The Journo’s List Review

The Journo’s List is a brand new product in which a supposedly top level (and not surprisingly “top secret”) horse racing journalist shares tips that have been kept from the general public before now.

What does the product offer?

I won’t get too many chances to make this kind of joke so please stick with me. The headlines that surround The Journo’s List are as sensationalist as the kind of newspaper that the sales material wants us to believe he worked for. What I mean by this of course is that they are loud, eye grabbing, and I can’t help but feel somewhat fictional. I will  explain myself, don’t worry.

So in terms of what you are actually being offered, it is suggested that the selections that The Journo’s List offers are truly something phenomenal. There is plenty of mention of how much money you can expect to make. In fact, this seems to be about the only thing that The Journo has to say about what The Journo’s List can do for you. Now whilst this is technically all that we should look for in a product, unless The Journo’s List can demonstrate this, I am massively sceptical.

Keeping in mind that the sales material for The Journo’s List clearly deserves to be treated with a massive dose of salt, I will look at what we can ascertain as fact. The Journo’s List doesn’t do a lot that is particularly different operationally. The Journo emails out his selections on a daily basis to subscribers. These are typically sent out each morning with no advice on which bookmakers to use.

Truthfully, this is about all that you can categorically say about The Journo’s List as a service. There is very little information made available with the focus instead very clearly on selling the narrative of the sales material. This is massively disappointing for a large number of reasons.

Keeping with this theme of a lack of information, The Journo provides very little about the numbers side of The Journo’s List. There is no mention of any staking plan which is especially concerning for me when you consider that a lot of the text talks about how much you can expect to earn in pounds and pence.

Likewise, there is no information made available in terms of what strike rate you can expect from The Journo’s List. It is simply inferred that this is a low risk service however I would generally anticipate some numbers. Once again, I should take the time to point out that there is no proofing to back anything up whatsoever.

How does the product work?

If there is very little in the way of information about what The Journo’s List entails, there is even less detail given in terms of how it all allegedly works. The Journo works for a large newspaper, referred to as “The Eclipse”. Supposedly, they only publish subpar horse racing tips. The best tips are supposedly doled out between the sports writers and the top editors, never seeing the light of day.

Now however, The Journo is standing up to these corporate bigwigs and releasing these top secret, top tier tips to just a select few people. Unfortunately, outside of some rather basic information, there is nothing that suggests where these tips are coming from. The only thing that is ever really stated about where the selections from The Journo’s List come from refers to The Journo talking regularly with “many of the UK’s Top Tipsters”.

You will notice that there is a distinctive lack of substance here with the sales material for The Journo’s List preferring to sell you easy money. There is plenty of space in the copy reassuring you that The Journo is legitimate too. After all, he is definitely a top sports journalist in the UK. Who just so happens to be leaking selections that close friends are sharing with him. To me, this does more to highlight how questionable The Journo’s List is rather than reassuring me of anything.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, The Journo’s List is being sold for a one time cost of just £18.99. This supposedly will keep you in selections “indefinitely”. What is interesting about this as far as I am concerned is that if The Journo is actually getting his selections how he says, and is in fact who he says, then I don’t see how long this “indefinite” can last for.

Fortunately, there is a money back guarantee in place. Because The Journo is selling The Journo’s List though Clickbank, if you find that you aren’t happy with the end result you do get 60 days to claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

Obviously the income potential for The Journo’s List is a massive selling point and with a claimed income in excess of £100,000 per year claimed, it is easy to see why. More specifically, the sales material says that the tips that The Journo are sharing have generated a profit of £124,779. Not surprisingly, there is very little evidence to really back this claim up. The only thing that is provided is a highly questionable screenshot of a William Hill account, supposedly with this 6 figure number in the betting balance.


It has been some time since I have looked at a product that I feel is as audacious as The Journo’s List in its sales material. The focus is very obviously on how you can make quick and easy money, however with nothing to back this up it is more concerning than appealing. I always talk about red flags and The Journo’s List demonstrates them wonderfully.

There is a focus on how much you can earn and how little you have to do to make it. The story that surrounds The Journo’s List is frankly, ludicrous. There is simply nothing about it that I consider to be believable. But truthfully, even if The Journo’s List does genuinely operate as claimed, it is surely only a matter of time before the service is closed down. I simply don’t see an elite group that are stopping real tips coming to market allowing The Journo to continue publishing them.

With all of this in mind, I simply can’t see anything about The Journo’s List that is really worth recommending. In fact, I would personally be inclined to say that if you follow The Journo’s tips, the more likely outcome is that you are going to end up losing money in the long run. There certainly isn’t anything to make me believe that you will generate any real profit.



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Keith khory-davinson

Hi I joined this service due to receiving loads of emails about fantastic service.
After 2 weeks and numerous losers, which I hasten to add didn’t back them all, I requested my money back!
Don’t waste your money on this service.
If it sounds too good to be true…..

I have tried on a number of occasions to get a refund as the list is a load of rubbish. I have not yet received my money and he /she is still churning out the rubbish to my email. if I had followed its advice all the way I would be in the poorhouse now!

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