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3D Printer Profits Review

3D Printer Profits is a training course by Sam Frlan that aims to teach you how to set up your own online business by using 3d printing.

What does the product offer?

3D Printer Profits is sold as a blueprint that teaches users how to use 3d printing in order to start their own online business. Creator Sam Frlan says that it is a simple process that is cheap and profitable. Further to this he says that 3D Printer Profits will teach you how to start up, even if you don’t have a 3d printer.

How does the product work?

3D Printer Profits appears to be reliant on producing certain tried and tested models with Sam Farln saying that he was able to make his first sales through phone covers. These would appear to be a staple of what you will be selling through 3D Printer Profits, presumably because there are a large number of designs available online.

What is the initial investment?

3D Printer Profits sells for $47 and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

Although this isn’t discussed in any real depth Sam Frlan says that he sells mobile phone covers for $19.99 with a production cost of around 40 cents. This means that there is potential to see quite high profits with adequate marketing.


3D printing is something that I have followed keenly for some time now and whilst there is some truth in what Sam Farln says, there is rather a lot that seems to be somewhat exaggerated. Although there is definitely money to be made at the moment using 3D printing, I don’t believe that 3D Printer Profits really offers enough to justify the cost of purchasing it. The fact is that the business model boils down to “make something with your 3D printer and sell it on Amazon and eBay”. That is something of an over simplification but the truth is it isn’t a million miles off.

Further to this I think that anybody who is really interested in 3D printing will already know what 3D Printer Profits teaches and for those who don’t there are vast communities offering support.



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From: Simon Roberts