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5% of a Million System is a new product from David Wallace and Streetwise News that claims to be able to teach you how to start an international brokerage business.

What does the product offer?

According to David Wallace, the idea for 5% of a Million System came to hum after hearing about how an arms broker made £20 million setting up a deal selling British arms to South Africa. A friend then allegedly talked about commissions that various agents he knew of would make selling a million pound villa and a multi million pound yacht.

With this in mind, 5% of a Million System was born. Through 5% of a Million System, David Wallace claims that he will share with you the same techniques that he now manages to make having allegedly set himself up as an international broker for a variety of different goods.

This includes things like the best niches, where to find buyers for products and email and letter templates for garnering prospective clients. Finally, you become part of a 5% of a Million System “network” that will share contacts etc.

How does 5% of a Million System work?

I am by no means an expert on international brokerage however what David Wallace proposes in 5% of a Million System is that you find people with something to sell and then find people looking to buy it The focus is on very high value goods and does (as mentioned) cover a massive variety of different products. You as a middleman will profit when a deal goes ahead by taking a cut of the payment.

What is the initial investment?

Access to 5% of a Million System is currently being sold £59 which is claimed to be a huge discount on the usual cost of £127.

Payment is handled directly via Streetwise News and there is also a 35 day “full refund – no hassles, no questions asked” money back guarantee should you find that you are unhappy with 5% of a Million System.

What is the rate of return?

According to David Wallace, you can “easily make £250,000 in a year” and that there is scope to improve on this if you have a good year. He also talks about how individual deals can earn you anywhere from £20,000 all the way up to £100,000.

Conclusion on 5% of a Million System

In all products there is a kernel of truth however in 5% of a Million System, this is mostly that such an industry exists. The reality of the situation is that whilst you may find that you are able to broker the odd deal of the magnitude that David Wallace suggests, I can see no real evidence that this will be frequent enough to make money.

More realistically, I can imagine that at best, 5% of a Million System customers will be reduced to the occasional small commission.

If you are really keen to make a move into this kind of industry then I suppose that 5% of a Million System is an option however I don’t see it being an opportunity to just pick up and run in your spare time as David Wallace claims.



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