15 Point Plan Review

15 Point Plan is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Ian Winfield and is currently being marketed by the Winning Information Network arm of the Betfan group. Key to its success is a rather interesting staking plan that is in place.

What does the product offer?

I have to be very upfront about 15 Point Plan and say that there are a few unique things about Ian Winfield’s service. These I will explore in detail as I proceed through this review but I will say that unique is not always necessarily a good thing. In fact, as a whole service I feel that I should credit Ian Winfield for breaking the mould and putting something that to the best of my knowledge is genuinely different on the table.

Of course not everything about 15 Point Plan is different. For example, Winning Information Network refer to “Red Hot Racing Investments” and that “There Are Winners In Every Race And I [Ian Winfield] Specialise In Finding Them!”. Again, this is something that I will look at in detail but what I will say is that 15 Point Plan’s strengths as a service don’t really seem to match the marketing angle that has been taken up, something that is always a little off putting in my book.

So what exactly are you getting? 15 Point Plan is a daily horse racing tipster service with Ian Winfield issuing just 5 selections every day, his “best bets”. These are sent directly out to subscribers via email as well as being uploaded to a special members area on the Winning Information Network website. The bets themselves are all straight win bits and this is in many ways where the normalcy of 15 Point Plan ends in my book.

One of the factors that I want to discuss is the odds that are involved. Generally speaking, there tends to be at least one long shot on a given day although the staking for said long shot can differ massively from day to day. For example, going back to a typical day, the odds are spread out between 2.38 and 7.5 however a few days later this is much more extreme at between 2.88 and 17.00. These odds do drift and can do so quite substantially.

I have mentioned the unique staking plan and it is probably time to look at this. There are 5 bets each day and you are advised to stake 1 point on one horse, 2 points on another all the way up to 5 points on a horse. This means that you are staking 15 points per day which also explains the name of Ian Winfield’s service. Once you reach certain profit levels, it is then recommended that you increase your stake per point in order to maximise profits.

Sticking with the numbers, the last thing to consider is the strike rate. This stands at an average of 23.58% since June this year. Truthfully, due to the nature and the range of the odds that 15 Point Plan involves betting on, I find it difficult to know whether or not this is good or bad. With that in mind I will say that 15 Point Plan has been profitable more months than it has lost and that growth of the betting bank has been generally consistent.

How does the product work?

Winning Information Network and Ian Winfield do a fantastic job of telling us very little about what 15 Point Plan actually entails, especially in terms of the selection process. There are however a number of suggestions given however I do not find this to be satisfactory on a personal level. For example, Ian Winfield says that unless you have a deep understanding and a natural gift for numbers, selective betting “simply won’t work for you”. He also talks about how not everybody can “skilfully” carry out the pricing on the market before a race starts.

The truth of the matter with this kind of talk however is that whilst it undoubtedly sounds impressive, as does the rest of the marketing material. It is however apparently very much a case of style over substance in the case of most information.

What is the initial investment?

If you want to subscribe to x there are three different options available. The first of these is a monthly subscription (which actually only lasts for 28 days) at a cost of £47. Secondly, you can subscribe to 15 Point Plan on a quarterly basis at a cost of £94 and finally you can sign up for 6 months at a cost of £154.

Because Ian Winfield and Winning Information Network both fall under the Betfan umbrella, this does mean that there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place. Truthfully, this is pretty typical for a tipster service. Also, to credit Betfan, they do say that they will review refund requests although they are not typically granted.

What is the rate of return?

15 Point Plan has been proofed to Betfan since June 2017 during which time it has generated a point profit of 565.94 points using the recommended staking plan. This is a pretty impressive figure in and of itself however the fact that it has been achieved with a limited liability really makes it stand out. Combined with an ROI of 18.57% and 15 Point Plan has some very strong results.


One of the biggest problems that I have with anything from Betfan is usually the staking plan. You either have to be prepared to make a fraction of the advertised profits or have pockets deep enough to conceivably lose 50 points a day in rare cases. 15 Point Plan completely eschews this and so you won’t ever be risking more than 15 points per day. This is still a fair amount but to date there has been just one losing month.

With all of that having been said, it is also clear to me that 15 Point Plan still requires a lot of patience. Any service which has a foot in the door of value will have long losing runs and really, it is the big wins that ultimately generate profit. This does mean that you have to be prepared for a long term approach as well as potentially quite significant losing streaks.

There is a fair balance in terms of the pros and cons of 15 Point Plan as a service which really leaves the deciding factor as value for money. Whilst Winning Information Network have not exactly made the service cheap, I think that it just about qualifies as reasonably priced on a monthly basis whilst the 6 month option is very fair if you can afford the up front costs. A big factor in terms of 15 Point Plan being value for money is in no small part due to the fact that Ian Winfield’s staking plan means that the profits to date are achievable.

With all of this in mind I am inclined to say that 15 Point Plan is worth some serious consideration. There are probably better tipster services out there but in more recent times, decent tipster services have been lacking. 15 Point Plan’s somewhat different approach to betting and strong and consistent results make me believe that this could be a solid long term option. The only thing that should be said as a cautionary is that if you are going to follow the service, discipline and a long term outlook are must haves.

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