2020 Racing Review

2020 Racing is a seemingly quite new horse racing tipster service which has been launched by an unnamed tipster. It has produced some very mixed results.

Introduction to 2020 Racing

You’ve already seen the name of this product, and if you are like me, you’ve found yourself thinking the same thing. What a crappy year to launch a tipster service. That is after all seemingly what has happened with this review. Everything for it goes back to the start of 2020 and before that… Well, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot (outside a claim that there has been 6 years of proofing). So, let’s be honest here, not the most auspicious of starts, eh?

But the fact of the matter is that all of that aside, 2020 Racing is a rather interesting looking service. In no small part, this is because the tipsters who are behind it all seem to view 2020 Racing as a whole, despite effectively being 4 different tipster services. This is evident in the fact that they state “Even in this disrupted year, we are nicely in profit on 3 of our 4 services”. This is all rather interesting to me, although, there does seem to be a very good reason for 2020 Racing to be packaged this way.

You see, whilst 3 out of 4 services may well be in the black, it would seem that they aren’t necessarily nearly enough in profit to make 2020 Racing seem like a particularly viable option. With that said, there is a lot to be said for the fact that things aren’t always necessarily how they seem. So, let’s dive into 2020 Racing and see if this is really worth it all.  

What Does 2020 Racing Offer?

Based off those initial comments from the 2020 Racing team, I am going to look at 2020 Racing as a whole. I fully intend to look at all of the services as one. After all, if you are going to use some elements to excuse others, all elements need to be looked at equally. At least, that is my opinion on the matter. And because of that, there is quite a lot to cover here.

First things first, I want to talk about what I would consider to be the core “2020 Racing” tipster service. This is a relatively straight forward backing service. Albeit a rather high volume one. All bets are advised as straight win bets, however, there can quite often be double digits in terms of the number of selections advised. For more context on this, at the least, it looks like you will get around 5 bets per day.

One of the things that does stand out to me is that fact that this is a service that very clearly favours longer odds. A look at the proofing shows bets with BSP odds that are often into double figures and rarely below 5.0. This tracks with the core statement behind 2020 Racing (which is a topic I will come to soon).

Another consideration for this core element of 2020 Racing is the staking plan. Because it can get pricey. The average stakes (according to Racing Index who proof the service) are 13.33 points, however, that isn’t necessarily wholly representative of the bigger picture. All bets are advised from £5 to £50 with these numbers being based around a £5,000 betting bank. This converts to around 3 points out a 1 point to 10 point staking range.

The next element of 2020 Racing that I want to talk about is the “Higher Strike Rate” service or HSR. This is also a backing system however, it aims to produce a higher strike rate (as you would expect from the name). This does however also come with its own set of rules.

Given that the aim is to attain a higher strike rate, you would probably expect to see a much more selective service. You would be right. Compared to the core backing service of 2020 Racing, the HSR often goes a few days without advising a bet. And when there is a selection there are rarely more than one per day.

The HSR service also has its own staking plan. This involves having a betting bank of just 50 points with bets typically advised to be backed to either 1 or 2 points. Given that this “Higher Strike Rate” service hits around 35%, there is still some considerable risk to all of this. With that said, it looks like 2020 Racing hasn’t encountered any particularly long losing streaks so in theory it is all manageable.

As you would probably expect from a service which focuses on strike rate though, there are much lower odds involved. Whilst there has been the odd winner at odds of 10.0 and 13.5, these are very much anomalous with most selections having a BSP of less than 5.0.

Finally, we come to two different lay betting tipster services. And this is one of the more interesting elements of 2020 Racing. The first of these is referred to as the “240 lays” service. We are told that this focuses exclusively on laying horses for flat races.

Interestingly, you may end up laying double stakes on some bets because of the systems that are involved. We are told by the 2020 Racing team that this has a strike rate of around 90% based off laying some 1,400 horses. A look at the proofing on Racing Index is roughly in line with this showing a strike rate of 92.23% at the time of writing.

Alternatively, there is a “360 lays” package which is based off laying both flat and national hunt races. This uses just one system so there is no doubling of stakes, however, it does have a substantially high volume of bets.

2020 Racing claim that there are around 2200 horses layed over the course of the year with a strike rate supposedly coming in at around 90% again. As with the 2020 Racing 240 lays system, the proofing on Racing Index is in line with this showing a strike rate of 93.01%.  

How Does 2020 Racing Work?

One of the most frustrating elements of 2020 Racing is how it all works. Because honestly, we aren’t really told a whole lot here. There is of course the allusion to the fact that the lay betting systems both have some kind of systems in place, but what they actually entail… Well, your guess would be as good as mine frankly.

In terms of the core system, things are slightly more transparent. We are told that the returns for 2020 Racing are possible because the team behind the service look for “a good PRICE”. Or in other words, there is a strong element of value behind everything. This is backed up by a claim that 2020 Racing is in fact, “the home of VALUE”.

We are also told that there is a piece of software which identifies the day’s selections. This “tried and tested selection method” has two distinct parts. We are told that firstly, it analyses each race to “establish its suitability as a betting contest”. From here, we are told that the second part identifies horses that should provide good value.

What metrics or algorithms does this software use? Once again, you are very much on your own here. There is a distinctive lack of information on how any of 2020 Racing actually works throughout.

What we are told however is that if you want to make the most out of the service, you need to employ the 2020 Racing team’s PDQ approach. This stands for “Patience, Discipline and Quality”. We are told that without each of these attributes your chances of profiting from betting are minimal.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is a lot on offer with 2020 Racing, and probably not surprisingly, all of this starts to add up in terms of the cost. I will be running through the pricing in the same order as I talked about the services in my review.

Firstly, you have the 2020 Racing “full service”. Now the numbers are high here, but they do provide you with access to everything. None the less, they are still very expensive. For example, if you wanted to sign up to 2020 Racing on a monthly basis, you would be expected to pay an eyewatering £94.95. There is marginally better value in signing up on a quarterly basis at a cost of £199.95.

The value goes up even more at a 6 month subscription which is priced at £299.95 and finally, the best value for the “full service” element of 2020 Racing is an annual subscription. At an outlay of £499.95, this is still a long way from inexpensive.

Individually, the monthly backing service is priced at £39.95 per month, whilst the HSR system is priced at just £14.95 per month. Unfortunately, these are the only options if you are looking at signing up for the backing services.

If you wanted to sign up to the lay packages, the 240 Lays service is priced at £29.95 per month. The 360 Lays per month is somewhat more expensive at £19.95 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up to them both for £65.96 per month or £144.95 per quarter.

It is worth noting that none of these options come with any sort of money back guarantee and payment for them is handled directly via PayPal. As such, you should be very certain when you are purchasing any of the packages that the 2020 Racing team offer.

What is the Rate of Return?

At last, it is time to address the statement of how 2020 Racing “are nicely in profit on 3 of our 4 service”. Let’s start with the monthly backing service. Racing Index record a loss of 478.12 points to BSP (1,326.22 points to SP). However, a more accurate reflection of this number would be some 95.62 points. That is still a hell of a lot to be down, don’t get me wrong.

Elsewhere, the HSR service is at a profit of 38.61 points to BSP. This doesn’t look too bad, however, it is over a relatively long space of time. The 360 Lays service is up a very strong 109.57 points which honestly, is much more in line with what I would expect. Finally, the 240 Lays service is at a profit of 72.35 points which is in line with the predictions about the two services.  

Conclusion for 2020 Racing

2020 Racing is a bit of a roller-coaster really. Some elements of it are incredibly impressive, others are… Well, they’re much less so. And that makes it rather difficult to know how to judge it. First of all, let’s talk about arguably the biggest positive. Across the board, 2020 Racing is undoubtedly in profit. That is a good thing.

The problems come when you try to justify those profits. If you were following all of the services, you’d be looking at 124.91 points of profit since January. Taking out 2 months for Coronavirus, this means just shy of 25 points per month. Still not a bad little profit. However, if you are following the staking advice and setting up your betting bank right, you’d be looking at a lot of money to get going.

And on top of this, you’d be paying a premium. 5 months at £95 per month means that if you’d need to be staking at £4 per point on each system just to break even. For my money, that isn’t necessarily what I would call value for money. Especially when you try to scale it up across all the bets you will be placing etc. But that isn’t the whole picture. Because the beauty of 2020 Racing is that it is flexible.

To me though, by far and away the best options from 2020 Racing are the laying services. These have a combined profit of 181.92 points over the 5 months. Significantly more than if you were following all services. That option comes in at 36.38 points per month and a cost of just shy of £66. Much better looking I’m sure we can all agree.

The only thing that is worth keeping in mind here is that because you are placing lay bets, there is a chance that you can lose a lot of money. Something that happened with 240 Lays which started lock-down at almost 35 points in the red. This was off the back of losing 60 points in just 2 days. This level of risk is something that is rather frustratingly skipped over by the team behind 2020 Racing.

Now the negatives. To me, it is quite clear that as a whole package 2020 Racing isn’t something I would consider to be viable. The main backing system ensures this with liabilities of potentially £155 per day (which was off 12 bets) . That is a hell of a lot of money, and it has been demonstrated how this can impact the overall profits.

The lay betting services of course look much better, but even there you have to be very aware of the work that is involved. Across 360 Lays and 240 Lays, there have been over 800 bets since the start of the year. That is a lot to keep up with. Some people will be happy with this of course, but it is definitely something to consider when you are looking at the wider service.

So, on the whole, would I recommend 2020 Racing? I don’t necessarily think that I would, if I’m honest. The fact of the matter is that if you are looking at it across the board, this is a very expensive tipster service. Not just in terms of the costs, but the betting bank required, your potential draw-down at a given time, and of course, the time you have to put in.

But what about the lay bets? Are they a more attractive proposition? Honestly, if I were in the market for a lay betting tipster service, I think you cold do worse than 2020 Racing. It isn’t perfect, but there also appears to be some decent money to be made if you are willing to put the time in (something that honestly, however you choose to consider 2020 Racing is one of the key considerations).

Here’s the thing. I’ve always said that following a tipster service isn’t simply a way of earning easy money. It can take time and effort and a lot more work than some people realise. Never has this been more apparent to me than looking at 2020 Racing in all of its glory.


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