods cut & pasted his Profit and Loss for the current month directly from his Betfair account and sent it to us in the following email, which shown for the period of exactly one month, a profit of £6348.56 was made.


We have had to blur some of the text in the email due to Gary giving away some of the method detail:


One Customer made £6348.56 Profit in one month:



Great, Have You Got More Information?


Of course, as promised please click the following link that will take you to a page where Pete himself will explain everything:


Click Here For Full Details Of Pete’s £50 a Day Betfair Method





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352 Responses

  1. Stu

    Hello everyone. After ordering these tonight night, I spend a good few hours back checking through results to see how successful the methods would be, and yes, they do seem to work very well. Logical, and well explained. I have been using betfair for a few years and have made some money but nothing spectacular although anybody who has used betfair before will know the basics and what should work *should being the word*, and everything should be tested which is why i spent a good few hours going through everything. Very excited and raring to get going with this.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Stuart,

      Thank you for your comments. We have received a large amount of positive comments for this product, and people are making some great gains with it.

      Good luck,



      • simon

        just to say that Peter’s £50 a day system for me is brilliant- early days but profits every day, i cannot recommend this product highly enough- like a lot of people over the months and years have lost considerable amounts of money on systems that do not work- this one clearly does- value for money …a big YES if you are the tired depressed fed up punter who has just about given up on ever making money then please purchase this product- it’s simple quick not very time consuming but you will make money every day

  2. Camron

    Can someone please tell me if you need experience with Betfair to use this techniques and systems? I have never betted before.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Camron,

      Full instructions are included, and the manuals are written for novices. Obviously there is a little learning to do, but you should get the basics very quickly.



  3. Red Rob

    I have ordered the manuals, and have read them. They do seem to make a lot of sense as to why they would work.

    I will be trying them today on the racing. Thank you.

  4. Froch

    Good methods, used them today and made £34 with small stakes to gain my confidence. If it carries on I will then build up to higher as it says to do in the method.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Froch,

      Well done on your winnings. Keep it up, and it is a very good idea to start smaller until you have built a higher bank.



  5. Stu

    Well I am back as promised, and very Happy Days,

    I am over £168 up after using this over the last few days. Bl**dy brilliant hope I am allowed to say that. 🙂 🙂


  6. Tommy Taylor

    I was testing this yesterday on the horse racing, and after taking the courage to actually have a go, I made £52 in about 40 minutes. I hope it continues, but so far I am over the virtual moon so to speak. Tommy.

    • Sam O'neil


      This was my first entry into betting with betfair, and I am really impressed. The first day I just tested on paper to make sure I understood all the details, and the method, and the second day I made £25 on the first race. I could have made more, but I wanted to be cautious. I am well pleased. Great people to do business with this website.


  7. Ant

    Great info here. Read and digested and starting it all today.

  8. JTC


    I am having a lot of fun with this, and made my first profits yesterday. I have a question though, because I am already making some good money with this, do I not have to pay any tax??

    Keep up the sterling work guys!

  9. Billy

    Cool. I have made 6 bets, and won 5, and made a very goos profit.

  10. Craig

    That’s good going Billy, 5/6 is great stats. What sport was that on, horse racing prior to event starting?

    • Amber & Mick

      This has been working well so far for myself and my husband, and we have been using it for about three weeks. We cannot use it at weekends so we can’t comment a weekends, but as we work at home we have been testing it, and we are definitely in good profits. Long may it continue, as my hubby has a damaged back and cannot work anymore so we needed something online ideally. Thanks, Amber & Mick x

  11. Alan C

    Skeptical at first, as you would be, but this week I have made some great profits with this system. Thanks guys for the support.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Alan,

      No problem, and we are pleased the method is working for you, as it is others.

      Have a good weekend.



      • Barry72

        Great little profit maker this so far. 2 days and 3 sets of profit.

        Well chuffed considering I knew nothing of this way of making profit before. It took me a day or so to get familiar with how it works. But well worth it. Thanks all. Baz

  12. Gte

    Well, if you have any doubts that this works then I wouldn’t. I have won money today before my tea, which surprised me, but I have read the manuals a good few times now, and I know how to do it, and am looking forward to using it again this week.

    Speak soon

    • Colin Dyson

      This is definitely working for 3 so far, 8 days in a row I have made the money, using the suggested strategy of making 2 x £25 per day. I must admit, that I didn’t expect it to work, but I was proven wrong so far.

  13. Pritchard

    Can I start this with a brand new betfair account?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Pritchard,

      Yes, or you can using an existing Betfair account.

      This will work with either.



    • Massey

      This is quite an intelligence way to trade. The reason really is that you are not involved in fast moving trades, and just make a single decision, which I like. A lot of trading is very quick, and can be stressful, but this has been fine so far. I started using real money for the last few days, and so far it is going well for me. It is not my first venture using betfair but I am doing good so far with some money made yesterday. I will be trading again today.

  14. Len

    Last week, I made nearly £290 with this, so I am very grateful for sharing it with me. For the first time something actually works, and after trying loads of stuff over the years, I wanted to share my gratitude, and say a big thanks for showing me that there really is a way to make money from Betfair.

    I am proof of it.


    • Jason

      Can you really make £50 a day even with a £500 or could you start off with a smaller bank and aim for a smaller per day target?

      • MakeMoneyForum Admin

        Hi Jason,

        Yes, you can easily start with a smaller bank and build your way up, that is what we suggest, as that will build your confidence, too.



  15. Smiler

    I will be trying out this system today. From what I have read in the manual it is impressive, and should work very well. I am not new to betting, so know what I am talking about, and this has good merit. Trying today.


  16. Kay

    I shown this to mu dad last night who is quite experienced in this type of stuff,, and he said it will work. In fact he going to try it hyimself also.

  17. Gordon

    Thank you for this product. It is already working for me this week, and made profits of just under £200 using the rules. It is great and I am waiting for next week now so I can up it, and try and increase the profits it makes.

    For anybody hesitating. Don’t this is the real deal !!

  18. getcha

    I am struggling to work out how this betfair works? Can somebody help with it please? I am not daft just not great with numbers

    • Josh

      Betfair is simply to work out. There is a video on the website and you should pick it up.

      I had never used betfair before, so watched all the vids, and made money straight away with this.

  19. Jona

    Made £70 with this yesterday – top man.

    Cannot wait for next week now, because I plan to use it on everything. It works extremely well. I had win, loss, win, win. Thank you for sharing this with me. Gaz

  20. kitman

    This is good, and certainly gives a decent strike rate. I am in profit already.

  21. Jason Roache

    It took me a few days to get to grips with the details of this, I must admit as I am not online savvy, but I am still learning and hoping to be betting live soon.

    My initial download did not work, so I had to send an email and the response was very quick so thank you for that. Everybody seems to know much more than me on the Internet but then again I only got my first computer just over 12 months ago, but I do love learning all new techniques.

    Sorry for rambling 🙂


  22. Carl

    A few weeks in and going well. I didn’t email because I was busy making it work. I am going for lower amounts than the suggested, but still a few hundred quid up so far.

  23. Gee Man

    Great stuff. Stuggled a little with instructions at first, but making a profit almost every day now.



  24. Sharon K

    Myself and the hubby have been reading this over the weekend after downloading it, and understand it fully.

    Our only question is, can you do the betting using a Paypal account?


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Sharon,

      You will need a credit or debit card to make this work. But all winnings are paid back to the same, so not problem.



  25. Adli

    After looking at this product for days I was contemplating whether to buy it or not. I’ve used a betting system using Betfair but it is different to this. First off, it DOES work. I started off very slowly, making £10 per day not £50. I will increase it as my confidence builds. I must say the manuals are okay, I struggled a bit at first, but you have to read it over and over and read it properly! It would have been better had there been videos. One thing I dont get is what to bet on. I cant really find horse races under 2.0 odds and have been doing football. Cant seem to find decent bets that will pay off to win and under 2.0. But non the less, this method does work and does pay out, will be reading the manual again just to be clear.

  26. Starky

    To the poster above. I have no problem finding the bets, so not sure what you are looking at. But as you say it definitely works.

    This is the first thing that has worked for me using betfair. Good profits so far. I am about 1 and a half weeks in, and I have some nice profit in my betfair account now 🙂

    • Abdul

      Nice system. Me and my brothers were trying it all week, and made good profits every day bar one, and that was because we didn’t start until late in the day.


  27. Stokes

    A very good read, and the manual was well explained. I tried one test day today, and walked away with £32, so I am happy that this works and generates profits. I will be doing some more this week.

    I didn’t expect it to work, but it does, and the reviews on here have been a great help.


  28. Barry

    £40 profit yesterday, and £65 today.

    Great guns, and yes, it works. Make sure you read it all, I read it twice to understand it, and now is working very well.


  29. Paul

    60 quid up so far this week using this

  30. Keep It Real

    So far after starting putting into implementation what I had been taught in the manuals, I have made £150 in the first week. I wanted to start easy so I didn’t put myself under too much pressure.

    I must say I am delighted so far 🙂

  31. Barry Beate

    I have tried a few betfair systems and some are better than others. This one makes a whole laod of sense as to why it will work. I have just ordered.

  32. Peterson

    Good, and sound information. Looking forward to trying this.

  33. Johnny Rotten

    This is the third betfair system I have tried this year – but the only one that has made me money so far.

    Happy, and already up again this week by £110. Happy days.

  34. William

    I am currently using this on cricket and doing quite well. Not really into racing, although i could se why it would work. just that cricket is my sport.


  35. Robert Stephens

    I am not normally one for writing any kind of reviews, but I just wanted to let my views known about this way of profiting on betfair.

    1) The manuals were very easy to understand, even though I read them a few times just to make sure I understood, as I am knew to all this.

    2) I paper tested the system first and this was positive.

    3) This week I started to test the system live, and I am already in profit to the tune of approximately £90.

    I admit that I have not been betting in high stakes, as I was still testing even live, but so far I am more than happy with the profits showing in my Betfair account.

    Very satisfied thank you.

  36. Len


    Will I need betting exchange software like Bet Angel to make this work, or can it be done manually?


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Len,

      This can be done manually. Most of the testimonials we receive of customers generating profits were created manually without the need for software.

      Software may help, but the way the system is described is using manual methods.



  37. Always learning

    I wanted to report back on how I was doing with this.
    All going well so far with this.

    I have not used it today, but from last week I started on wednesday, and made profit back every day.

    Speak soon

  38. William

    I am currently using this on cricket and doing quite well. Not really into racing, although i could se why it would work. just that cricket is my sport.


  39. Mel

    This is looking promising.

    I have not done this live yet because I am still learning, but my testing so far (you can test first in not live mode) is making profits, and as everyone else is stating the rules are pretty simple to follow. I might do it for real today based on my testing.


  40. Andy Hayward

    Can you use this on football?

    Can also someone tell me if you need a number of other bookmaker accounts, I ask this because I brought a system once where it said you need a betfair account but when I got the system I also needed to open 20 other bookmaker accounts to make the system work, sadly I made nothing!

    (combined by admin to put both questions in the same response 9th November 2013)

    • Art-thou

      your talking about bonus bagging this is nothing to do with bonus bagging mate, and yes it can be used on the footie, the bonus method is about footie. Not used the bonus method yet though just the first one.

  41. Always a tryer

    Hi. On first inspection this does look promising, but can I please ask if you can send it me in printed format. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I struggle to read from a pc.

    Thank you.

  42. Patty

    Hiya everyone. I have been using this for 4 days now and have made a profit so far. Still testing stuff on it, but so far so good.


  43. JonyDanger

    What do I get after I have paid £50 ? A physical manual of the methods from the snail mail or access to a downloaded version online from Peter’s web site ? ( the slow way or the faster way )

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Jony,

      The product is available for immediate download so you can get started straight away.

      Best Wishes,


  44. Tinlad

    Thanks for the download.

    Interesting. Different to what I thought it was going to be, but definitely an interesting strategy!

  45. HS

    Good read, and definitely interesting enough for me to give this a try. Expecting good things.

  46. jim

    hi everyone.

    This is my first posting here. I have been trialling this system for just over a week and the results have been good with decent profits made. I am now going to be testing it live today.

    If the live trading is as good as the trialling I have done I will be more than happy.


  47. Matty Lincs

    It was my first day using this yesterday and I am happy to say I made a profit. Not the full profit advertised as I am using small bets, but if this continues as I expect, then next week I am going to be trying for higher profits. I want to thank you for letting me read this. A real eye opener.


  48. Sam K

    I have never used Betfair before but after reading the manuals I can understand why everybody does it wrong. This made a lot of sense to me. I just need to find a little time now to implement what this can do.

  49. Darren


    Having read the reviews i’m very interested in this system, without giving anything away, can someone confirm if it’s an in play trading system? Any guidance appreciated.


  50. Shane Carter

    A nice couple of wins today.

    I know I should have stopped after the first win, but still. I will try and be more disciplined tomorrow lol


  51. Nick


    I have been testing this for a few weeks now, and on testing it is going very well. I am surprised actually at how well it is going. I just need to sort out a real betting bank now to start trading live, which I hope to do at the end of this week.

  52. Addi

    very good on testing and good so far in trading i am in profits already. Ta for it.

  53. John Painter

    interesting. i have a few methods and things that i have bought over the years but never really tried them. i will try this one properly. I did 2 bets on it today and made profit on the first race the second race i did not have time to do it as the mrs was mivering me haha, so will continue with it on tuesday as i am not sure if ther eis racing on monday.

  54. Timo

    good results so far. When I get paid on Thursday I will be giving this a real go. Tim,

  55. Pritchard Hertshire

    Hi everyone. I am new here.

    I bought this 4 weeks ago. I was skeptical as bought similar in the past that didn’t work.

    This has worked very well for me so far, well pleased.

    My wife still does not get it, as she does not like anything she does not understand, but I just don’t tell her where I make my money haha.

    Anthony Pritchard

  56. Simon Lyme


    Firstly I want to say what fantastic service this website offers. I had an initial issue with the download as my computer could not find the download which turned out to be my own fault, as the folder being saved to was not my download folder, but not a problem for the support here as they quickly isolated what the problem could be.

    Onto the product itself. I was not entirely familiar with trading on Betfair, but the instructions were very easy to follow and within a few days I had understood the method. I did not do any live trading for just over a week because I wanted to be ultra sure that I understood it.

    Last Wednesday I started trading for real and made £30 on my very first day mainly because I was still being cautious. Anyhow I would say I am now up about £125 as I did not trade at the weekend due to a family event.

    If I was going to offer any advice to anybody considering this, I would say yes it is as described but take your time to understand it like I did. I am really enjoying the trading now. I explained the idea to my wife yesterday and even she picked it up. Well I even even she, she is more intelligent than me as she never fails to remind me, she has a degree, and I don’t. But yes everything going well.

    Wonderful service guys,


    Simon Lyme

  57. Katie T

    Hi I am still waiting where i am going to go wrong with this one hehe, but even for a woman this is easy to follow. Id not done it before, but the teachings were easy and setting up was straigthtforward for me too. Hubby thinks I am nuts but It is working pretty good so far. I go on holiday in September and my holiday fund is building up pretty good so far with this. Take care Katie xxx

  58. Marc

    Thank you. Very easy read, and makes a lot of sense. I will be trying this on Monday.

    Thanks again.

    • Marc

      Well I started today as I said on Saturday.

      First race made me £25!!!!!!! And only just started. Excited.

  59. Gaz

    Can somebody please help.

    I have been using the method for a few days, and I am doing very well with it, and making some gains.

    I came to have another read of the manual today, and I cannot seem to fin it on my computer, would it be possible for the admin to send it to me again. Sorry to be a pain, I just want to see if I can increase the gains, and make sure I am doing everything right.

    Cheers, Gaz

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Gary,

      I am pleased to see the method is working well for you, and that you are in profit.

      I will send you over a new download link to your registered email.

      Best Wishes,


      • Gaz

        Ta Admin. I appreciate it.

        And yes I am doing well so far, and everything is making sense. I just like to re read what I am doing to see if I can make it even better.

        Cheers again, Gaz

    • Pat Gears

      I will be starting this this afternoon. I think I have a good grasp of it now.


  60. Tony Jennings

    5stars from me so far guys. For the life of me I could not work out how to read the ebooks but once I worked it out, all plain sailing. Having never done it before I just made sure I tok my time to understand it all, and this this being my first full week trying this, I am £125 up.


  61. shiraz

    i am still unable to find lay odds below two,, they are in 50s 60s and 100s ,,the only odds in horse race below and near 2 are back odds
    please help me anyone

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Shiraz,

      The horse that is winning the race will ALWAYS get to the odds required if they go on to win, that is how Betfair works, the odds reduce as the horse’s chance of winning increase.

      We advise to read the manual again, as it seems you have misunderstood what is required, and the email we sent earlier will explain.

      Thank you.


  62. Johnston A

    After using this to good effect on horses, and making some good money so far I am wondering about the American horse races. I am going to be trying that soon. I just need to understand how their odds system works so I know.


  63. Natalie

    Thanks for the video. It makes more sense now. I will be trying it over the weekend after a good few days paper testing.


  64. Stephen

    Thanks for all the help of the weekend, I didn’t expect it. It all makes sense now. I cannot wait to start this. Ste

  65. Mad Punter

    Can you please resend that video link to me again please, I cannot find it. I watched it and it helped but wanted to keep the link and not sure where the link has gone.

    Cheers Guys so far I am more than impressed with your set up and support.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Terry,

      We have just resent the link to you, as we found your email from your comment, and thank you for your kind words.



  66. Cammy

    Cheers for the download, I will be trying it this afternoon, all looks very good!! And thanks for responding to email on saturday I appreciate it, my firewall was messing about but all good now and will start it today.

  67. C120

    Can you send me the download link again my computer is messing me about since yesterday. Ta. My email is (email removed by admin for confidentiality reasons)

    **Note by admin – link has been resent, Chris**

  68. Jeffers

    can admin please email me with another link to download please I have lost the first one. Sorry my fault, well damn pc’s fault is truth be told lol 🙂 Cheers fellas.

  69. JK

    I like what I have read so far. I don’t pretend I am any type of expert at this, but from a complete and total novices point of view it is easy to read and understand but I have not tried it yet.

    John Karmer

  70. Gooner 2014

    Good results on Saturday
    Very good results on Sunday!!

    It is similar to something I tried a few years ago but didn’t have the time.

    This looks a goer!

    • Mac

      I also had a good weekend with this made just over a ton, and due to work have not had chance to do anymore, but even though I had not done anything like it before and am actually crap on computers I picked it up, and if a buffoon like me can do it that says it all lol

  71. Alfie

    Hi all, I thought I would write and let people know my take on this.

    I like it a lot so far. The instructions are very clear, and I can also see why this would work. Believe me, I have tried them all out there but this one seems to kinda add up. I will be reading the manuals again for a few days and then I will unleash myself onto the market 🙂


  72. Huggy Bear

    I used this technique on Saturday for the first time after reading it on Friday. I did understand it pretty quickly, as I am not exactly new. The result was that I made money on the first race on Saturday. I doubt it will happen every time, although the reasoning as others have said is fairly sound. I have not had time to do anything with it today, but what I made on Saturday has already paid for itself so far so I am chuffed. I am looking to see if I can use it on tennis too, and I did read above that somebody is doing nicely with it on tennis.

  73. David Gear


    I have purchased this product and have been reading ver the last few days trying to digest the content. My first thoughts are that the idea behind making the profits seems very reasonable and I am looking forward to trying it out after a few successful days paper trading which has shown a profit, and I will write back to state my progress.

    The support from this website has been very well received after a few questions I had which does also give me confidence.



  74. Sensai

    works ok. I had to read it again to make sure but so far so good. it is making money

  75. Brandon

    Admin, please assist me. payment made lastnite for the system the download link has yet to be sent to my email.

  76. James

    Hi, Does this system work in Australia?

  77. Jo Tierney

    can somebody please let me know how much I need to start making the money after the product is purchased?

    Thanks, Jo

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Jo,

      You can start this with as little or as much as you like. We usually advise starting lower anyway so that you can build up confidence as well as learning how everything works, but there is no definite amount you need, you can start with £10 if you wanted to, and build your way up. It really is up to you.



  78. Jo Tierney

    Thanks, that is just what I wanted to hear!

    Thanks again, Jo

  79. Nick

    Does anybody know if this works on the dog racing?

    It works well on the horses as I have already tried.

    I ask about the dogs as I go fairly often to dog tracks and if somebody can email me to see if it would work with that too I would be highly appreciative.


  80. Peabody

    It took me a bit of learning this but it seems sound enough. I like to really understand what I am doing before I start something, and although I am not daft I still like to take my time. I completed a few paper trades on Monday and things faired pretty good, and if it was live it would have made a nice little sum for the day, but I will continue to test this out for the coming week before I start for real next week.

    Great communication guys.

  81. Taz

    After reading through both the manuals I have decided to stick with the football side of things which I am going to be trying hopefully this weekend. I have read the other manual too mainly for horse racing and I can also see how that would work too, but I want to try the second method on football first this weekend which will add a little excitement to the results and watching and that.


  82. SATA

    Hello board. I have now been involved with this product for little over 2 weeks since I first downloaded it, and I wanted to give my take on things from somebody never having done this type of thing before.

    I have used bookmakers before so I was not totally green but never traded online this way so I was not so sure I could grasp how it works.

    I read the materials for a few days and toyed about with the betfair website as I think this is important to understand first which did not take long.

    I then started for the first 2 days doing the trades by just writing them down to see what the results were. Here is what would have happened if I used real money:

    Day 1 on paper which was a Monday – 4 trades 2 wins would have won me £46 for the day

    Day 2 on paper which was a Wednesday as I had stuff to do on the Tuesday – 3 trades – 1 win, which would have won me £26 for the day. I could not do the other trades as had to go out.

    Day 3 on paper which was a Thursday – 6 trades and 2 wins, would again won me about £44

    Day 1 of live trading with real money – 2 trades 1 win of £20+ as I had to go out again as I am self employed as a roofer.

    Day 2 of live trading – 5 trades 2 wins which made me about £80 or there abouts and I have to admit here that I messed up my figures a bit so made more profits than I should have done.

    All in all I am very pleased with the results and would just advise that others who try this stick to the rule about the managing of the bank so you know what to do throughout the day to get the numbers right.

    I definitely intend to carry on with the trading, as it is making me some good money. If I was not self employed and knew the hours I worked it would be better for me, but that is work for you.

    • Ste

      best system I have seen in a long time, but not only that the write obviously knows what he is talking about which is very refreshing to see in this game. I tried this on 2 horse races this afternoon and made a profit quickly. It does not matter how much profit as I was starting very small, but it worked as it was printed, and that’s what counts to me. I will be testing for the rest of the week.

  83. Ian Stewart

    I have read through this information since purchasing and wondered if people find method 1 or method 2 more profitable? Ime thinking method 1 as doing bets pre race will limit the qualifiers below the required odds?

    Also, had anyone had trouble in play with 8 second delay on bets in Betfair? Has that affected things?



    • backofthenet

      Ian the 8 second rule does not affect horse racing only football, and it is minimal consequence anyway. I trade football and it does not affect me, but I don’t use this method for football There was talk of Betfair changing the delay to 5 seconds, and they have done for certain football matches, but it didn’t really make any difference to me, that is just so people who are at football matches cannot call their mates and abuse the betting.

      It does not affect the main method which I do use, and most of my trades are in play. I have a fair few Betfair methods I use and always have done, and this one along with a few others are the ones I use mainly now.

  84. Jim B

    This is working quite well for me, but I was talking it through with a few pals of mine who go to the dog racing a lot, and we are now considering trying it on the dogs. Has anybody on here tried this method with dog racing?


    • Walesman

      Jim no reason why it would not work with dog racing apart from the races being shorter, but I find that there are more than enough horse races for this.

  85. john

    HI I have a question can this system work in the evening as I am at work in the day and don’t get home till about 7pm ish just wondering as I am very interested in this any thoughts many thanks john

    • Walesman

      Same as me really John. I do some trading in the evenings as there are usually races on then, and then at weekends when I trade a bit as well.

      I make about £150 a week on average with this. Not every week, just when I get on really.

  86. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear All,

    With permission, we thought we would share an email sent into our office regarding Betfair Commissions:

    Betfair Commissions

    As you can see David is already making a very nice profit, but had read about commissions.

    When starting on Betfair the commissions taken from your profits is only 5%.

    Just to state, that Betfair charge 60% commission when traders have made OVER £250,000 profit, which we feel sure you would agree, that when you get to the £250,000 stage, you would be very happy anyway with your profits.



    • Gazza

      I made my first profit with this yesterday, and if I get to £250,000 I will happily pay them 60% from there-on in 🙂 🙂

      Well done to me so far. I usually take time to understand things like this, but no problem very well explained.

  87. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear All,

    Just to show that members are continuing to do well with the method, here is another email received by our support team in the last hour from yet another member making profit with the method:

    Robert Thompson Email



  88. Jon Watton

    On my second day of paper trading this and all looks good so far. Can anyone please explain why there are 3 back and lay columns on betfair? Should I just use the pink column when laying?

    • Smiler

      I have paper traded for 2 days and it is also going well my end which is why I will be going live tomorrow on Saturday.

      Yes you just use the pink column Jon, just remember pink and it works fine.

      • Jon Watton

        Thanks for that Smiler. I’m paper trading again today and hopefully going live within the next few days. How did it go for you yesterday?

        • Smiler

          I did two trades and the second one made me the profit. I was well chuffed 🙂

          So chuffed in fact that I spent the rest of the day in the pub, well that’s my excuse hahaha 🙂

  89. Jay


    can anyone tell me if this is going to work for anyone in full time work. e.g. can you use it in the evenings/mornings or is those times no good.

    Would love to hear back.


    • Craig Gartside

      You can do this when you want mate, there are always trades to place as you can trade worldwide. I do some aussie and US trading as horses are big there too, as are many other sports. I do evenings and weekends too and some days I get off as I work too as I suspect many others do. Not a problem.


  90. Stephen Howarth

    Hello admin could you please forward the link again I don’t seem to be able to access the one you have already sent,thanks in advance Steve.

  91. Samuel

    Hello everybody,

    I have bought the manual for this system a 1-2 months ago but I have a question about it.

    What is the longest losing run that everybody has had with this system and for how many wins does everybody go for every day.

  92. Christopher Jenkinson

    Hey everyone been using this for a few days and doing pretty good with my first profit made yesterday but I am wondering if this can be used with Betangel?


    • Jim B

      I only use it with Betangel, you don’t have to but it makes it a lot easier, you can just then lay and wait and it slows everything down for you.


  93. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    There has been a few requests recently from our members asking for a video of the profits being made, so today, we put together a short video showing us trading live, and in less than 2 minutes, we made £75.96, the video can be seen here:



  94. RICKY

    hi after several years of trying different methods of trying to make money on the internet. The only successes i have have been with Mike Cruickshanks profit maximiser and bonus bagging system.
    Mike’s systems are good and his software package combined with his wealth of experience make his money ideas feasible and very profitable.

    After looking at other methods i stumbled across Peters £50.00 per day method.
    I was hesitant at first but i can tell you all now, best decision i ever made.
    The simplicity of the system is what makes it.

    I initially paper traded with the horse jumps season and kept on finding winners.
    So i looked at the under/over 2.5 goals in football sometimes the inplay markets. Then laying that there would be another goal if the game was tight at 1-1, with minimal success.

    One day at home i decided to go back to the horses and on my first day i used the system on the horses.

    Profits were exceptional for the 1st day making over £250.00 in one single day.

    This system is a god send I love it and would recommended it to any people who have doubts.

    Trust me you will not regret it.

    Best system ever for making extra money in these difficult times.

    Thanks pete for sharing your ideas.

  95. Martin

    Hi Admin, I have a few questions around this and would appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    Firstly. there are two separate methods of trading – have you personally tested both? are they equally effective and both able to generate £50 profit per day?

    We have tested the main method, the second method is a bonus method, therefore it was the main method we tested.

    I work various shifts – anything from 8am-8pm across 10 hr days so I need something that can be implemented any time of the day. I understand this can be used on a number of sports so I assume that wouldn’t be an issue.

    No issue at all. Many use just racing, but even so there are events around the world most times of the day, and even in the UK there are many evening events to profit from, as well as weekends.

    What support is available should help be required and how long does it take to get through the manuals on average – from your experience how long on average for newbies to get to grips with this?.

    The manual is very precise and to the point, and we actually receive very few support emails for this product, due to the simplicity of it’s nature, and is very easy to pick up; even for a total novice.

    The way it is written, and the tools provided make the method perfectly clear, and easy to follow. Members can email us for support should they not understand something, but the vast majority of members find all the questions already answered in the manual.

    We made a few videos last week of ourselves using the method, and the results were just as positive as when we first tested it. One such video is on this page a few comments up from this one.

    Thanks in advance,


  96. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Hello Martin,

    I have added the answers to your questions above, in bold,

    Kind Regards


  97. ATC

    Hi for the last few days I have made some money with this, but wanted to ask what most of you do, you you leave your profits in betfair for a while or take it out every day after you have finished. I have been leaving mine in to build up but just wondered what everyone else does thanks

  98. Matt

    I have downloaded this at the second attempted and had a quick flick through and looks good so far. I am will be spending Xmas going through it properly, it will get me away from the inlaws lol thanks.

  99. John


    I wanted to leave some info on the experience I have had over the last couple of weeks using this system, but wanted to check first that what I was doing was correct.

    I am using Gruss API software and have it set, (method removed as this is for members only, please email support for clarification)

    I’m sure that this is correct according to the rules of the system.


  100. José Dias

    Hi.i just found this thread yesterday. This is great. People describing their experiences with a betting system that has proven to be successful. I know this sounds very amateur from me but can anyone tell me where do I click to buy the system? I’m asking because I see no link or banner and I want to make sure I buy this system today. Thank you very much in advance and for opening such an interesting thread. I’m one of those gamblers who wasted tons of quids in ridiculous betting systems that left much to be desired.
    Thank you so much in advance for helping me out.
    Merry Christmas to everybody and warm regards from Portugal


  101. Manic Painter

    In the famous words of somebody I cannot remember :-

    ‘I like it a lot’, especially after a nice little win today….


  102. Max

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if Admin could help me out.

    I am currently using this method and I am making £30 a day at the moment, which I am very happy about.

    However, I am thinking of using betangel as I am having a little difficulty in keeping tabs.

    I saw the video on how you made £72 in under 2 minutes and I want to know how you set up all the parameters for this betting system through betangel.

    Please PM me as soon as you can. I purchased this course through this site. I will give you my transaction ID once I get a reply. I have already purchased the betangel program.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Max,

      Thank you for letting us know about your success with the system.

      It is also great to hear that you are making £30 per day at present using the system just using Betfair directly.

      BetAngel software will make things even easier for you. It is simple software, which also has a free trial, and also gives greater control. We do have a video we created for how to set the parameters in BetAngel, we created the video a few weeks ago whilst also showing how a live trade works, after a few members asked for similar.

      I will email the video link to you shortly to your registered email address.

      Kind regards


  103. mark

    I have just downloaded this and see people are making money using this system and I will be paper testing this for a few weeks to see for myself.

    Having worked in a bookies previously, i can see this working on the horse racing though, (method details removed by moderator)

    I did think this was going to be different as everyone mentions trading – this is not trading in anyway, just calculated gambles which are in our favour.

  104. Sujith

    Please let me know whether this would work in Australia.

  105. Simms

    Hi I made the purchase of this on Christmas Eve, sad I know but my wife was out….anyway not to bore you with that.

    I read it all over Christmas and had a few successful dabbles with low payments using Betfair and it has been doing pretty good for me surprising so as I am useless at most internet stuff but this was well explained I thought. So yeah I just wanted to put it out there. I made around 80 to 90 quid over the Christmas period just testing stuff and as soon as results started happening I upped my stakes this week and things are still good which tells me that this definitely has a lot of merit.

    Probably for the first time I think I have found something that actually works and makes money instead of the usual rubbish found on the Internet.

    So yeah, thanks guys I appreciate you letting me take a look at this. It’s a great start to my new year.

    D. Simms

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Darren,

      Thank you for letting us know, and we hope you had a pleasant Christmas.



  106. Pat

    Thanks for the support. I couldn’t see the wood from the trees, and I have never done anything like this before. I made my first profit today after a week of testing. wooo!

  107. Jake Ramsbottom

    My first winning day was yesterday. I made £40+. It was the first day I tried it and was a little nervous, but I think as long as I stick to the rules this could be a very nice earner. It has always made me £40. Jake.

  108. Jed

    do you know what? I have spent a good few days reading, and re- reading this info, and it is so simple when you break it down….

    i monitored it today on the live races, and I would have an twice if I had been using real money, just like it suggested, so I will definitely be going live with this over the coming days.

  109. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    Every few months we test our products again just to ensure that our first testing is still in-line with current results being experienced. Today we tested this method for the day.

    The results were as follows:

    99.80 won

    94.15 won

    81.05 won

    Out of 7 trades we won 4, and the profits made on the winning trades are above in green. Granted, when starting out your profits may be less, but with practice, and experience there is no reason why you cannot make the same ratio of wins.

    We also have videos of the live trades which are now available to existing customers.



  110. Dimitar

    Hello, I am an existing customer how can I get the videos ?

    I also followed the system today and made my profit(like always, system is good),

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Dimitar,

      The videos from yesterday will be uploaded sometime this week, and we will then email you.

      Pleased to see you doing well with the system.



  111. James

    Hi admin,

    I am very interested in this method, but I just wonder and wish to know:

    1. Is this method working for all users who live outside UK, Ireland, Europe?

    I am Vietnamese, living in Vietnam. I just want to make sure that this method is working for me, even I am not Citizen or Resident of the U.K, IRELAND, OR EUROPE.

    Thanks a lot


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello James,

      This will work for any resident where Betfair is available in their country, UK, Ireland, etc. You will have to check if Vietnam has the availability of Betfair.



  112. mark

    i purchased this system through this site, could I please have the link to the videos setting up bet angel for this?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Mark,

      If you could please send us an email to contact@ we will gladly provide you with the video testing we did last week, which shows how we made profits using BetAngel.

      Although most users use Betfair directly, our version of using BetAngel may be helpful for some users.



  113. anita

    Hi guys I’ve just purchased this and am really looking forward to putting it into action but I still haven’t received the download etc can you send it to me please…my best e-mail is (removed by a moderator for confidentiality – a new email has been sent to the member with download details) you, I will let you know how I get on

  114. kevin

    hi live in NZ can it be set up easy in a bot as races(UK Races) are early morning for me so am sleeping cheers kevin

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Kevin,

      This would depend on your experience, we did not test the system this way, and we can only advise members really on how we profited with the system during the profitable testing we have done, but feel free to test.



  115. alan wade

    Hi forum I have read everything and it looks like it would work and on a few test results it worked very well. Just so I can confirm I am looking for (removed by admin, please see note below) is that correct?

    Cannot waitto start properly.


    Note by Admin – Alan, we have removed the part that divulged a part of the method, but yes, you are right in your thinking. That is exactly what you are looking to do.

  116. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Conversation with a Customer Who Purchased This Betfair Method.

    Dear members,

    We wanted to highlight a communication that happened today, to show you how quickly you can make profits with this method.

    Early this afternoon a member called Paul emailed us asking if the trades he was going to place were correct, and as it was Paul’s first trade, he even sent us images of what he was doing, and was looking for clarification. Here is Paul’s email. We have obviously removed Paul’s confidential details, and details of the method:
    Paul's email
    We emailed Paul back and advised that the trade was correct, and the way he way going to trade, prices, stake etc. was also correct. We thought we would follow this particular race and trade on it ourselves, out of interest, and using the same stakes as Paul.

    Here is what happened:
    Pauls' Second DayResult
    As you can see we made an immediate profit of £20.84 – but more importantly,
    so did Paul on his very first trade using the method.


    Update – day 2 conversation with same Customer:

    The same Customer, Paul, emailed us again earlier today asking about his trade for the day, and asked again if he was doing it right. Here is the full email conversation between a member of our support staff, and Paul:
    Pauls' Result

    This means that Paul has now made profits from his first 3 trades. This does not always happen, but goes to prove, and show, that when the instructions are followed, the results happen, and profits are made.

    Paul has now made the cost of the method back in his first 2 trades, and is now in clear profit from his 3rd trade for the rest of his trading activities.

    Paul has made more than £50 today, which as you can imagine when the method is called “The £50 Per Day Method”, he is delighted.

    If you wish to start making similar profits, the product can be purchased from here:




  117. by a nose

    Hi everyone here,

    i had 2 good wins yesterday and very pleased. I read that there are some videos by the forum that could speed up my trades, could you send them to me please. I am just about to start trading today



    • MakeMoneyForum Admin


      We will send the videos to your email address.

      Just out of interest, and as we know many of our members trade on a Saturday, we have also been trading for further testing today, and had 3 wins out of 5 races, with the following winning returns:

      £83.04 Won
      £36.20 won
      £61.91 won

      Videos of which we have made, and are available for members should they wish to see to help with their trading. A fantastic day as we are sure you will all agree, and we will also have expected our members to have made profits too, today.

      Have a great weekend,



      • by a nose

        thanks admin I got the links by email now.

        And you damn right I was on those races today. I stopped after the first win though as I had to take the better half to Morrisons when if I had stayed at home I could have paid for all our shopping with the extra wins. Sod’s law, or more the wife’s law!


        • MakeMoneyForum Admin


          Many are having a great day with their trading, here’s another email from a member (name obscured) that had a great start:
          Tims's email
          We sent the customer video instruction that ensures every winner will always be captured.



  118. Dave Price

    It works very, very well. I had an amazing weekend with this system. Friday Saturday and Sunday all profitable. I have made about £196 profit in those first 3 days since I started. Get in!. I had a little dabble on the snooker in Germany yesterday too and made some money on that also. Kudos to the writer and to the website.

    Nearly forgot, I have had a win today also on the gee gees 🙂

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Dave,

      Well done on the last 3 days. Most members will have had a great weekend with the methods.

      You should also have just had a win on the 16:10 at Catterick. We just started a few trades for the day and won on that first one.



      • Dave Price

        Oh I had a profit on that one also! Another great day 🙂

        • MakeMoneyForum Admin

          Hello Dave,

          Another great day indeed. The Wolverhampton 16:30 just run was also another win for members, and us too. Edit: The Catterick 16:40 also won, which makes 3 winning trades out of 4 today.

          The winning trades so far today we have completed for further testing:

          £45.91 won
          £98.18 won
          £63.87 won

          Therefore, the testing we have done over the last 2 days contained on the following winning trades:

          Saturday 7th February:
          3 wins out of 5 races:

          £83.04 Won
          £36.20 won
          £61.91 won

          Monday 9th February:

          3 wins out of 4 races:

          £45.91 won
          £98.18 won
          £63.87 won

          Again, all winning trades have been videoed, and will be available to members.



  119. Ben Platt

    I started to take this live at the end of last week, and so far I am finding it working for me. It is making profits, and happy with everything.

    Although I think I am going to read through the manuals again just to make sure I am following everything in the way it should be. Ben

  120. Aswan

    I made my purchase earlier… and have downloaded but can you please tell me what i need to read the files?

    • Dave Price

      just a pdf reader mate like adode, mate. It’s free and probably already on your computer. Most files come as pdf’s these days I have loads of them on my comp.

  121. Aswan

    Thanks You were right, I wiped the hard drive on my pc recently and did not put adobe back on weird how I hadn’t noticed until now, probably because I had not opened one of those files since. thanks again dave.

  122. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Hello Members,

    Whilst talking with a member via email, we completed another 3 trades this afternoon using the method, to show the member examples of profits, and the results were as follows:

    2 wins from 3 trades.

    Profit inside the 40 minutes we were trading: £143.91

    As always, we videoed the trades which will be added to the collection available for members to help with their trading.



    • A fOLDS

      I have a quick question if that is OK. I seem to have made profits this afternoon how do I move the profit to my bank account from Betfair? Thanks.


  123. James

    Hi admin,

    I just wanted to congratulate your team on what I would call FANTASTIC customer service. Really, I sent in emails to your support over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday and received replies inside an hour. Don’t you guys ever rest?? haha

    The last email your support sent explained exactly what I needed to know, and sent me on my way to my first days profit on Monday just gone. The video explanations were perfect and just what I needed to see. The videos also shown to me that you guys really do know what you are doing, the profits you are making when you use the systems are insane as in the videos, I only hope I can get to those levels myself soon, but I am happy with my first day profits and I am very excited for the rest of the week.

    Thanks for your support, it is rare these days to receive such hands on support and help.


  124. James

    Hi Admin,

    I have just sent you a screengrab of my Betfair account. I didn’t know how to add it to the message here, but I wanted to show you how your help has helped me with another winning day today. Not bad 2 wins out of 3 with a profit of £79.18 which will do me very nicely for the day than you very much.

    Thank you again for your support.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello James,

      Thank you also for letting us know, I have added the image of your winnings using the method here:

      Jame's winning image
      Nearly £80 profit is great day indeed, considering just over half an hours trading.



  125. Insha

    i am writing as I said I would to give what i made over the weekend

    i make £26.76 on mark williams losing in the snooker welsh open semi finals

    also and on saturday I make 2 wins on racing of £23.88 and £17.39

    my total money made was £68.03 on saturday

    i will be starting again today on the horses and will let you know how i get on.

    thank you very much for these method the monies are very much needed to me

    • Insha

      i won 3 races in a row so far this afternoon finish with ayr 15:30 racing. that another 71.64 won today.

      i stopping today and start again tomorrow

  126. graham

    hey peeps I started this this afternoon and was so excited to see my second race of the day win me £40. Bang on the money. I was so excited I wanted to shout, didn’t but come here instead to tell you lol Graham from Rotherham.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Graham,

      Well done.

      I take it you mean the 14:30 at Fakenham. We were showing a customer how to trade on this race, and won £85.79 also.

      £85.75 won

      We have also filmed the trade, and added it to our collection for members.



  127. Mickey

    WOW!!! all I can say is I am very impressed so far after purchasing this stuff from you last night. Read it all nigh and a bit this morning to make sure i had the grasp of it and did my first race today warwick 14.45 Mrs Preachey and won £28!

    Taking that to the pub now to watch the footy – cheers guys!

  128. Kurt

    so far so good with this, not started it yet but reads very well so will soon

  129. pennings

    Who else has had a storming day with this method at Cheltenham today????

    I had a stormer £117 made today 🙂 🙂 🙂

  130. Fineday

    I am looking forward to starting using this today after testing it all week. If the live results replicate the paper trading I will be a very happy bunny.

    • Fineday

      Pardon my French but this has been the dogs bollocks so far. Saturday Monday and today Tuesday have all won me money using this so far. So much so that I will be increasing my stakes tomorrow and going for bigger returns.

      • MakeMoneyForum Admin

        Hello Jay,

        Please to see the method working well for you.



        • Fineday

          Well pleased with it so far, Admin.

          And please tell Stuart your support chap many thanks for his help on Friday. He was a superstar and very helpful!

  131. austin obaji

    Please I just ordered the manual through your site,please I would love the videos sent my email.my emails:myemails245@gmail.com

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Austin,

      The link to the video training has now been sent to your registered email address.

      Kind Regards,


      • michael murphy

        hello, just joined,regarding the videos,are they to educate you on how to use betfair or do you need them for the system thanks

  132. Johnson

    I paid and purchased this product in December and remember reading that the content was sound and was really going to try it. However as it was December, and with the usual stuff that happens in December I never got round to it. I cannot find the files on my pc now, can you please resend the files for me. I am looking to get my teeth into it now I have the time. Thanks. Tom

  133. Hifive

    I am writing to explain my experience so far.

    . I spent about 8 days paper trialling this which worked very well. One day I had 5 wins out of 6 races which was great and was tempted to use real money straight after that but I resisted as I really wanted to test it on paper for a full week.

    . After a week paper trading my stats told me I would have made 3 x £10 on all the days.

    . I tested on paper for another 3 days and also did well.

    . My first day was yesterday Saturday and I started with smaller stakes and won my money twice, so I was delighted. I will be carrying on today. In fact I got up early as I am excited to prepare to make some more money today.

    . It is a very good system and it works and is working very good for me so far.

  134. Andreas

    I’ve just purchased so haven’t had time to go over anything yet but before I forget I read somewhere in this thread that you have some videos as well. May I ask where I might be able to see/download these? Kind regards, Andreas

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Andreas,

      Please check your registered email, as we have just sent you a link to the videos we recently created showing our own trading style with these methods. The page will also show you how members have used the methods with other sports, and the input they have made to increase profits further.



  135. Javabox

    Do I need any special software for this as I have read the comments and software keeps getting mentioned? Thx

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin


      No, you do not need any software for this, just access to the Betfair website. There are software applications that can help, and help with speed and monitoring in real time, and if you wish to send us an email afterwards we can help with this also, as some of this software is free, and fantastically useful when trading. But no, it is not essential to get started. Most of our members do not use any software at all.

      I hope that answers your question.



  136. Chris

    Good start yesterday with a couple of wins. I hope today goes as well. The idea wasn’t totally new to me, but there is some good advice on making this work so fair play to the writers.

  137. Chris

    Hello, I purchased this yesterday got a bet on today! Lets see what happens :). Could you send me over the videos please 🙂


  138. Daryl Camfield


    I’ve just bought this system and wondered if somebody could please send me the links to the videos.

    Ok, back to reading the guides 🙂


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Daryl,

      The link to the video training has just been sent to your email address.



  139. Zuzanna


    I bought the system few days ago. It looks promising! I’ve been paper trading for two days and it’s going well. I’m going to start with a small bank and build up gradually. I see many people mentioning some videos. Can I please get access to them? The only one I’ve seen is of Peter winning £74.86 using BetAngel…

    Thank you in advance!

  140. Geoff

    I bought this system a while ago. Could you please send me the link to the videos?

    The system looks good so far.

    Thanks, Geoff

  141. Phill

    Love it. I was almost there with this kind of system myself, Peters way put the final pieces in place for me, so worth every penny! Can you send me the video download link please, not because I think I need them just so I can watch something whilst the system makes me money. (I get bored easily and I’m just as likely to put a big bet on a complete gamble if I’ve got nothing to do 🙂

  142. green dream

    Hi Folks having just purchased this manual wondered if you could send me a link for the videos.

    Many thanks

  143. E-John

    hi what happens after i win my first bet? I won my first bet on the first race today, so i just stop until the next day?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello John,

      It would be entirely up to yourself how much profit you go for on any given day. If you decide to stop after the first profit of the day, like you have done, then that is fine also.



  144. Ben

    Not bad so far, I’ll see if the profits keep going but not bad for a first day. I am looking at combining this with a few ideas I have so again, we’ll see.

  145. Adrian Haley

    I have automated this process and was able to use a virtual bank for the last 4 weeks to test it. I run the automation on a virtual private server and set it up to run automatically. After two wins the software stops trading and it also automates the staking plan. I went live last week and using £5 stakes made £80. Had I been using £25 stakes I would have been in profit over £1,000. Tomorrow I shall be increasing my amounts for a target profit of £30 per day. Using a server and automation means I can access it from my iphone whilst out and keep an eye on things.

  146. Ian Preston

    I have just purchased the system and am looking forward to getting started.

    Please can you e-mail me the link to the video downloads

    (Edit by Admin – Sent)

  147. luís

    Asked for refund…not a word from them…

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Luis,

      Please be honest with your communications. Your email was answered within 2 working hours.

      Yes you asked for a refund, and your reason was that you do not have the time to implement the system, even though you emailed us during the day and at a time when events are actually taking place where profits can be made.

      Please note though, that trading these days can be completed almost 24 hours a day, and at least 7 days a week in the UK, days, and evenings, as there are always events.

      The guarantee on the product is that if the product does not work for you, after being implemented, then a refund can be applied for, the publishers are not a public library. If you want to make money, you actually have to take action and at least try.



  148. Irene Kelly

    I have just purchased this system and although I know nothing about betting and will need to get my head around what odds are etc (see I told you I knew nothing) but hopefully once I’ve read it all through I few times I am sure I’ll get to know all about it. I am quite excited actually at having something new to learn and I’m sure I’ll get help here if I need it. Admin could you please send me any vidios you have that might be helpful to me.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Irene,

      Videos sent, and if you need any help, just respond to the email, and the team will advise you.

      Kind Regards,


  149. Rickster

    cheers for the support over the weekend guys, top notch as always, all worked out well today!!

  150. Nailed on

    hello, I have had a few decent results with this system on the nags, and a good few nicker made.

    Can I ask, does it work on the dogs, too? Anybody tried it yet in the dogs, as you would think the principle would be the same.

  151. Matthew


    Purchased this on Monday 1st June.

    I see there are some videos available to help? Would you be able to send them to me please?


    (edit by admin – Videos emailed to you Matthew)


  152. Phil


    I bought this product this morning and have been going through the guide, as mentioned above there is video training to help. Can I kindly receive these videos please.

    Many thanks,


    (Edit by Admin – link emailed, Phil)

  153. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Members,

    We don’t always have the time to moderate all the comments on the website, as we are busy helping members achieve profits, so just to keep you in the loop, here are two emails we received yesterday from more satisfied customers who are making regular profits from this method:

    Saturday Testimonials

    We had to place white text over a few words on the second email, which detailed some of the methodology, which is for customer content only. We receive similar emails on a weekly basis from customers.



  154. Blissbabe

    hi guys
    Thank you for sending the videos to me however my laptop developed a fault and I lost everything in my saved mail.. Could you send them to me again please. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  155. Fredrik


    I have recently bought this system and have made money 3 days out of 3, betting on the horse races.

    Is there any possibility to get a hold of the the training videos?

    Regards Fredrik

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Fredrik,

      I congratulate you on the profits you are making.

      A link has now been sent to your email address, and now the video training is included with all downloads.



  156. David

    Just completed my fourth day and am buzzing! It’s not often people undersell their biz ops! Because on the very first day, I paid for my course AND made £45 profit!

    I did almost as well on the third day. This is by far the best value for money biz op I have ever seen. And what is amazing is that, due to lack of funds, I’m using only one fifth of the stake Peter recommends!

    If you need money, this is your way out. It’s easy to learn and even easier to use. And it’s fun! On top of that, the customer support is excellent. No query is too unimportant for them to deal with.

  157. Si

    Hello there!

    I have just been reading about this system on another website where they were testing it and the guy made over a grand in the first month. So my question is this, I need to made about £2500 a month to quit my job, could I possibly do it with this?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Si,

      Although there is money to be made with this, and many members are doing very well, it would not be right for me to say how much you could make, as it will largely depend on the time you have, and how quickly you pick it up, together with the profits you decide to go for. You can start as small or as large as you like, but our advice is always to gradually build, and as you become more competent, so will your ability to make money from trading.

      Remember though, that any money made through trading is tax free, and does not interfere with your current job, nor do you have to declare it to the inland revenue, as it is not classed as income but winnings.



  158. paul smith

    Hi Simon
    I purchased Peters fifty pounds a day a couple of years ago,but did not get to use it much as was working away,then my desktop packed up.
    No its not a sob story,I have now got a laptop,and have a bit more time have now found your site again,and read that you have a clip of how to use Peters method,would appreciate a look at it if possible
    many thanks Paul
    ps I think I purchased it around september 2013,my email was

    (edit by admin – email sent to you, Paul)

  159. Jim

    I bought it, and use similar myself. It does work, but as I say I already use a similar system, but yours does have a few twists, good vids also.

  160. Andy

    Just purchased this system, could I have a link to the extra videos please?
    Many thanks.


    (edit by Admin, videos are now included in the package, although we have also emailed you the link)

  161. stu45

    Evening all, I have been paper testing this system for the past 3 days and the results have been very favourable so far, so I will be starting this for real over this coming weekend.

    I just wanted to ask what is the page on Betfair’s website that shows previous results? Thanks.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Stuart,

      I have emailed you the link to check all the previous results from Betfair’s own stats, which will also help you when making sure everything is followed correctly.



  162. Craig rook

    Hi I have just bought the system . downloaded to my phone but can’t open the file . can u please send a new link so I can open it on my laptop. thanks

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Craig,

      Direct link sent, which should work no problem on your phone, laptop or PC.



  163. michael pickering

    For the £50 a day system will a bog standard Laptop do the job also what bank can you start off with.
    Thank You

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Michael,

      Sure you can run it from a laptop, tablet, anything really, and the bank can be as low as you need to, as you can build the profits up as you go along, as many do.



  164. Phil

    Hi all I also just bought this system and its working for me.

    I wondered does anyone know if there is a tutorial for setting up bet angel to automate the system following the excel staking plan for loss recovery ?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hi Phil,

      It is great to hear the system is working well for you.

      Regarding automation, we do not condone it. It may work, but we do not use it ourselves, as automation can go wrong.

      Manual is always best, which is what the manual teaches.



  165. Robert Thompson

    Hi Admin,
    I hope you are well and this is for the attention of Stu.

    (Edit by Admin, I have passed those stats onto Stuart, much obliged)

    Ps I am still doing very well with the system

  166. Gassy


    I have read all the comments regarding $50 per day using Betfair, is there any reason I couldn’t using it from Australia & it will it work on horse racing in Australia & most sports. This is exactly what I’m after,just a little extra each day to make life a bit easier, not some get rich scheme.

    Thanks in Advance

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Gassy,

      There is no reason why it will not work on the Australian markets, in fact the author used a Betfair Australian wallet in his examples in the product.



  167. GB TIM

    £25 won on my very first race yesterday, surely it is not always as straight forward? I hope it is but impressive start fellas. I did paper test for 2 days and the results were very good. Thanks for the tip about time form too that helps a lot to back track the system

    Tim Spawl

  168. New Dawn

    Good system and makes a lot of sense.

    Can I use this on my iphone also? I can access and read it all on my computer cut I would like a copy on my phone so I can read it more a few more times.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin


      Yes, you can do this from an iPhone, we receive many customers emails who use tablets and phones to use Betfair, as Betfair have a mobile app.



  169. Anthony Reid

    3 weeks in profit so far. It is similar to another system I tried a few years ago which also worked well, although this gives some decent advice on managing money. Good so far.

  170. Ned

    I bought the system and I cannot lie, still the best money I have ever spent pertaining to making money online. Though I am still on small stakes, am six weeks in minus Sundays and made profit everyday. Don’t really like Sunday’s cards as I focus on only horse racing. Maybe when it has become second nature, I would venture into other sports. Please admin, would like the link of the videos to be sent to my mail as I would like to see you using the strategy firsthand.

  171. Tommo

    Afternoon fellas. Some early wins on this today. A great start for me.

    I did start on Saturday, and made a few Bob, but really got into it today without having my kids around, and I really like it.

  172. ART1

    Can I just say what great customer service you guys provide. I am quite a critical person and I know being on the internet sometimes replies can get lost, and take longer than going into a shop, but the speed of email replies you guys provide is easy the best I have come across, you are a credit to the internet and I wish many more were like you, and I am sure other customers feel the same. Top notch lads!

    And yes, this system works extremely well, if you stick to the rules! I made my money back inside the first day, and support the lads provide is easily worth 10 x the cost of this system, first rate, thanks again, Graham

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Graham,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. We do try our very best to provide the best service we can, and I will be sure to pass on your words, and comment to the others. Much appreciated.



  173. Pauline Cartwright

    Thanks for forwarding the manuals and the videos they have been most helpful. My husband had to help me to understand some of the aspects, but even he was quite excited at the paper testing stage as the result were very positive. For the last 2 days we have been using small amounts of money to test it for real and we are already in profit. Not a lot of profit with small bets but were are satisfied that we can now increase our bets and improve our profits. We would also like to make a mention of the support offered by the website. This is easily the best support we have received for any product. The replies to emails were swift, detailed and extremely helpful.


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Pauline,

      Thank you for your kind comments, we pride ourselves on good service. Thanks again, and we are pleased to hear the system is going well for you.



  174. Dave

    good afternoon with the gee gees. nice but of cash made

  175. Joe Farnham

    Happy so far, 3 days, and 6 wins making me just over 6 * £25 about £150 little over since last Wednesday. Happy chappy.

  176. Alex

    Hi, Purchase this yesterday and went for it today.
    I had to go out so I layed before event starting.
    I can back to 4 win’s in a row but Betfair Lapsed them all.
    Apparently i was supposed to tick ‘Keep’ after I confirmed.
    Very annoying. I do hope the winning streak carries on.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Alex,

      Excellent that you had 4 winners in a row.

      Not so excellent that you didn’t use the software properly, so failed to capitalise.

      Yes, if you leave the room before the race starts, you do have to tick the little box to keep the trades live. We have all done this at one point or another, but it teaches you to never leave the box unticked again, so that you can collect your profits 🙂



  177. Sam

    So having just purchased this i am wondering do people wait for going ‘in-play’ and if so how long do you leave it? Can you do a mix of ‘in-play’ and not?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Sam,

      I have just responded to your email asking the same question. The email contains the answer to your question.



  178. shaun

    hI, fIRSTLY, THANKS FOR RUNNING THIS SITE, IT HAS SAVED ME A FORTUNE, SECONDLY I CLICKED ON LINK TO £50 PER DAY AND IT SAY’S THEY ARE ON HOLIDAY. Anyone know how long they are away for. Also If Adrian Haley is looking in can you let us all know the settings you use to automate it and which bot you are using. thanks to all for your help.

  179. Jamie

    its a good little find this and the free bonus product advising where to get all the free bonus money was a gem and I already used it today to make 80 quid in bonuses and that is before I have tried the betfair method but I have read it, and looks good!


  180. BlueKev

    Thanks for your support yesterday admin and for help with my first win 🙂

  181. zach

    hi, does anyone know when the team are back off holiday so I can get going?

  182. Brian

    At last a system that actually works. Only purchased the system a week and a half ago and I’m £300 pounds up already. The only advice I would give to anyone using the system is to stick to the rules of the system even when you get a loss as it soon gets back into profit. What a fantastic little system.

  183. Lee

    Hi Admins, i live in Germany and can’t use betfair or betdaq. Does the Pete’s system works also with other exchanges like i.g. smarkets.com ??

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Lee,

      This product is for use on Betfair only, we cannot guarantee it working on other markets, and there will not be enough liquidity.



  184. Andrew

    Hi this interests me but i have a job 8-4, how much will this affect what i can do with this system?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Andrew,

      Yes, as there are events in the evenings, and at weekends where the methods can be used.



  185. MakeMoneyForum Admin

    Dear Readers/Members,

    We still receive testimonials and emails every day for these methods, even though we don’t post them. Although, as we have just entered a New Year, we thought we would show you an email that came through today from a gentleman who has made over £300 in his first three days of using the methods:

    Pete's Betfair Methods testimonial

    And this customer also sent the following email this today and has made over £588.96 profit in 3 days following methods correctly:


    Carl Nice Method Testimonial

    Now obviously these profits are higher than we advertise you can make, and these customers have really gone for it, but it does show you what other customers are achieving with these methods.



  186. Soey

    I tried these methods for one day this week and my results were 5 wins out of 7 horse races which was great. When I emailed the support they did tell me that I should have stopped after the first 2 wins, but I carried on for the full day and was very pleased with the results.

  187. Darren Price

    hi fellas, what can I say after the support you gave last weekend. Thank you, and I am now making some good profits, about £240 last week after I got going, and I must really say I am impressed with the attention to details you have in the download, and especially the videos, which were a great help to me. Also good to know you are about if needed.

    Thanks lads.

  188. Jeanette

    Thank you for this it is working very good on the last few days I have been trialing it.

  189. Bluenose Gaz

    I have been using this info on football for just over a week on the (removed by moderator as that is for customers who have invested) markets and I am blown away by the profits. Football is a profitable one and one I know very well and the twist on the trading works!! The winning runs have been good too, I have had 4 winning runs of 4, three winning runs of 3, and the longest losing run so far has been 2, so in my experience so far on football, this has been working very well. In fact I am around £360 up in a week by sticking to certain football matches and following what to do at a certain point in the game. Well done to this website for producing this.

  190. Jon

    Great info, and great systems. Look forward to testing and making some money . Jon

  191. Marky

    Yep. This works.

    If you know of anything else that works as good as this let me know, but made over a grand since I started using these methods.

    Happy, happy days. Keep it up, you have my email if you have more like this.

  192. Lee Stokes From Portsmouth

    Not a bad system here forum. I am not entirely new to the concept as I use a few systems myself and have made a few myself too, so it is rare that something comes out that I have not heard off. The system you have does work, I use a similar method that I made myself as I say but I am still pleased I downloaded it, because it is always good to see another side of something that works.

    No problem from me here, it was also interesting on the setting up of the day and how the author sets his day up for trading. I love reading that type of stuff from other successful people.

    It makes money and that is what people are concerned about. Good luck. Lee.

  193. Tez

    Works very well so far. 3 days in.

  194. Carl2015

    Hey all, I am writing to tell you my experiences with this betfair method so far.

    I bought it about 6 weeks ago and have spend the first 2 weeks reading it and really making sure I understood it before i started because I need to money to be honest and was using a credit card as my starting bank. I know i shouldn’t but needs must, so this definitely focused the ole noggin believe me. Anyway I also paper traded it for about 4 or 5 days to see what happens and it was looking good on paper at least so for the last what 4 weeks I have been betting live with this, remembering that I was using a credit card for the betting bank so I had to make it work.

    To date I am around £779 in profit after betfair has taken it’s commissions and I am pleased as you can imagine. I have been using both horse racing and football and a bit of snooker as the world championships have been on and had some good money on Alan McManus and made a good few quid on him using this. Good so far, and now I am no longer using the credit card to bet I am using the money i have made which is a relief i can tell you. Carl

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Carl,

      Thanks for letting us know your progress.

      Yes, agreed, it is always a great position to be in when you start using other people’s money to trade with.



  195. Howard

    Hi Guys,
    I have just downloaded this PDF, but it says it is password protected, any advice please?

    (edit by admin – Password is in the package you downloaded also)

  196. Tod

    hiya lads, please send stuart my thanks, over £40 up today after reading his email this morning.

    many thanks

  197. J Johnson


    Probably the only product I have bought (and I have bought some real rubbish over th years) that has worked for me. I made my cost of the method on the first race 🙂 🙂

    Thanks gentlemen.

  198. Mr Childs

    Hi everyone,

    My first weekend with the system and I wanted to let you know that it works great for me so far. I am using it on football, and the Euros have been very kind to me so far 🙂



  199. F Fitton

    I have had this sysetm for about 3 weeks. In that time, I have done well, from a starting bank of about £200 I am in profit nearly £400 just following the advise. I have started small as they told me in the emails, but all good. I enjoy it in fact.

  200. leke

    hi admin,
    I’ve just brought this system please kindly send the videos of your trades to my email I’ll really appreciate it

  201. Jay2016

    I did very well on this system over the Euros, and will be starting on the racing tomorrow.

    Top stuff fellas, and well done for the support also which was is great. Tell Stuart thanks for all the help.


  202. Ray

    Hi. I have also purchased. Please email me the link to the video tutorials


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Ray,

      The video tutorials are now included in the actual download package, titles ‘Live video training’.



  203. Blissbabe

    Hi guys
    Thank you for your support and for sending the videos to me. I have watched them all several times and have downloaded Bet angel which is working well for me. I am making small bets and profits are between £18 and £20 a day so will perhaps have the confidence to increase my bets. I have no experience of betting so have appreciated you help and your patience with me. Thank you

  204. David Bennett

    Hi how can I get hold of this information and is there a fee for it, more importantly does it work ? You can e-mail me directly with the information if you don’t mind as I probably will lose the link knowing me.


  205. Little Faith

    hi is this still working as well as when it started to save me from having to read all the comments??

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin


      We receive testimonials, and emails daily for this, as I have mentioned elsewhere, we just don’t advertise the product as much now.

      For example, today we received and email from a customer called Simon, who sent us in his profit and loss from Betfair, on his trading yesterday.

      I have had to split the image as it would have been too large to fit:

      Simon's Profits 1

      Simons Profits 2

      And as you can see the profits were made in just over an hour, which is not the norm, but it also shows how fast the wins can arrive.



  206. Tony Painter

    Hello, after a few email messages between myself and the team that run this website I was up and running. Having just spent the weekend trying this on Football matches in the UK and in Spain I have made £70.

    I have not tried other sports because football is what I know so I was very pleased when reading the materials that this also works well on football on particular markets, and after sending what I was going to do to the team of this website they pointed out what I needed to do if I was just going to use football. They know their stuff, and my £70 profit for the weekend is proof of this.

    Thank you team.

  207. dale

    I am just starting small and all the comments are encouraging.

    Only trying to make £10 per day using the 2 x £5 and made that pretty early on today, so stopped now as advised for the day.

    Do you every sleep? seriously? I did ask a few questions this week before I went live and I was getting replies at like 11pm best service and support ever!!!



  208. Adz

    I just want to say thanks a big thanks to Stuart for helping me out via email. I was missing something easy, and corrected what I was doing wrong. The result is I made about 40 quid today.

    Ta fella! great service!


    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Adz,

      Thank you for letting us know, and we will be sure to pass Stuart your thanks.



  209. Len


    I started this on Friday, and made a profits Friday Saturday and yesterday, I was at an airshow on Sunday so could not do it, but I must say so far I am pleased with the results.

    Leonard Phillips

  210. ramdani salah

    i bought this course yesterday and i have a question can i trade on greyhound racing ?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin


      We have not tested it on greyhound racing, but you could test it, it is mainly advertised and working with horse racing, and football.



  211. Mason

    well pleased so far I can only use it evenings as I work during the day but made a few notes on it last night on the nags and looking forward to getting stuck in on the footy this weekend.

  212. Jason

    Hi, where is the link to register as a member for this site for future support?

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Jason,

      As mentioned by email, the email for support is given with the downloaded package.



  213. Augustine

    Does this work outside the UK, say Africa, in particular Nigeria?

  214. Chris

    just my experience so far with this.

    I have been paper testing this for a few days, then went live last week, and have managed to get a 58% win ratio on my first day, and my second day I got a 74% win ratio.

    My first 10 horse races were 6 wins so I am happy that this works and I made all my profit pairs quickly and easily.

    Starting with going for £5 profit per race I am now up to £127 profit after the commissions have been taken, and plan to scale this up soon.

    Longest losing run I had was three so far and longest winning run has also been three, but the way it works you profit by pairs, so money is made overall.

    Satisfied with it, and I plan on testing the football soon once I am up to speed on the horses.

    Please let me know if you have any other systems like this as well.


  215. Ash

    I recently purchased this product and am reading through the manual and watching the videos. I would like to practice before using real money but do not know how to paper trade. I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you,

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Ash,

      We emailed you when you first asked, but with paper trading you simply follow the same selections and results but without putting any more down. Then when you are confident, you start to trade live.



  216. Mark

    Hi I hope to use this system. Can anyone advise if this system can be used on a mobile such as android phone. I’d like to know if it can be done whilst I’m out and about.

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Mark,

      Yes, as long as you can get the Betfair website up on a browser, then you can use these methods.

      I hope this helps,



  217. Smithy

    Excellent well written content, and the videos were of great help also. Thanks guys. I am looking forward to using this over the coming weeks.

  218. Paul White

    This is a decent system so far, and for 2 days since I started it it has shown two days profit. I need to start building my bank up now so I can profit more, but so far, so very good.


  219. Frank Turgent

    I have just spent a pleasant weekend away in my caravan reading this manual, and it certainly does look good. I am home now, so I shall testing everything on paper first, but from what I have read so far, I am very optimistic.

    I need something that can supplement my pension, and this looks like just the ticket.

    Thanks everyone for the comments, and reassurance.


  220. Stephen J


    I am 2 days in and have made profits on both days, so ta for that.



  221. Paul

    2 out of 2 today using this today nice

    thanks for sharing

  222. Lenny

    I paper tested the system over the past 2 days, on racing, and if I had been betting with real money I could have easily won £100+, and more. I got 6 wins on the trott at yesterday. They both look very workable systems, and I wil be trying them live on Monday. I am looking forward to it.

  223. Tim Bent

    its right they don’t always win just as you said the way to make the profits. very good so far I must say. I have been trading this for about 9 days now, and profited all the day I traded apart from one day where I could only manage 3 trades due to having to baby sit for the daughter, but my betfair bank is definitely in a decent state of profit.

    Thank you sirs 😀


  224. Conner Wright

    Interesting results so far for me. Better than I expected and certainly in profit after a few days. I will not say how much profit I have made because that will depend on how much you have to start with, and everyone on here will be different, but certainly a very good strategy that is going well at present for me.


  225. Dan

    good system……made money…..so far

  226. Walesman

    good once you understand how this works. I knew a little bit about betfair but i would say you do not need it as the screeshots show you everything. Not tried it on football but I will try and do it this weekend. I am a new user but over the weekend I tried it for the first time and made the first profit after the second bet £25 was made as I did follow the rules. I didn’t do anymore that day because I was at the football but starting again tomoz. v good so far. Ta!

  227. Stephen Jones

    A great start. Profit on first day. I cannot do it this weekend due to other commitments, but Monday will be full steam ahead.

    Great method this is, and the first method I have tried that made money so quickly.

  228. Dan

    Bang. Profit first day yesterday. What more can I say.

    In fact I did all 4 race cards today also and made a profit on each one! Stopping at a winner each. I could have gone on as there were more winners as I kept a note of the following races but best to stop as the manual said.

    Very impressive first day..

  229. Georgie

    Decent day yesterday 3 winners 2 losers to the tune of £75 profit overall. Let’s see what today brings.

  230. tipME

    Hi forum,

    I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. What I have read so far does stack up and I can see why this would work. I am not just going to jump in but I have already had a few bets at very small stakes and for the last 3, 4 days have been regularly making £5 – £10 per day. What excites me is that I cannot see any reason at this stage why this cannot be scaled up so once I have full confidence that is what I will do and will be going for much larger profits. Thanks for this, it has been a long time since anything has worked for me.

  231. Connor Maily

    Can somebody send me a link to the videos that are talked about. I am doing well with it and if there are videos that can help further that would be great. 2 wins out of 3 yesterday making a nice profit, but I started about 2 weeks ago and have been steadily increasing my profits per day.

    I look forward to the videos,


  232. Eileen

    Hi, Started last Thursday using the system with 10 and 15 Euro trades. Very easy to use and understand. I had a couple of questions and these were answered promptly. Made 436 Euro in the seven days. I would advise anybody who starts using the system to start with small stakes until they get comfortable and confident with the system. The system works and the support is fantastic. The system rules must be adhered too. If you follow the simple rules you will not have a problem. Could you possibly email me the link in order that I may check all the previous results from Betfairs own site. Kind Regards Eileen.

  233. Ticker

    not bad so far first bet first win, hope it continues.

  234. CCmacey

    Well……….. I tried this for 2 days, and I am in profit to the tune of around £80. Not bad for the first two days betting. The concept is easy enough to follow, so easy that I was not sure I had done it right, but I did, and yeah, made £80 profit over the 2 days so far. Thanks.

  235. Ant

    Can you guys send me the log in for the vids again, thanks my pc packed up over the weekend. Cheers fellas

  236. Darren Rhodes

    After a great start on Saturday, doing some more today

  237. Richard Hunter

    Several contributors to these comments have made reference to betting software such as Blue Angel and some of your comments include illustrations and videos from the same source. Is the use of software essential or can one simply use the betting facilities available on the Betfair site itself? Thank you

    • MakeMoneyForum Admin

      Hello Richard,

      Yes, you can use the Betfair website direct with this. Software just helps make things easier, but is not essential.



  238. Richard Hunter

    I apologise. I meant, of course, BET ANGEL

  239. wilts man

    Downloaded yesterday and looks good. Have not used it yet, planning on starting this weekend.


  240. Garry

    early days but 2 wins out of 4 bets yesterday making £52 just more than what was advertised. I like the system actually and it was easier to understand than I was expecting. You do need the spreadsheet though as it tells you what to stake. My results yesterday were win, lose, lose, win, which is a good ratio so far. I did 2 bets on Saturday which was lose, then win, so £26 made on Saturday.

  241. Adrian

    Great system. It really is. Simple, which is how it needs to be. I made some good money with it on Saturday, and already had a great start this week too.

  242. KenP

    Not bad so far encouraging results

  243. Haz

    hello admin,

    Thanks for the email about this product It is very good and support is patient with me they made me a bespoke video yestersday to explain one aspect which was great and good with emails also

  244. Hung

    Why I can not buy this system through your link because this page said that error and try another card, I cannot pay this by paypal, Please, explain and help me, I really want to try this system

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