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1 Point Wins Review

1 Point Wins is a horse racing tipster service from a tipster who goes by the name of Andy. As is implied by the title, all bets use a 1 point staking system.

What does the product offer?

1 Point Wins offers users a near daily horse racing selection service with an emphasis on finding value bets. To put this into context the lowest average odds for a month of Andy’s selections allegedly comes in at 4.92 BSP. Despite this 1 Point Wins has achieved an average strike rate of 31.45% going off the results published. Selections are sent out directly to subscribers email, usually around 10am but never later than midday. All bets for 1 Point Wins are win bets and as mentioned, 1 Point Wins uses a level staking system of just 1 point.

How does the product work?

Andy claims to have spent 17 years developing the system that provides his selections for 1 Point Wins. He also boasts of a long standing history of horse racing so it seems likely that there is a strong reliance on this experience.

What is the initial investment?

1 Point Wins is available on a monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly subscription with costs coming in at £20, £45 and £60 respectively. Because 1 Point Wins is sold through Clickbank there is the usual 60 day money back guarantee in place. Andy also extends an additional offer to quarterly and 6 months 1 Point Wins subscribers whereby if you have a losing month he will double your subscription length for free.

What is the rate of return?

1 Point Wins has achieved a profit of 292.01 points since the start of 2014 which is especially impressive as there has been just one minor loss of 0.6 points in September.


Andy seems to have put together a very honest package in 1 Point Wins. He is pretty upfront about most things and the insurance that is in place in terms of not just the 60 days that Clickbank supply, but a free subscription if you have a losing month makes 1 Point Wins a pretty low risk option. The profits are respectable enough and most importantly, the costs associated with 1 Point Wins are definitely affordable. This is definitely one that I feel is worth watching.



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