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£40k Betting is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is being operated by James Hutton. He claims to be able to make some massive profits through his selections.

Introduction to £40k Betting

There are a lot of headlines for £40k Betting.

“Warning: This controversial website may be upsetting to a few misguided readers who’ve been deceived, mislead and sold betting systems that promise the world but deliver nothing. Listen up as this…


Finally… You Can Get The EXACT TIPS That I Use To Achieve Financial Freedom With No Effort At All…”

Are all plastered across the top of the page. That’s a lot to unpack, but there is definitely clear appeal there. Big profits, seemingly little risk involved. Let’s be honest, if you were looking for a tipster service and didn’t have a cynical nature, there would be a lot here that sounds appealing.

Of course, that is with design. The fact is that James Hutton has done a very good job of pulling you into his sales pitch, even before he has actually told you anything. If this translates to successful betting, then brilliant. But I think there are some very reasonable questions that can be asked of £40k Betting. Especially when you start to look at the bigger picture here.  

What Does £40k Betting Offer?

Now it is quite apparent from what I’ve mentioned so far here that you are dealing with a tipster service, and bluntly, it is a rather simple one at that. But there is still a lot of ground to cover here, in no small part down to the amount of time that James Hutton goes completely off topic and starts talking about his new Porsche that he’s supposedly ordered or his holiday in the Maldives.

Ultimately, what you are getting into with £40k Betting is a straightforward tipster service. Honestly, it isn’t really that different to the multitudes that I have looked at before now. There is just arguably more… Well, waffle that surrounds the sales pitch.

Now as you would probably expect from any modern tipster, James Hutton simply sends his selections out directly via email. This takes place on a daily basis (at least according to the sales material), however, from what I have seen it looks like there may actually be the odd day when there are no bets. Honestly, this is a welcome thing.

Now, sticking with the logistics, James Hutton says that he will typically send out tips before 11am. This number is quite vague and I don’t believe that it is a coincidence. Unfortunately, what I have seen of this tends to err towards bets being released towards the end of this timescale. This has a twofold impact on the ability of £40k Betting to function.

Firstly, there is the constant argument that if you work a 9-5, you’re going to struggle with this. The times that selections are typically sent out will likely exclude you from getting bets placed in a timely manner. But that is only one half of the argument.

The biggest problem with this in my book, stems from the fact that James Hutton doesn’t really give you a lot of time to get the best odds you can. Of course, an odds comparison site will help here, but it is well established that the best value comes from backing a horse as early as possible. And value is something that I personally see as being key to potentially making £40k Betting work.

You see, there are a lot of different types of bets that you can expect to see here. After all, James Hutton himself says that you need to be able to “bet on win, each way, doubles, trebles bets, etc on British racing” in order to take advantage of his selections. And inevitably, this variety of bets comes with a range of odds.

Now there aren’t any particularly long shots here. Whether or not that is down to design or simply the fact that you don’t necessarily get that chance to get the best odds isn’t something that I can rightfully say. What I can say though is you should expect to see a number of lower to middling odds here.

What you won’t see though are significant numbers of bets being advised. £40k Betting is pretty far from a selective low volume service, but nor does it involve unmanageable numbers in terms of your betting. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because one area that is a little concerning is James Hutton’s stakes.

This is one of those classic situations where you are told that “There is no maximum or minimum staking requirements… You can start from as little as £1 or bet as much as you like”. However, James Hutton also says that he will tell you how much to stake per bet “on a points basis”. This can start to add up as there are some pretty hefty stakes on certain bets.

In and of itself, this doesn’t have to be the end of the world. But you will note that by now, I haven’t talked about either the drawdown or a betting bank. This is because this honestly quite important information is simply glossed over by James Hutton. Those who want to know how much you need and what risk to expect from £40k Betting… Well, you’re on your own really.

Frankly, this is a pretty big problem for me. Because there is simply no information on what kind of strike rate you can expect, any sort of proofing, or in fact… Well, anything that really resembles evidence. The closest we actually come to this are some highly questionable “testimonials” that all makes the same claims of ridiculous levels of profit.

How Does £40k Betting Work?

All of this might mean something if there were any explanation of how exactly £40k Betting works. In fact, I’d take a vague description of this at this point. Because really, James Hutton doesn’t say a single iota of credible information about what his selection process entails. Only that it supposedly only works on UK horse racing.

Instead of tangible information, we are instead treated to one main angle of attack. That is James Hutton talking about how other services are there to rip you off. And he knows, because he’s bought those systems (supposedly). But he spent time “tweaking a brand new strategy that focuses on picking winning selections that produce consistant [sic] profits”.

This kind of statement just gets under my skin if I’m honest. OF COURSE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FOCUSING ON, YOU ARE RUNNING A TIPSTER SERVICE! I’d be bloody disappointed if a tipster weren’t focusing on picking winning selections with a view to consistent profits. But James Hutton does nothing to demonstrate that he is actually able to do this, nor offer anything that offers any professional integrity either.

And the fact is that with no proofing (despite a claim from James Hutton that he has been working on £40k Betting for the past 5 years and should have data), you can’t even get an idea of what to expect. Every single element of this involves taking somebody (a complete stranger in fact) at face value. And I rarely recommend that when they are asking for your money.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option available for those who want to subscribe to £40k Betting and frankly, it isn’t cheap. Or it is, depending on how you choose to look at it. What you are being asked to pay is £120 which is a very substantial amount of outlay. However, James Hutton is much keener to get you to think of this as paying just £10 per month.

It is worth noting that there is a money back guarantee in place for £40k Betting, however, at just 30 days this isn’t particularly substantial. It is however provided through Clickbank though which means that whilst you shouldn’t have too much trouble claiming this. You should however keep in mind that if you often claim refunds you may struggle here.

What is the Rate of Return?

As the name of the service suggests, the income potential for £40k Betting is based around a figure of making £40,000 in a year. More specifically, as mentioned in the headlines, James Hutton is claiming that you can “easily make £41,077.84 in just 12 months”. What is interesting about this claim is the fact that there isn’t really any context provided for how this amounts has been attained.

The fact is that without information on how much has been staked, what does that figure of £41,077.84 mean? It’s all a little vague. The same can be said for the “testimonials” for £40k Betting which range from being £872.98 in profit within a week all the way up to £9,452 in 3 months. Again, there is that lack of staking that would provide context for these results.

Conclusion for £40k Betting

I’ll be honest here and say that there’s rather a lot about £40k Betting that I find to be just a little bit concerning. One of the first things that I look at when I find a new tipster service that potentially warrants a serious look is how does everything add up? This means, for example, is there a way that you can look at the numbers and see how a profit has been achieved? And when this can be done, are those numbers within the realm of possibility?

In the case of £40k Betting, this is all, rather unfortunately a resounding no. But that is far from the only problem that I have with this service. Let’s just cast our eyes to what evidence, if any James Hutton provides backing up his claims. Well, there’s a rather questionable screenshot of a betting account with Betfair that shows £41,077.84 in it. That’s not really a lot…

On top of this, you miss out on any real explanation of how the service works or what the selection process entails. I don’t expect any tipster to give me a step by step and a play by play of what their selection process is. What I don’t think is unreasonable though is for a tipster to at least demonstrate that there is some kind of system there.

Here’s the thing, I’ve developed a new betting system over the last 5 years. It’s been really profitable for me and it’s the best strategy I’ve ever seen. Much better than the tipster services I’ve looked at in the past. Of course, I haven’t. But it’s that easy to just say these things. What matters is backing them up. Which of course, James Hutton doesn’t do with £40k Betting.

So, all of that is pretty concerning straight from the get go. As, if I’m really blunt, is the fact that you are being asked to sign up to £40k Betting for a full year. Now this ties into probably the single largest problem that I have with this, and it is something that most people won’t really know about.

You see, the vendor who is selling £40k Betting is well known to me. And this isn’t really for positive reasons. They have put out a lot of different tipster services and to the best of my knowledge, none of them are around anymore. That doesn’t really bode particularly well here. The big difference stems from the fact that “James Hutton” is asking £120 up front.

Look, I could be wrong here. But I’m pretty confident I’m not. The unfortunate truth is that when I look at £40k Betting I see a tipster service that is fraught with problems. From a distinctive lack of evidence, to claims that don’t add up, and the point that I just discussed. It isn’t even like you really get a lot of time to try things out. In fact, I would say 30 days is just long enough to try and convince people to stay signed up past this period.

So, with all of that in mind, I just don’t think I can bring myself to recommend £40k Betting. Even in the best light, I see this as just… Well, it just all seems to be a bit questionable to me. With that in mind, I don’t think I can bring myself to recommend it.

The fact is that even if this were just £30, I’d still be saying that you should probably stay clear. But at £120? With just a 30 day money back guarantee? That’s just a massive no go for my money. The fact is that there is some risk when you look at any tipster service. But when the risk is with the service itself, before you’ve even started betting, that’s a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.  


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