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5 Figure Days Review

5 Figure Days is an internet marketing product developed by Bryan Winters that claims to be able to show users how to generate huge amounts of free traffic to your website.

What does the product offer?

5 Figure Days claims to be able to offer users a free traffic stream that according to creator Bryan Winters got him 123,551 members to his website for entirely free. All of this is handled through a members area which contains what initially looks to be a large amount of content however this isn’t entirely true. The fact is that most of this contains upsells for additional products relating to 5 Figure Days with the majority of videos being “success stories” and the like. As well as the core product (which I shall explore below), 5 Figure Days comes with a number of additional traffic building resources (both free and paid), namely in the shape of a few PDF documents that simply list websites. There is also an option to earn commission through people signing up.

How does the product work?

When you sign up for 5 Figure Days, Bryan Winters gives you a free “website” that is designed to help you to get viral traffic for your own list. The website itself isn’t really much more than a squeeze page for 5 Figure Days “free offer”. When someone puts their email address in then they are automatically added to your list. This also cascades down so that when anybody who signed up with you gets somebody to sign up, that person is also added to your list. If they then go on to buy the product, then you will also get an affiliate commission.

What is the initial investment?

Initial access to 5 Figure Days is available for just $1 which provides you with a 30 day trial. 5 Figure Days then becomes subscription based with two options available. The first of these costs  $27 per month which is the “5 Website Special” with the second option costing $97 per month for the “Premium” option. The key difference between the two is that the Premium Membership option comes with a new “website” per month for you to use to collect emails. Both options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as they are sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return and given the fact that 5 Figure Days is based around (realistically) list building, it becomes something of a difficulty to judge. Realistically, I would say that if Bryan Winters can deliver in boosting your list as much as is said, then you should ultimately see an increase in profits.


Personally, I feel that there is very limited scope in 5 Figure Days. Whilst I feel that there is definite potential for 5 Figure Days to work, I have two huge concerns. Firstly I am not entirely certain if it will attract the kind of subscriber that users are looking for (i.e. they may not actually be interested in your products outside of 5 Figure Days), secondly is the fact that you aren’t really selling anything that will make you as a business owner any real money. In fact, most of what Bryan Winters discusses is just a perpetual ad machine for 5 Figure Days and his other products and I don’t see how this is worth anywhere near the asking price that is in place.



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From: Simon Roberts