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1 Pound Punt Review

1 Pound Punt is a horse racing tipster service by Harold Schmitt that specialises in identifying high odd bets that are then backed with minimal staking.

What does the product offer?

As the name says, 1 Pound Punt is a horse racing tipster service that provides bets for users that have been selected specifically to be staked at just £1. The creator of 1 Pound Punt, Harold Schmitt, does this by taking advantage of specific bet types in order to maximise profit whilst ensuring that stakes don’t need to go above £1 to turn a reasonable profit. Bets appear to be a daily thing and are typically sent out via email before midday.  The strike rate for 1 Pound Punt isn’t detailed and the only results available are year to date meaning less than a month of data (although for the curious it currently stands at 16.6%). That having been said I would be surprised if this hits more than 20% due to the nature of 1 Pound Punt.

How does the product work?

Whilst the selection process isn’t detailed it is clear that 1 Pound Punt relies heavily on big bets coming through. For example Harold Schmitt says that he will recommend double and triple bets as well as trixies (3 doubles and a triple), a Yankee (6 doubles, 4 triples and a fourfold accumulator) and on rare occasions a 26 bet Super Yankee. Obviously the odds of these coming in are rather reduced due to the amount of things that have to go in your favour however you can also see how good odds can be obtained.

What is the initial investment?

1 Pound Punt is a subscription based product with Harold Schmitt offering a monthly and annual subscription (allegedly limited to just 100 members). These are offered for £19.95 and £50 respectively meaning the annual option represents significantly better value. 1 Pound Punt also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (it is sold through Clickbank) which is a rarity for a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

Harold Schmitt claims that in just 1 year he was able to make £3418.32 of profit using just £1 bets and based off an initial bank of £100. This would mean a points profit of 3418.32 for the year which if true is exceedingly high.


It is difficult to know how to take 1 Pound Punt. There is a distinctive lack of historic evidence which makes me wonder how valid the claim actually is and I would certainly like to have seen 2014 proofed. This becomes particularly relevant when a search for Harold Schmitt horse racing turns up no results outside of 1 Pound Punt. That having been said, 1 Pound Punt is currently showing a profit of 62.91 points of profit for January so far which makes the claimed profits semi believable, especially if a Super Yankee comes in. Realistically, 1 Pound Punt is a big gamble to buy into (although this is lessened by the 60 day money back guarantee). Realistically if you like the thrill of the bet or a large win coming in, then 1 Pound Punt is probably exactly what you are looking for with low stakes and occasional high returns. If you are searching for something more consistent and methodical, I would look elsewhere instead.



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The emails came in every day for the first 5 weeks then stopped. I was £20 down at the time…

As I said before the emails stopped. I contacted the service and they were activated again. However, they have now stopped for a second time. I won’t be contacting them again. Fortunately I was only the £50 subscription fee plus another £30 down….

same as David reactivated when complained to clickbank
ignores emails
(defmation removed) HAROLD SCHMITT but i do not believe this is real name ,seems to be operating a lot of similar systems with different names

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