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10k Football is a new sports betting tipster service which is operated by one Marc Alexander. As the name of the service suggests, it revolves around betting on football.

Introduction to 10k Football

I think that it’s fair to say that we all prefer to win when we place a bet than to lose. If you are into losing bets, drop me an email and we’ll schedule a few games of poker. I’ve got an empty wallet with your name on it. Jokes aside though, it’s true, and according to Marc Alexander, the best way to win often is to back bets that have lower odds.

This has always made a certain sort of sense, but for those who look at betting on a frequent basis, you will know that what makes sense on paper rarely works in reality. Betting at lower odds means that a losing bet can seriously damage your betting bank with more wins required in order to make up for said loss.

None the less, this approach is at the centre of 10k Football, and if you believe Marc Alexander and the sales material, there is a lot of money to be made. But is this really the case here or is it simply clever marketing? Let’s have a look and see.  

What Does 10k Football Offer?

There is no denying that Marc Alexander does a very good job of making 10k Football seems like a solid offering. But what exactly is he offering with his service? The short answer to this is a highly sporadic and massively varied tipster service. Whether or not you want to view that as a good thing will depend, but I’ll touch on that later.

I want to start by talking about how the service is operated. When I mentioned that 10k Football is a sporadic service, I wasn’t joking. There can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a day between bets being sent out. Honestly, this can be more than a little frustrating.

We are told that selections do become more consistent as the season plays out (Marc Alexander says that he waits for form to settle and stabilise), and according to the proofing this is definitely the case. By the end of the season, there are multiple selections per day, often with bets coming on a daily basis.

One of the things that is very different about 10k Football (and I will profess isn’t quite to my tastes) is the way that Marc Alexander issues selections. Instead of sending them out via email, bets are made available through a shared spreadsheet. This seems like a good idea in theory, but it does rather restrict your ability to access them easily if you are on the go.

In terms of the bets themselves, there are massive variety of variables that you need to consider. There is coverage for a lot of different leagues across Europe (although mostly the bigger ones) as well as a massive variety of different betting markets.

By and large, you will be backing a team to win. These are quite obvious selections, for example, Barcelona beating Girona or Juventus winning against Cagliari. This isn’t all that there is however. There are a number of different bets involved ranging from over/under goals markets, both teams to score and even the occasional double chance bets.

In terms of the staking, there is a very strict plan that is in place. And, given the nature of 10k Football, as you would probably expect, it involves compounding your bets. Effectively, it is recommended that stake 10% of your betting bank on a given bet. Marc Alexander caps these stakes at a certain number (in the case of a £100 starting bank, this is £500 per bet).

All of this is pretty straight forward and easy to calculate, something that definitely goes in the favour of 10k Football. It is worth noting however that this does come with considerable risk. Just 2 losing bets on the bounce in December of 2018 took 7 winning bets before the service was back to where it was before them.

Naturally in order for 10k Football to ultimately work, Marc Alexander would need an exceptional strike rate, and based off the proofing that is provided, this is delivered in spades. The strike rate works out at 89.25%, a seemingly phenomenal result. I will say that this is as high as I would expect from a decent lay betting service.

All of this sounds great, however I am inclined to remind you that whilst Marc Alexander has provided proofing, there are some caveats. 10k Football is independent, and the proofing comes entirely from the creator of the service, and it is made of entirely historical results.

The other thing is that the proofing provided is for just one season. Given that this has supposedly been done multiple times before, I would have liked to have seen more evidence.

How Does 10k Football Work?

One of the things that stands out about 10k Football for me is that we aren’t ever really told what Marc Alexander’s selection process entails. He says that he had previously used a service that was similar to 10k Football, however rather than making money, he lost it. This is attributed to “selections [that] were poor, and some of the odds [being] far too high a risk”.

We are told however that he understood the strategy that was being used to build the bank. Frankly, this shouldn’t be difficult look at what he is doing with 10k Football. I would say that really, this is one of the more basic compounding plans that I have seen and is a long way from unique.

Now, there is a part of me that looks at the selections and thinks that they are simply easy choices. I’m no expert on football betting, but I can look at almost any example given in the proofing and say with confidence “I’d have probably called that”. Napoli to beat SPAL? It’s a no brainer. I haven’t heard of SPAL. City to beat Crystal Palace? You’d back City all day. Although, as it happens, this particular bet did lose.

There is a little insight provided, I suppose. Marc Alexander says that he doesn’t like to bet to often early into the season, just to let teams settle in and for trends to become apparent. But honestly, this doesn’t say a lot. As such, without any real insight into what the selection process is, I can’t help but be a little concerned about what the future holds.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sin up to 10k Football, Marc Alexander is asking £59 (plus VAT) in order to receive his selections. This is a one time payment and it buys you a “cycle” of turning £100 into £10,000 (or whatever variant of this that you are betting). Last year, this supposedly took just 4 months, but the results this year may differ.  

It is worth noting that 10k Football does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that Marc Alexander is selling the service through the Clickbank platform.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for 10k Football is quite clear. In fact, it is there in the title. Your starting bank of £100 can be made into £10,000 according to Marc Alexander. This is of course scalable both up and down (with £50 being turned into £5,000). It is worth noting that whilst Marc Alexander does mention that you shouldn’t start out with more than £100 bank, this is supposedly just because “the stakes at the end get quite big”.

Conclusion for 10k Football

On the surface of things, 10k Football looks like a pretty solid option, but there are just a few things that I find to be a little off putting and slightly suspect about the service. Now, I do want to highlight that at least some part of this is based on a gut feeling that I have learned to develop when it comes to this kind of service.

With that having been said, honestly, I would love nothing more than for Marc Alexander to reach out and prove me wrong. It would please me greatly to have a genuine tipster service that is able to achieve what 10k Football sets out to do. God knows, I’ve seen enough of them that make similar promises but have completely failed to deliver.

Whilst I have talked about my gut, there are a few things that I think really should be highlighted as being questionable. First of all, and I know that I have already talked about this, the lack of a selection process concerns me. The sales material for 10k Football focuses on the staking plan, but honestly, that just isn’t enough to convince me that this is worthwhile.

Backing any bets at short odds requires a very keen insight into betting as (has been demonstrated) it can take a lot of wins to make up losses. As many as 4 or 5 looking at some of the odds involved with 10k Football. At least 3 using the average odds. These are not inconsiderable numbers and having blind faith in somebody identifying “obvious” bets is no guarantee.

Another thing that really jumps out at me comes not from the marketing, but the affiliate marketing emails that I have received about 10k Football. Now, I should say that I can’t say for definite whether these come from Marc Alexander, but I have received numerous emails that say the following.

 “He [meaning Marc Alexander] doesn’t bet over the first 8 weeks as he likes to get a feel for how the teams are really performing when it matters”.

Of course, this fits in with the slow start. It also means that, if true, your refund window has potentially disappeared before you even place a bet. It is also worth noting that at the time of writing, no major European football leagues have started playing. Given that this is Marc Alexander’s focus with 10k Football, I find it interesting that he is still selling the service a good few weeks early (again, eating into that refund period).

As a side note, the vendor who is selling 10k Football has put out another betting service a number of years ago. I have been unable to find old reviews for it, but I am quite confident that if it were particularly good, it would still be on the market. I know from some of the better quality services that I’ve looked at this is what happens.

Of course, I could simply be being unnecessarily cynical. 10k Football could actually be a decent product and Marc Alexander a particularly competent bettor. If that were true, the relatively low cost would make it a complete bargain. In my experience though, when things look too good to be true, they usually are.

With this in mind, I don’t think that I would necessarily recommend 10k Football. Marc Alexander doesn’t do a good enough job in my eyes of convincing me that this is a genuine tipster service, and that is one of the single most important elements when it comes to considering a tipster. As I’ve said, I would love to be proven wrong here, but until then, this is a no go for me.  


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Comments (11)

ive had a go with his service for the hell of it as i had £150 or so to waste (betting bank + fee)
first week the first bet birmingham ov 1.5 lost then there were 5 consecutive winning bets, until today
where leicester/wolves was again over 1.5 goals but disappointing 0-0 draw, so at the end of week 1
we are a massive £4 up !!
the service depends on maths that is long winning runs that can bare the occasional loss, the problem is
for example if say the next 3 or so bets lost it would begin to be very difficult to recover the losses as the returns
to a win bet (average odds 1.40) are small, a long run of short odds wins are needed to really push up the bet bank
so the returns eventually get more rewarding, and so on and so on, i am skeptical myself as it reminds me of roulette systems ive devised and sometimes bought from ebay that rely on the same thing, only to lose by occasional ‘blocks’ of losing bets that make it near impossible to recover, if the coming weeks bets are not all winners ill probably bail out by next sunday, at worst im only going to lose £100 as i will reclaim the payment from clickbank, one only bets that which one can afford to lose

maybe someone can help on this matter,
I have emailed marc 4 times now and asked a few questions,
he has totaly ignored every e/mail,
so yesterday i emailed him again in frustration and said why are you ignorant and refusing
to answer your customers questions,
once again he has totaly ignored me and has now stopped sending the info which was paid for,
now i have over 5,000 members on my blog and trade full time,
do we now name and shame him,
or do we go back to the company that handles the orders,
Kev warne

I have just left this very poor service, just given 5 losing bets on the bounce, all a lot of hot air

yep me too i baled out after a weekend about 3 weeks or so ago when i think 5 of the six
selections had lost this was following a very uo and down week, its all maths and on a £100 bet bank
it was so far down it would have needed about 10 or so possibly more depending on the odds winners on the turn to just get back to even, for some reason he is still sending selections despite the fact i have my initial purchase money back from click bank, and 6 out of the last 7 in the chumps league lost!! by my calculations the original £100 bet bank must be near zero, it could work in practice with long runs of wins which would bare the odd loss but to get to £10K one would need numerous long winning runs, football is very unpredictable presently not a good betting option imv, cheers

For all of the people that are having problems with marcs service
you will be pleased to know that clickbank honour their refund policy 100%.
i have given up with trying to contact him,
its now 5 times and he flatly refuses to reply,
that is the final nail in the coffin as far as i am concerned,
I would have stuck with him and continued with the service, every day he has different excuses
with his selections which of course are sent to everyone,
but the customer support is nil,
So my advice to anyone that has bought the product is to get a refund before the due date of 60 days,

Hi I get an offer every week.
If you search the internet for their names
they don’t exist. They promise profits of up to 5,000 pounds.
I have noted that several are the same people.They sell sports games
with fake names. Don’t forget you have 60 days to reimburse the cost of clickbank.
Clickbank has very good service and support if you need help to refound money.

I have also tried to email him without response.Today 22/9 received selections,he states two bets but there are three.Now the problem here is there is only about $24 left in the bank from $100.I have queried whether we are expected to put in further in the hope that it improves,but do not expect reply.

This is part of his latest email.
“Unfortunately more upsets yesterday.
We have two bets today.
I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the season is still young. It’s only game week 6 of 38 and if our current ‘challenge’ doesn’t work out, I’ll start something completely different and new all with the aim of making 10k.”

Having baled out after knack of making losing bets became blindingly obvious, he still emails me his selections, which I track for my amusement. He’s stopped updating his spreadsheet now, out of shame, probably. Certainly the bank did hit zero, which is the real reason.

Marc is now advertising other tipsters, a sure sign of a failure.

Caught this on from the start and got a refund through Paypal as they could not get a responce from this plonker!

he’s useless and that’s a fact

This is s*am – no further tips, having blown TWO starting banks. He’s only using the mailing list to push other people’s products.

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From: Simon Roberts