2014 January

03 Jan: Trainers Quotes Review

Trainers Quotes is a subscription based service that allows users access to horse trainers who then rate the horses they have running that day What does the product offer? The product supplies daily emails from some of the seventeen trainers that are affiliated with Trainers Quotes. Trainers Quotes are quick to stress that this is not a tipping service as they are not in fact offering any tips, merely an indicator as to how they feel their horses…

02 Jan: Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar Profits is a training course designed by Mario Pedraza to teach users how to utilise webinars to sell their products. What does the product offer? The course itself comes in the form of a PDF document which covers all the bases for developing and refining your knowledge of webinars and how to exploit them to generate the most profit possible. The course provides a series of modules such as designing a presentation, designing a back-end offer…

01 Jan: Bet Nation Sports Betting Review

Bet Nation Sports Betting is a subscription based tipping service covering a multitude of sports provided in conjunction with Bet Kudos. What does the product offer? Bet Nation Sports Betting offers daily tips for many different sports from the obvious, such as football and horse racing to the more obscure such as cricket or tennis. The team behind Bet Nation Sports Betting say that it is ideal whether you are “a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner”.