12 Month Profit Plan Review

12 Month Profit Plan is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered by Stuart Smith. He claims that his selections can generate some very substantial returns from a small initial bank over the coming year.

Introduction to 12 Month Profit Plan

It’s always interesting in my line of work to see what sort of things come about with a new year. As everybody and their dog will inevitably bust out in the coming weeks. New year, new you. And perhaps not surprisingly, there will be a lot of people out there who are pursuing financial freedom.

The sales material for 12 Month Profit Plan paints a picture of a tipster service that is more than equipped to provide this. In fact, Stuart Smith actually claims that over the last 3 years, he has made more than £12,000 profit every year. An extra £1,000 per month as a minimum, is a very strong result, especially considering that you supposedly need just £100 to get started.

Now in theory, all of this makes buying into 12 Month Profit Plan a bit of a no brainer, however I have a number of questions surrounding the claims that are made. And they aren’t exactly unfounded. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of gaps that I can see in terms of what Stuart Smith is doing here. So, let’s jump in and see if this is one that can deliver or not.  

What Does 12 Month Profit Plan Offer?

Almost every aspect of 12 Month Profit Plan is a very straight forward one. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be any real element of what Stuart Smith is doing that could be viewed as interesting or stand out. However, this doesn’t mean that every aspect is in line with your typical tipster service expectations. And that is where I am going to start.

Usually when I’m writing about a service, I don’t like to start with the staking plan. It is undoubtedly an important element of any tipster service, but with 12 Month Profit Plan, it is about so much more than how much you are betting in my opinion. And this starts with the betting bank that Stuart Smith claims that you need.

We are told that to get started with 12 Month Profit Plan, you need a betting bank of just £100. And you will be using this in order to place level stakes of £1 per bet. So far, so good. Now, in order to reach the lofty heights that are set out in the sales material, you will of course need to stake more than just £1. Which is where a compounding plan is in place.

This means that the more money you have in your betting bank the more that you will ultimately betting. What is noteworthy about it all though is that Stuart Smith actively states that “upto 25% of your bank maybe in play per day [sic]”. It doesn’t seem that this will be an every day occurrence, but that is a concerning concept to me.

Especially because this doesn’t seem to be a high volume tipster service. From what I have seen so far, Stuart Smith only advises a handful of bets on a given day (supposedly covering both football and horse racing, but expect more of the latter than the former). This is all rather interesting as it is also at odds with other aspects of 12 Month Profit Plan that I will cover in more detail.

Moving on from this, as I have touched upon, you will be betting on both horse racing and football. Whilst you would perhaps expect some variation in terms of the markets here, there isn’t a lot. Horse racing bets seem to be exclusively straight win bets (Stuart Smith claims that he doesn’t like to bet as “a punt”), whilst football bets will seemingly favour games with potentially very likely outcomes.

From this description, you could very easily anticipate that you won’t exactly be getting big winners here. And yet, from the little “evidence” that Stuart Smith provides, this simply isn’t the case. In a single week in December, we are shown winners ranging from 14/1, all the way down to 5/2. How much faith you are willing to put into those results is very much a personal preference, but I am sceptical that they are likely to be consistently like this.

Outside of this, there is only really a few things left to touch on. The strike rate is something that I was very keen to look at when it comes to 12 Month Profit Plan. Not surprisingly (at least to me, that is) Stuart Smith doesn’t really make any claims in this regard. We are told that he found 12 winning bets in a single week, but that doesn’t really tell you anything as it is.

Nor is there any proofing provided from which we can try and calculate such a figure. Something that is hugely off putting to me personally. Don’t forget that Stuart Smith is saying that he has achieved what 12 Month Profit Plan has supposedly done for 3 years before now. I don’t see why any bettor worth his salt wouldn’t have kept track of this, and why they wouldn’t want to provide those results. Barring of course some quite obvious exceptions.  

Finally, there is the logistical side of 12 Month Profit Plan. And this is something that is about what you would expect. Selections are sent out on a daily basis, usually on the morning of racing (and presumably when there is football to bet on). The content of these is enough to get your bets placed, but something like Oddschecker will be well employed here.

How Does 12 Month Profit Plan Work?

I have already touched upon what we are told about the selection process for 12 Month Profit Plan in so much as Stuart Smith says that he doesn’t like a punt. And I would love to be able to sit here and expand on that, but rather frustratingly, I am not able to. Well, not nearly as much as I’d like. You see, we are also told that Stuart Smith likes to “only bet on horse race and football with a favourable outcome…[sic]”.  

The problem with this statement of course is that it doesn’t actually provide you with any insight into the selection process. I don’t think that there is a single person out there who is betting on events where they don’t believe that they are backing a favourable outcome. That’s a sure fire path to ruin.

So, what you ultimately have here is a situation whereby you aren’t really told how a system works. Stuart Smith’s claims are incredibly vague offering no real insight into how and why selections are made. This is undoubtedly a problem. Especially when you factor in that there isn’t any proofing provided.

If this were provided, at the very least you could get some idea of the bigger picture that is involved. Instead, a number of (rather questionable in my opinion) winning betting slips is provided. However, even if these were all demonstrably above board, they are for just one week out of 50.

What is the Initial Investment?

According to Stuart Smith, he usually charges £99 for access to 12 Month Profit Plan. In some respects, this seems like a very reasonable amount to ask given that you are effectively receiving selections for pretty much a full year. However, at the time of writing, he says that he is cutting this in half and asking just £49 for access (something that is supposedly limited to the first 50 people, but I’m not convinced by this).

Now, it is noteworthy (and rather concerning) that although it isn’t actually mentioned anywhere in the sales material, Stuart Smith is ultimately selling 12 Month Profit Plan through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

I opened this review by talking about how Stuart Smith says that you can expect to make a minimum of £12,000 over the next 12 months. Supposedly, this is based off past years showing a profit of £12,840 for 2017, £13,895 for 2018, and £15,247 for 2019. For my money, there is a clear implication tat you can feasibly do much better than £12,000 for 2020 though. Those rising profits, year on year, are definitely not a coincidence.

Being realistic though, I’m not certain that these kinds of results are necessarily as attainable as Stuart Smith makes them sound. Your starting bank of £100 involves betting £1 stakes. We are then told that the idea behind 12 Month Profit Plan is that once you have turned that £100 into £500, then you can use that as your starting bank. That means a 400 point profit before you can bet to just £5 stakes.

I know that compounding can be a powerful tool. But when you require more profit than genuinely decent tipsters make in a year, just to get to £5 stakes… Well, that is a massively questionable jump that isn’t really backed up by any supporting evidence as being doable.

Conclusion for 12 Month Profit Plan

If you are serious about making money over the next year, there is a lot here that at first glance sees appealing. £1,000 per month is a hell of a lot of money and I don’t think there are many people who wouldn’t find that this improves their lives quite substantially. However, that is all entirely based around the notion that Stuart Smith can deliver on these claims.

And that is where I think that this starts to fall apart a little bit. Because I don’t believe that there is a single shred of evidence that realistically backs this claim up. First of all, I take great exception to the idea that a tipster has effectively ran the same service for 3 years without keeping proofing. And given that is should exist, it should also be shared.

Secondly, when you look at how 12 Month Profit Plan actually works, Stuart Smith is at a loss to explain… Well, anything really. Sure, there are plenty of impressive sounding claims, but they simply aren’t substantive. Are you starting to notice a bit of theme when it comes to 12 Month Profit Plan?

Because really, that is one of the biggest problems that I have here. In theory, doing what Stuart Smith sets out to do is genuinely possible. And this is a relatively straight forward tipster service. And as such, it feels like something that is worthwhile. Especially at the cost. But so much just sees lazy and that suggests that this will ultimately reflect on the wider product.

For my money, 12 Month Profit Plan is cheap (ish. Personally, I think the initial outlay is actually rather a lot). And to come full circle a little, it is that time of the year where people are embracing their best self, and maybe they don’t know too much about horse racing. But something like Stuart Smith’s service makes it appear that isn’t important. After all he’s just betting on bets with a favourable outcome, right? And that is where the appeal lies.

But, here’s the bottom line. Can you make money through betting? Yes, you can. With that said, it does take hard work, discipline, and dedication. Can you make money through following 12 Month Profit Plan? The short answer is probably not.

Factoring in all of the questionable elements that surround 12 Month Profit Plan, it is very clear to me that this is one to avoid. I don’t believe for a single second that it can get close to the claimed results. After all, if it genuinely could, why wouldn’t Stuart Smith provide genuine evidence to back this up?


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