23 Percent Method Review

23 Percent Method is a new lay betting tipster service which is being sold by Matt Crawshaw. He claims that the service will allow for consistent building of a betting bank.

Introduction to the 23 Percent Method

Lay betting is a bit of a unique arena and honestly, I feel like I have seen the number of tipster services who are offering this type of bet has declined over the last 12 months or so. This isn’t because there isn’t any money in lay betting. Far from it in fact, but I think that the general public have come to understand that actually it is perhaps a little more nuanced than some of the tipsters on the market were making it seem.

None the less, nothing dies forever and in 23 Percent Method, we are being offered a brand new lay betting tipster service that claims to make some phenomenal returns. In fact, what Matt Crashaw is talking about has the potential for incredible amounts of money, certainly more than the £5,100 that is mentioned in the headline.

What Does 23 Percent Method Offer?

One of the things that immediately stands out to me about 23 Percent Method is how much Matt Crashaw talks about aims and should dos. I will get to this a little later, but for now, it is important to keep that in mind. In terms of what you are getting, 23 Percent Method is a very typical daily tipster service. Logistically, this means selections being sent out each day, directly via email.

These are usually sent out before 11am and are rather basic if I am honest. Don’t get me wrong, there is enough information, but there could be a lot more than there is.

23-percent-method-reviewIn terms of the bets, as mentioned already, they are exclusively lay bets. This means that you will require an account through a betting exchange. Matt Crashaw talks about how he personally uses Betfair but there is also mention of Smarkets being used. One of the things that does stand out for me is the way Matt Crashaw talks about his bets. There will be no more than five selections on a given day. These are on varied odds however the largest odds that will be advised will be “around 10.0”.

In terms of the staking plan that is in place for 23 Percent Method, this is relatively straight forward. Matt Crashaw essentially recommends staking a percentage of your bank each day. This can mean quite large stakes on a long enough timeline, presuming that you are able to get there of course.

Honestly, I am a little bit wary about this kind of approach though. When carefully managed, it can set a service up for huge amounts of profit. When it is badly managed, it can be devastating and I see little that suggests that 23 Percent Method is genuinely capable of the former.

In terms of the strike rate, there is nothing mentioned which makes sense in some respects. 23 Percent Method is after all looking toward the next 19 weeks. What is disappointing however is that Matt Crashaw claims that he has been using this strategy for some time. With that in mind, I can see no reason why we couldn’t be given some past results as an indicator for the future.

How Does 23 Percent Method Work?

One of the things that really stands out at me as missing when it comes to 23 Percent Method is information about the selection process. Matt Crashaw says that he has been a bettor for money years and a very profitable one at that. Supposedly, these have all resulted in his accounts being closed by bookies slowly but surely, right up to the point where he exclusively uses Betfair.

This leads to a few questions for me about how this strategy has really come about. For accounts to be closed through a bookie, you would typically be betting to win. Now I can understand moving a winning strategy to Betfair, and I can even see how this could leave to a lay betting strategy being developed. This is however a very big jump for me. Combine this with no information on a strategy and I think that it is quite reasonable to be sceptical here.

What is the Initial Investment?

I have to hold my hands up here and say that when I first looked at 23 Percent Method, I didn’t pay too much attention to the pricing. As I recall, it was very inexpensive with £30 sounding very familiar. What is interesting to note is that since then, Matt Crashaw has temporarily suspended new subscribers to 23 Percent Method. It is worth keeping in mind however that the sales material is already talking about more places becoming available.

For my money, this is a rather auspicious start to 23 Percent Method (which technically hasn’t started yet) and certainly doesn’t bode well for the future.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main selling point for 23 Percent Method is that by starting with just £100, you can be at £5,100 in 19 weeks. This is based off increasing your betting bank by 23% each week.

This is what Matt Crashaw refers to in the marketing material. There is however a small note a little further down about how easily this can scale. For example, Matt Crashaw invites us to consider, you could start again with 23 Percent Method using £1,000 and make £51,000 on your next run. In fact, he implies that the only thing stopping you from betting bigger amounts “is having the bottle to place the bets”.

Conclusion to the 23 Percent Method

I am more than happy to admit that on the surface o things, 23 Percent Method looks like a sure thing.

In fact, I can think of little reason why you wouldn’t want to buy into the system. 23% returns on a weekly basis is a very strong result although it is worth pointing out that this is effectively just 3 wins to 1 point bets. Naturally this does add up, however it is very much reliant on consistent wins. It is always important to keep in mind that when it comes to lay betting your liability is much more important than your stakes.

A loss of even 3 points can throw off the whole of 23 Percent Method and with no published strike rate or proofing, this is a problem. You see, even with particularly good quality lay betting tipster services, 80-85% is about right. This means that statistically, 1 in 5 bets will still lose. This means that every other week you will not be making the 23% up.

So how is it that 23 Percent Method sounds so reasonable but is actually quite demonstrably questionable in terms of quality? The short answer is that the service appears to have come from an internet marketer rather than any genuine or legitimate tipster. In fact, they have released a number of different tipster services this year, none of which have been particularly favourably received.

All of this means that 23 Percent Method is a complete no go. There is some slight and inadvertent advantage for punters in the fact that the service is temporarily unavailable. I can’t help but feel that in the long term, this will only ensure that fewer people will lose money following “Matt Crashaw’s” advice. The fact of the matter is this. Yes, lay betting can be profitable.

Yes, there are some genuinely decent tipsters are out there. 23 Percent Method doesn’t seem to be applicable to any of these categories however.

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From: Simon Roberts