2013 November

19 Nov: Niche Expert Blueprint Review

Niche Expert Blueprint is a guide to creating an online business developed by Mario Pedraza What does the product offer? Niche Expert Blueprint comes in the form of a series of videos that teach its customer base to create a niche website with a view to generating profit. Videos include “Start your first blog”, “Come up with your first paid product” and “Grow your business 10x more with big tickets”. How does the product work? The product supplies…

19 Nov: Continuity Income Videos Review

Continuity Income Videos is a system that allows users to purchase a complete training course developed by Edmund Loh. These come with a license that allows users to modify and/or resell the content under their own brand. What does the product offer? The foundations of the system are a series of videos that provide information on how to create and operate a membership website. These can be edited and customised so users can add their “branding” to it….

19 Nov: How to Trade Binary Options Profitably Review

How to Trade Binary Options Profitably is a website operated by Keith Mann. It offers advice on pretty much all aspects of trading binary options including his own system Binary Options 10 Minute Strategy. What does the product offer? The website offers a whole plethora of information on trading binary options. These vary from tutorial system that covers the basics through to Mr. Mann’s own system and even a subscription service with daily hints and tips.

19 Nov: Forensic FX Review

Forensic FX is a Forex trading system developed by Alex Williams and published by Agora Lifestyles Limited that claims to generate an average of £1,240 per month. What does the product offer? Forensic FX claims that it can provide its users with a system that is guaranteed to be profitable by trading on Forex. Mr. Williams makes the claim that he can provide a weekly strike rate of 87.88% for only 10 minutes of your time each morning….

18 Nov: VIPecig.co.uk Discount Codes VIPcig.co.uk Reviews

You may have seen VIPecig.co.uk, and VIPcig.co.uk advertised on various TV advertisements, but we could not find any discount codes, but what we can tell you, is where you can get discounts and which are the best electronic cigarette companies to use. We have a lot of experience in dealing with electronic cigarette companies, and we have written many reviews about them, so are in the perfect position to be able to advise you on what you need…

18 Nov: $100k Results Review Michael Ullman

$100k Results is a complete package by Michael Ullman offering users unprecedented access to the $100k Blueprint teams combine knowledge. It provides users with resources to set up and promote an online business. What does the product offer? The product offers a whole slew of courses and information that are designed to help you get the most from your online business. These include weekly live training sessions and “Mastermind” groups. 1-on-1 consultations, video tutorials and much more. Also…

18 Nov: Forex Multi Robot Review

 Forex Multi Robot is a Forex trading bot developed by Rita Lasker and Green Forex Group. They claim the bot is unique due to its “4 core-algorithms”. What does the product offer? The product supplied is a piece of software that automatically trades on Forex with a view to generating profit. As mentioned above it utilised multiple “cores” that are apparently optimised to detect favourable conditions. It is claimed that the “up to 80% of orders are closed…

18 Nov: Winning Trade System Review

Winning Trade System is a stock exchange trading system developed by Jens Clever of Trading Coach LLC. It claims to be able to consistently generate profit by using ratio trading, a technique that the top percentile allegedly use to ensure consistent profit. This is referred to as the SFW system (small frequent wins). What does the product offer? According to the marketing material Winning Trade System comes in the form of 16 instructional videos that will teach you…

18 Nov: Premier Grand Service Review

Premier Grand is a tipping service provided by Tony Evans and Perpetual Publications Ltd. It is subscription based with “2-3 good bets per week with a 45% – 50% success rate”. What does the product offer? The product offers its users tips based on form analysis. Tips are not sent out daily as the creator of the system prefers only to offer when he believes himself to be certain of an outcome. That having been said, as mentioned…

16 Nov: Tube Cash Code Review

Tube Cash Code is a program offered by Corey Gates that claims to be able to make users up to $90,815 per day. What does the product offer? Tube Cash Code is a piece of software that was allegedly developed by “6 PhDs” based on a system devised by Corey Gates. It utilises YouTube marketing to sell Clickbank products.