2YO Service Review

2YO Service is a horse racing tipster service from Ken Emery, a tipster who has allegedly been backing this category for many years.

What does the product offer?

2YO Service is an email based tipster service that specialises in providing horse racing selections for races where the entrants are 2 years old. Creator Ken Emery claims to have been successfully betting in this category for a long time, something that is somewhat backed up by the results. Sports World Publishing who offer this service claim that in their 4 week test period 10 out of 13 tips were winners. Looking at the broader picture 2YO Service is claimed to have a achieved a 61% strike rate on winning bets and 87.5% on placed bets in the 2012 season (the last full year of results). Ken Emery says that users can expect an average of 15-20 bets per month.

How does the product work?

Presumably this operates based on Ken Emery’s knowledge of the sport. Unfortunately this is entirely speculative on my behalf as Sports World Publishing don’t provide any information about how 2YO Service’s selections are made.

What is the initial investment?

2YO Service isn’t cheap with a monthly subscription cost of £49 with the service operating from July to November. As is the case with most tipster services, 2YO Service doesn’t come with any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Between 22/5/2014 and 25/06.2014 2YO Service was able to generate a profit of £490.


2YO Service represents what I consider to be a pretty exciting proposition as a tipster service. The results are fantastic if you believe the proofing. This is where things become a little questionable to me. The proofing is handled directly through Sports World Publishing who tested 2YO Service for a month. This means that the results may not be reflective of overall performance. This combined with a very high subscription cost and stakes that can be as high as £100 a go makes for a bit of a risky option. A risk that personally I don’t believe to be worth it.



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From: Simon Roberts