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200 Pips Daily Profit Review

200 Pips Daily Profit is a product created by Karl Dittmann that notifies users when a profitable trade has been identified.

What does the product offer?

200 Pips Daily Profit is a forex trading indicator that according to Karl Dittman, is able to trade profitably every day. When trades are available 200 Pips Daily Profit automatically sends out a notification to users advising them. This is done a number of different ways with various audio and visual indicators as well as an email being ultimately sent out. 200 Pips Daily Profit has been designed to work on the Meta trader 4 platform, allegedly covering all currency pairs and M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframes. According to the marketing material, 200 Pips Daily Profit is claimed to guarantee a profit for users. There is no need to worry about take profit and stop loss either as 200 Pips Daily Profit calculates all of this for you according to Karl Dittmann.

How does the product work?

Whilst Karl Dittmann advertises 200 Pips Daily Profit as working based on a “proprietary super powerful mathematical analysis algorithm” where it is further referred to as being simply indestructible, the reality is slightly less exciting. 200 Pips Daily Profit uses traditional scalping trading methods in order to produce its profitable signals. The method employed to do that is claimed to be ideal for trading in choppy conditions.

What is the initial investment?

200 Pips Daily Profit is marketed for a one time fee of $87. This also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as Karl Dittmann markets 200 Pips Daily Profit through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

As is implied by the name, 200 Pips Daily Profit has been designed to generate 200 pips of profit per day. The amount that this equates to will ultimately depend on your investment.


200 Pips Daily Profit promises a lot and the big question is whether or not it can deliver. Personally, I am not certain. Despite all the claims made about consistent earnings there are a lot of disclaimers at the bottom of the page, arguably above and beyond the legal requirements. Another concern is that the results that are shown as successful examples of trades appear to have been back tested which means that they could very easily be cherry picked and also that the system has been designed to fit around the examples. Personally I am not sold on 200 Pips Daily Profit and I feel that an investment of almost $100 for something that doesn’t adequately show that it works represents a big risk.



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From: Simon Roberts