20 Bets to 20K Review Jamie Parker

20 Bets to 20K is a brand new tipping service that is operated by one Jamie Parker. He claims that his approach to betting allows you to turn a modest betting bank into a huge profit in a short space of time.

Introduction to 20 Bets to 20K

One of the most overlooked elements of betting in my opinion is bank management. Not to a seasoned bettor mind. Most of the guys that I know who take this seriously are pretty rigid in their approach. This isn’t a criticism you understand. It is a necessity. If you start getting carried away by a gut feeling or doubling your bet because it’s your favourite football team, then you will lose money. Discipline is an absolute must. Unfortunately, this is an area that I think a lot of tipster services tend to overlook a bit.

What has all of this got to do with anything? Well, today’s review subject, 20 Bets to 20K, does a very good job of using some seemingly very strong bank management as a key part of the service. This is very welcome, as are a number of other elements. The truth is that at a glance, Jamie Parker seems to not just understand how to make some decent profits, but he appears to know the right way to go about it. This is a tipster service that really seems to apply a rigorous and methodical approach to betting.

Of course, this is all very welcome. It looks good. Unfortunately, I’m not quite certain that it actually holds up to scrutiny. You see, the sales material for 20 Bets to 20K does a bloody good job of selling itself. As you’d expect from, you know… sales material. But a fair amount of what Jamie Parker just strikes me as a bit naïve. Whilst there are some seemingly solid looking foundations, the service itself looks to be quite critically flawed. There is ultimately quite a lot to talk about here, so, let’s get into it.  

What Does 20 Bets to 20K Offer?

Because of the nature of the service, there is a very clear structure to 20 Bets to 20K. Something that works out pretty well for me because there is an incredibly obvious offering. The whole premise here is that Jamie Parker will take you through a program whereby over 10 days, he aims to increase your bank by 1900%. It’s that simple. At least, in theory it is…

Of course, there is much more to talk about than just that. The fact of the matter is that the structure that is in place for achieving this aim is certainly interesting. How practically it will actually achieve this is, I strongly suspect, a very good case for debate. All fuelled by a number of concerning elements.

So, what exactly are we dealing with here? 20 Bets to 20K is one of a number of (increasingly common) “program” based tipsters. What this means is that rather than simply providing quality tips and monitoring these on a week by week or month by month basis, the focus is instead on attaining a certain goal within a set period of time. In this case, that 1900% bank increase in 10 days.

Key to making this work are seemingly two factors. One is the type and quantity of bets that you are placing. Quite how this ultimately impacts things I’m not really sure of. Jamie Parker certainly doesn’t do a great job of justifying himself here. The other more transparent fact is the staking plan.

For the purposes of this review, I am going to start with the bets. Each of the 10 days in a cycle, Jamie Parker will issue two selections. These will always be each way bets (although curiously in the “proofing” there is actually a clear win bet, but I’ll come back to this). All of this is pretty straight forward and in line with what I would expect from something like 20 Bets to 20K.

Selections are emailed out to subscribers directly. They typically seem to land on the morning of racing, and rather unfortunately, they are a bit spartan. The fact of the matter is that whilst Jamie Parker gives you the information  that you need to place the bets, that is about all that you do get. It really is very minimal stuff compared to other services on the market.

Of course, this leads to the simple fact that you really should be looking to maximise your winnings, which means taking advantage of an odds comparison site. Something that is definitely worthwhile with something like this for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t think you’re going to win all that often (despite claims made in the sales material). As such, if you do win, you should be looking maximise returns.

Secondly, with something like 20 Bets to 20K I strongly suspect that Jamie Parker’s results will be how everything is calculated. This means that you realistically have to be matching their odds as a minimum. Otherwise, you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure down the line. Something that I have seen a lot with this kind of thing.

Now, let’s talk about that staking plan. As you might expect from a service claiming the kinds of returns that Jamie Parker does with 20 Bets to 20K, there is some compounding involved. What I will say is that it isn’t quite as extreme as some services I have seen that are similar. It looks like this. Up to £249 you stake £5 each way, then it goes up to £10 up to £499, £20 each way up to £999, then £40 each way when you’re over £1,000.  

In theory this is all reasonable enough, especially since we are told that you can start off 20 Bets to 20K with a betting bank of just £100. But what this really means is effectively only having coverage for as little as 10 bets. Which is one of those things that isn’t a problem in theory, but that involves a lot of taking Jamie Parker at his word.  

How Does 20 Bets to 20K Work?

There are two things at play in terms of how 20 Bets to 20K works. The first thing is that staking plan. Jamie Parker refers to it as his “staking formula”. This seems like a bit of a stretch in my mind. It’s an incredibly simplistic approach to stakes with little in the way of real consideration for drawdown. It really isn’t particularly sophisticated, and if I’m completely honest, I don’t think there has been much consideration beyond making something that sounds viable.

Of course, the other element is one that I talk about in pretty much every service that I review, and that is the selection process. This is always particularly important with something like 20 Bets to 20K in my mind because of that rigidity I have mentioned. Two selections every single day. And selections at pretty bloody substantial odds. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to know at least some of what Jamie Parker is doing to find these bets.

Naturally, we don’t actually get this. In fact, when you really dive into 20 Bets to 20K, it becomes apparent that you aren’t really getting much of anything in terms of information. Jamie Parker doesn’t talk about horse racing, he demonstrates no real knowledge. Really, everything simply appears to hinge on this notion that starting with £100 and aiming to get to £2,000 in 20 bets is a good idea. Everything that I’ve experienced in betting suggests the contrary.

As well as the fact that you aren’t given any insight into anything, you don’t even get much in the way of evidence. Now, this might seem a bit counter intuitive given the amount of real estate on the sales page that is given to supposedly winning betting slips. The problem I have with this is I’ve seen so many that are of dubious origin that I just can’t put much faith in them. Especially when they are all conveniently before 20 Bets to 20K has gone live proper, and also cover a short run of bets.  

What is the Initial Investment?

As mentioned earlier, 20 Bets to 20K is a service that is based around this idea of a “program”. This is that 10 day run of bets. Jamie Parker offers a package for a single pass and a multi-pass run. A single pass is priced at £30 plus VAT. The multi-pass is just £90 plus VAT and gives you 6 full runs. That is 60 days of betting.

Whilst this is pricey, Jamie Parker does effectively guarantee you a profit. He says that if in the 10 day period you don’t make a profit, you won’t have to pay again until you do. Something that sounds very generous in theory. I am however incredibly cynical of the reasoning behind this offering, and with good reason.

You see, one thing that categorically isn’t mentioned when it comes to 20 Bets to 20K is that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold through Clickbank. One would hope that it isn’t something intentionally sinister, but it does seem interesting to me that Jamie Parker disavows mentioning this in favour of creating all of this own time frames for what you can and can’t expect.  

What is the Rate of Return?

I know I’ve talked about it a number of times already, but it is quite important to me that I reiterate that the aim of 20 Bets to 20K is for Jamie Parker to help you take £100 and turn that into £2,000. Rather more importantly to me though, is the need to highlight the operative part of that statement. The aim is to achieve that.

Furthermore, whilst you might not have to pay until you have a profitable run, this is something that is also marred with problems. Let’s just say that, hypothetically, you have 2 losing 10 day periods. You might be down £30 one run, £50 the next. Then Jamie Parker manages to make you £40. Even though you’re ultimately down, you’re still paying for 20 Bets to 20K. That isn’t so bad with a monthly subscription where there are ups and downs, but the whole premise here is that you’re paying for profit.  

Conclusion for 20 Bets to 20K

I’ve looked at a few products before now that are in a similar vein to 20 Bets to 20K. They have a very clear appeal, especially to a more casual bettor. The fact of the matter is that when you have to think long term, there are certain considerations that can come with this. For example, most serious punters I know won’t withdraw winnings until they’ve made their betting bank as a profit. That way, you’re ultimately playing with the bookies money. That doesn’t suit some people.

Building on this point, for most of us, there is just this ultimately slightly vague goal of making a profit. That is something else that won’t necessarily appeal to everybody. Especially those who are looking to draw out money on the regular in order to supplement their income. 20 Bets to 20K addresses this.

Here’s the thing though, any of this appeal is really only applicable in the event that a service is able to deliver, and I’m not convinced that this is something 20 Bets to 20K can do. To be clear, this isn’t a flippant comment. One of the single most concerning things about this as a tipster service is that we just don’t have any way of knowing if Jamie Parker knows anything about horse racing.

This certainly isn’t something that is demonstrated, despite being the single most important thing that you need to have a handle on if you’re going to tip. I am sure that Jamie Parker would defend himself by pointing to the historic bets that he shows off, but these don’t sell 20 Bets to 20K to me. But he’s supposedly been making a full time living for 3 years. Where is the proofing or evidence for… well, any of that.

Whilst I’m building up a head of steam, I want to address the “fact” that there have been “live updates”. Yes, Jamie Parker has told us what he supposedly bet on, but they’ve all been after the fact. More importantly than this though is that they aren’t being tipped. As such, what we’re seeing is a guy saying “Nah mate, honest right, I totally had these two 16/1 bets come in the other day. Look, here’s a questionably cropped betting slip”.

There are some people out there for whom that might be enough. They may be willing to give Jamie Parker the benefit of doubt. I am not one of them though. Unfortunately, there are a lot of concerning points with 20 Bets to 20K. The way the structure is set up bothers me. Not because pay as you win is necessarily bad, but in this case, the structure seems to ultimately be stacked in Jamie Parker’s favour.

What I mean by this is that it all seems to be geared up to either get people a profit (in which case they’re happy) or keep them on board past that 30 day money back guarantee. You know. The one we aren’t told about. The bet type somewhat supports this hypothesis. Those big each way bets always work well for this kind of thing. If a winner comes in, people won’t soon forget it. If one doesn’t, well, you’re betting on long odds. It’s to be expected.

Now I could be looking into this too much. I could be being overtly cynical. And maybe if just one of these things was a problem, it might be worth overlooking. But it isn’t just one thing with 20 Bets to 20K. It’s lots of things. And the only reason to possibly ignore this is the profit potential. But I can confidently tell you from experience that these kinds of red flags shouldn’t be ignored.

With all of that in mind, I have to say that this is a definite no go for me. There is almost nothing in the way of redeeming features here and that is a concern. I want to say that 20 Bets to 20K is at least cheap, but it isn’t really. £90 a month if you’re winning. I just cannot think of anything that redeems this in my mind and as such, I cannot stress enough that it is probably one to avoid.


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