2013 October

25 Oct: Quick Start Marketing Review Mick Foster

Quick Start Marketing is a product designed for customers who wish to build their own online empire. It is created by one Mick Foster who claims to have had over a decade of online experience in terms of marketing and publishing information. Available for the reasonable sounding price of $5.99 Quick Start Marketing will supply you with the tools you need to get an online business running. This includes specific information on how to construct your website into…

25 Oct: Free Content Plus Review Oliver Goehler

Free Content Profits is a system that offers its users the ability to generate a revenue stream through eBay and Amazon by selling products on disc that are freely available for download on the internet. The product works by utilising the licencing agreements on some freeware software and videos such as Open Office.  Software like this can usually be downloaded for free online but the licence on the product does not stop its modification and/or distribution for profit….

25 Oct: Arbitrage Underdog Review

Arbitrage Underdog What is the product about? Arbitrage Underdog is a product that allows you to act as a broker between those that are looking for services on Craigslist and people who offer that service on the website Fiverr. The software searches for people looking for certain niche expertise on Craigslist and then automatically matches them with people who offer that service on Fiverr. What does the product offer? The product is a piece of software that will…

24 Oct: Today’s Winning Selections Review todayswinningselections.com

Today’s Winning Selections is a betting system. Quite what the system is is never touched upon once. There is just the promise of a 93% success rate. This is obviously a very suspicious start. The website is operated by one Jonathan Wood who claims that with his magical betting system you can make at least £27, 836 a year. A staggering claim that is never backed up. Mr. Wood claims to have previously had a six figure salary…

24 Oct: Fast Social Marketing Results Review

Fast Social Marketing Results is a product aimed at assisting businesses in boosting their profile and activity in social media. Fast Social Marketing Results state that you increase traffic to your website and grow your business through this in 15-30 minutes a day. On offer is a complete package compiled by Lynn Terry who claims to have been working online for 16 years. She is currently a professional blogger and affiliate and is offering up the package as…

24 Oct: Bitcoin Sniper Review

Bitcoin Sniper is a product that automates the process of trading bitcoin online.  Bitcoin for those who are not in the know is an online currency that operates outside of any governmental influence with certain additional amounts being released based upon groups solving complex mathematical problems. Bitcoin Sniper is very quick to lure you in with a promise that they can guarantee you $1,264,314 without spending a dime or minute of your time. In fact, it goes as…

23 Oct: Advanced Cymatic Trader Review

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a piece of software that streamlines and makes it easier to navigate and utilise the features of Betfair. The product is an official Betfair API Solution meaning that it is fully security tested and approved by Betfair.

23 Oct: Premier League Mastermind Review

Premier League Mastermind is a subscriber based service that provides its user base with the likely outcomes of Premier League matches based upon statistical analysis. The service is backed up by Spotlight Football who are a professional management service for a number of sports betting advisors online. It is marketed towards football fans who like to gamble on the results of their favourite sport.

23 Oct: Bankers Exposed Review

Bankers Exposed provides software that it claims can make over 1 million dollars annually. In fact, the creator of the system states he earned over 2.3 million dollars in the last year. He says that he is “making more money now than I’ve ever made in my life”. But is this to be expected for all users?