1pt Investments Review

1pt Investments is a relatively new horse racing tipster service from Christopher Chadwick that is being sold under the Winning Information Network arm of the Betfan group.

What does the product offer?

Christopher Chadwick is clearly very confident in the abilities of his tipster service referring to it as an exception opportunity to cash in on horse racing winners. Unfortunately, as I will explore, this isn’t entirely the case. As far as tipster services go, 1pt Investments is rather high volume with upwards of 20 selections being offered on a single day.

These are usually sent out the evening before racing and are issued via email. All bets are straight forward win bets and, as the name suggests, the staking plan is based on betting just 1 point per bet.

As a service, 1pt Investments focuses very much on longer odds and it is rather typical to see a number of double figure bets landing in your inbox. As you would expect from a service that often involves backing horses at higher than 10.0, the strike rate for 1pt Investments isn’t phenomenal. In fact, it is a rather disappointing 11.83%.

How does the product work?

There is very clearly a focus on value with 1pt Investments. A glance at the odds spells this out so clearly you would have to be blind to miss it.

Unfortunately, Christopher Chadwick doesn’t actually provide any insight into the selection process. The only thing that is really said about the matter is in the sales material for 1pt Investments where he talks at length about the experience that he has had betting on horse racing.

What is the initial investment?

Winning Information Network are actually marketing 1pt Investments on a one month (actually 28 days), three month (actually 90 days) and a 6 monthly membership.

These are priced at £48, £96 and £149 respectively. As with any product from the Betfan Group, 1pt Investments comes with no real money back guarantee however the team say that they do review requests on a case by case basis.

What is the rate of return?

Since the start of the year, 1pt Investments has generated a profit of 106.82 points. This may not necessarily sound too bad, but since highs of just short of 200 points in May, it means a decline of almost 100 points in a relatively short space of time.


The biggest problem that I have with 1pt Investments is that it simply isn’t consistent enough. Whilst there were a few months where it was seemingly hard not to make money Christopher Chadwick’s advice, the 100 point loss would have decimated most people’s betting bank.

This simply isn’t good enough, regardless of prior results. Whilst I accept that the nature of 1pt Investments in terms of the horses you are backing is going to have losing runs, these should be at least offset by some wins and this hasn’t been the case.

Combine this with a subscription fee that I would hardly consider to be cheap, and it makes for a product that I simply couldn’t recommend investing in.


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From: Simon Roberts