100% Profit Bot Review Binary Options

100% Profit Bot a piece of software that the creator Michael Jacobs (aka Sportsmavin) claims is able to consistently generate sizable profits through trading binary options.

What does the product offer?

According to Michael Jacobs, 100% Profit Bot is a piece of sophisticated software that is designed to guarantee a profit by trading binary options. 100% Profit Bot is claimed to be push button and can be used by anybody, regardless of their experience with binary options. The system has supposedly been actively in development since 2014 with a link provided to a “dev blog” (that seems to look at the old adage that BS baffles brains) surrounding the construction of the algorithm that 100% Profit Bot uses. Because of how 100% Profit Bot works you have to sign up with  not just one of the 15 brokers that they’ve selected, but 14.

How does 100% Profit Bot work?

100% Profit Bot is claimed to analyse 30 minute trades to identify the most volatile examples and the trades on this currency, stock or commodity. 100% Profit Bot will then allegedly win with a probability of 61.34% based off alleged claims that this is just what it trades at. There is nothing to say how 100% Profit Bot is able to identify these trades, nor does Michael Jacobs explain how the 61.34% figure is reached. He then goes on to talk about how 100% Profit Bot uses a loss recovery staking system that has a 98.21% chance of working on the 4th attempt, seemingly because he has yet to see this happening. What is of note and rather concerning is that his uses 67.5% of your bankroll.

What is the initial investment?

Technically 100% Profit Bot is given away for free but as I’ve touched upon you will have to make deposits through 4 different brokers. This means that you could be looking at costs of anywhere from $1,000 to $1,600 with no money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

100% Profit Bot alleged forces you to make regular withdrawals. In terms of how much you can make, ultimately, within a year you should be making an astonishing $43,248 per month every month however with larger deposits you can reach this figure in just 5 months. It is worth noting however that you can set up multiple systems and scale this figure.

Conclusion on 100% Profit Bot

100% Profit Bot seems to take the method of signing users up to brokers for commission to a new level. Ignoring the fact that 100% Profit Bot more than likely exists only to make commissions for Michael Jacobs, there are huge flaws throughout the betting methods used. The system that 100% Profit Bot uses is known as a Martingale betting system increasing staking with the hope that you win.

The fact is that it would take just 7 losing trades on the bounce to wipe out your balance and this isn’t outsider the realm of possibility. 100% Profit Bot and products like it are becoming increasingly common however this is one of the slicker looking and more appealing sounding examples that I have seen, but none the less the conclusion remains the same for all examples of this kind of thing, namely that they aren’t worth touching at all.



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