10K Tips Challenge Review

10K Tips Challenge is a brand new horse racing tipster service which makes some very substantial claims about profit. The service is operated by Matthew Thorne and his team.

Introduction to The 10K Tips Challenge

Every now and then something comes along which makes the kind of claim you simply can’t ignore. Irrespective of what I suspect about 10K Tips Challenge (that it will turn out to be highly questionable), everything that you need to know is, in many respects, contained within the product name. To be more specific, Matthew Thorne is claiming that you can make £10,000 in just a month.

That is of course if you “Have The Balls To Take On The 10K Tips Challenge”. As a piece of marketing, this is phenomenal work. Really gets the testosterone going right? “Of course I have the balls to take on the challenge!” You may well find yourself thinking. But just because you can, this doesn’t mean that you should. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10K Tips Challenge.

What Does 10K Tips Challenge Offer?

Despite all of the fancy framing that surrounds 10K Tips Challenge, it is ultimately a horse racing tipster service. Matthew Thorne might put a fancy spin on things and make his service sound like something new but it’s clear as day what is actually on offer here. It is however rather basic as far as tipster services go.

For example, in order to receive tips, you have to log into a member’s area of the Here you will receive the full selection of tips, all of which according to Matthew Thorne have been generated by the in house team.

To give 10K Tips Challenge what little credit it is due, there is a fair amount of variety here. The bet types are not all straight forward win based affairs. This is one way win which Matthew Thorne and his team differentiate 10K Tips Challenge from the majority of tipsters that are currently on the market. They are also against horses with a wide variety of odds. This ranges from near favourites to outsiders that I Have found for double figures.

#Now, there are some downsides. For example, I feel that the information that you are given with a selection is rather minimal. It lists the horse, the bet and the odds, all of which you would expect. This last part however is rather problematic for me. It is rather apparent that it is not always possible to get the odds that are recommended by Matthew Thorne and the team. This does lead to some discrepancies.

There is a staking plan in place for 10K Tips Challenge however I am not really sold on it. I find it to be rather convoluted and the kind of thing that works perfectly on paper, but not so much when you actively try to implement it.

There just appear to be a number of risks that I wouldn’t feel safe taking if I were trying to preserve my bank balance. In fact I believe that cumbersome would be both an appropriate and apt description. All of which leaves me to touch upon the strike rate. Numbers wise, 10K Tips Challenge is rather unfortunately not looking particularly strong. The variety of odds could arguably go some way  to explaining the discrepancy but not nearly enough in my book.

How Does 10K Tips Challenge Work?

Rather disappointingly, we are given no real insight into how Matthew Thorne and his team plan on making £10,000 in 4 weeks. There is the staking plan which is a contributing factor, but with little rhyme or reason to the selections behind 10K Tips Challenge, I would at least expect to see some information on what the selection process entails. Instead, we are left in the dark.

This doesn’t really surprise me however and there are a large number of issues that I have with 10K Tips Challenge which I will get to in due course. The fact of the matter as far as I am concerned is this. As a consumer, we are entitled to make an informed decision about whether a service is right for us. Due to the complete lack of and obfuscation of information, it is impossible to get this with 10K Tips Challenge.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option available for 10K Tips Challenge which is to pay a one time cost of £37. This cost is supposedly to cover admin, service and registration fees. It is worth pointing out that there is not a whole lot of information provided surrounding this. There is no mention of any length of subscription which strongly suggests to me one of two things. The first is that this is a lifetime subscription however the more likely option is that the service will be closed up not long after 2 months.

This brings me onto the next related point which is that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place on the service. This is in place because the service is sold through Clickbank and is actually mentioned in passing by Matthew Thorne.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential, 10K Tips Challenge is quite clear. It is, in many respects, right there in the name. In just one month, following Matthew Thorne’s bets will supposedly allow you to generate £10,000 in profit. This is a fantastical number however despite being referred to as “PROVEN” in a mail shot for the service, there is in fact no real proofing.

Conclusion on The 10K Tips Challenge

The marketing for 10K Tips Challenge does a very good job of sounding entirely reasonable. There is an awful lot of this and it is very important to me that you keep this in mind because I am going to take a very cynical line on Matthew Thorne and his service and not without reason.

First of all, I can entirely see why this is an attractive looking package. 10K Tips Challenge is inexpensive and in theory, £10k per month appears to be possible. There are a few things to note here however. First of all, whilst it is theoretically possible for 10K Tips Challenge to make the claimed profit in a month, this has actually yet to happen, or at least if it has, we are not given any proofing etc. This is the first red flag for me.

Secondly, 10K Tips Challenge is a product which is sold through Clickbank and is being actively marketed through a number of different affiliates. This leads e to the person who has made 10K Tips Challenge available for sale. I will not go into detail on them here as I don’t believe that it is fair to so openly air any grievances.

What I do believe it is fair to say however is that they have released an incredible six of products over the last 18 months. Whilst this may not sound like a particularly large quantity, it does however amount to one every 3 months on average. All of these have been related to betting in some format and none of them have been well received outside of the same people who have been trying to market the service on an affiliate basis.

Whilst I am highly sceptical of 10K Tips Challenge on its own merits as it were, it is all of the above that really provides the nails in the coffin. With this in mind, it probably comes as no surprise that I can’t really bring myself to recommend 10K Tips Challenge at all, even with a relatively low price and a 60 day money back guarantee in place.



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