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44 Day Millionaire Review

44 Day MillThe 44 Day Millionaire Reviewionaire is a Bitcoin trading system that the seller, Daniel Sawyer, claims is able to trade Bitcoins based on their value compared to traditional commodities.

What does the product offer?

44 Day Millionaire uses a special piece of software that has been developed by Daniel Sawyer’s claimed friend, “Tyler”. A hotshot trader for HSBC based at their headquarters in London. The software says that it is able to trade bitcoins with a 99.99% accuracy rate in terms of profit generation. In order to gain access to 44 Day Millionaire you must place a deposit through Daniel Sawyer’s chosen broker, Vault Options.

How does the product work?

There isn’t really all that much information available in terms of how 44 Day Millionaire works. This is typical for this kind of product though. The only snippet of information made available is the statement that 44 Day Millionaire trades based off the value of Bitcoins compared to more traditional stocks and commodities such as gold and silver.

What is the initial investment?

Although Daniel Sawyer advertises 44 Day Millionaire as free you must (as mentioned above) make a deposit with his approved broker, Vault Options. Although the minimum deposit isn’t mentioned (and I certainly don’t plan to deposit anything to find out) it is likely to be around $250.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return for 44 Day Millionaire is very much in the name. Daniel Sawyer claims that within 44 days he had personally made $1,013,674. The testimonials also mention making as much as $1910 in a single day.


44 Day Millionaire is part of an ongoing trend of products that utilise binary trading brokers to earn commission for the creators. The template is almost always identical and involves a mysterious benefactor (in this case Daniel Sawyer’s old college friend) coming to them with a piece of miracle software that beats the bank every time. They are given the software and their lives are changed for the better and now they are passing it on you for free because they want to feel good.

All you have to do is make a deposit with the only broker that they trust (which is likely to be the one offering the highest commissions). What then as a tendency to happen is that the system creator gets a percentage of your deposit or a flat commission rate and you receive software that they have usually obtained elsewhere for free or at a low price which they pass on to you “for free”. I do not recommend these products in any way shape or form and would recommend giving 44 Day Millionaire a pretty wide berth.



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Comments (2)

All hype in my opinion. Didn’t you all read about the bitcoin issues? Now that loads have been stolen it has seriously devalued anything to do with bitcoins.

I certain would not invest in bitcoins anymore, so why should anybody else??

All this millionaire stuff is hype. It may have been completed once by one, or two people, but I would not invest in this, I just would not trust the currency anymore.


I think OZ Robot better than 44 Day Millionaire. First time, I used 44 Day Millionaire. 44 Day Millionaire seems to be very critical and many times give fake signals to me.

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From: Simon Roberts