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1pt Match Attack is a new sports betting tipster service from the Betfan Group provided in conjunction with a tipster referred to only as David. It looks at football betting with a focus on high odds.

What does the product offer?

1pt Match Attack is a brand new and immensely easy to follow (whilst still having tremendous potential for fun) tipster service focussed around football, more precisely, a specific type of bet. As a service, 1pt Match Attack is somewhat sporadic in terms of selections (as football tipster services so often are) with there often being several days before selections are issued.

It is also worth pointing out that when selections are offered, they can also be rather high volume with some days producing as many as 11 different bets (although these will often be on the same games).

All bets that 1pt Match Attack advises are some form of accumulator and this is central to the service (as I will explore below) although they aren’t all simple win/lose accumulators. As the name of the service suggests, David follows a straight forward staking plan for 1pt Match Attack of just 1 point per bet.

Unfortunately, there is no strike rate available for the service but I wouldn’t expect a big number here (although this isn’t the be all and end all).

How does the product work?

There is unfortunately little information on the way of the selection process for 1pt Match Attack with Betfan simply saying that David is a football fanatic and a successful bettor.

Interestingly, there seems to be something going on behind the scenes as unlike most accumulator based services which simply focus on putting out favourites and hoping for the best, 1pt Match Attack offers some very interesting bets (such as a 600/1 accumulator on first scorers, unfortunately a losing bet, but still a break from the norm). David also puts multiple accumulators on one game, hedging the outcomes in a fashion that is more akin to a trader than a straightforward tipster.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Betfan are offering 1pt Match Attack on both a one off deal and a subscription basis for three different lengths. The first of these is a month (which is actually 28 days), the second is a three month offering (actually 90 days) and finally, there is a six month offering.

These are respectively pried at £37, £74 and £125. As is typical with products from the Betfan group, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since launching in August, 1pt Match Attack has produced a total profit of 108.75 points. There have been no losing months overall, however there have been significant losing streaks due to the nature of the service.


I am actually rather excited by the prospect of 1pt Match Attack and would even go as far as to say it is one of the more interesting things to come out of the Betfan stable for some time. Zz definitely differentiates 1pt Match Attack from most football based accumulator tipster services and I really think this is for the better.

There is no denying that you can wait some time for a winner to come in, but I feel that this is something that can happen often enough to ensure that most months will end in the black.

One of the things that I particularly like about 1pt Match Attack is that the method of betting means that there is never too much risk (even putting a fiver on each bet would have made you nearly £550 before subscription costs) whilst the rewards ensure that even the most mundane games can be exciting.

What really jumped out at me with 1pt Match Attack however isn’t just the results that are demonstrated on paper, but how somebody could have done cashing out before the end of a game.

It is no secret that your bets value can alter during the course of the day, especially with some of the longer accumulators, and I found myself casually wondering how many of those losing bets could have been turned into some profit had you taken a win rather than seeing them through.

Obviously, this isn’t something that David recommends for 1pt Match Attack however I do consider it to be food for thought. With this potential spin in mind, I think that 1pt Match Attack is something that is probably worth a go.



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