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£500 Every Week Trading Review

£500 Every Week is a guide created by a marketer going only by the name Iain that offers a number of different betting systems for both horse racing and football.

What does the product offer?

£500 Every Week is not actually one system but four, each of which creator Iain claims that he personally uses on a regular basis. The systems that £500 Every Week use are based around football and horse racing (by far the two most popular betting markets) and are made up of a combination of in play betting and traditional bets. As a result of this an account will be required through a betting exchange with Iain saying that all four systems have been used through Betfair. The systems that £500 Every Week uses are claimed to be fully flexible and can easily be employed by anybody from a complete newbie to experienced bettors. Iain claims that on average each system has a strike rate of between 90 and 95%.

How does the product work?

Each of the four systems that £500 Every Week uses a different approach to betting and through the right combinations you can really widen the selections that you get access to. As it isn’t reasonable to disclose any of the systems I avoid going into detail but included in £500 Every Week there is a system based around in play games which is focussed on football, a system that has been designed for use with any sport and a system that can be used at any time.

What is the initial investment?

Despite being advertised at a rate of £35 on the website, £500 Every Week actually sells for £23.96 which is a one off cost. Furthermore, because Iain sells it through Clickbank, £500 Every Week comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Realistically the rate of return is in the name of £500 Every Week. To be more specific about things, this number is based on a claim by Iain that you can earn between £400 and £600 per week. What is clearly stated is that £500 Every Week isn’t going to instantly make you rich, nor is it going to make you a millionaire. Instead the focus is on a sustainable income.


I’m not entirely sure that £500 Every Week will have quite the strike rate that it claims unless you are being ultra conservative but from what I have seen there is some merit to the systems that it uses. Obviously the real draw is the price with £500 Every Week costing essentially £6 per system which isn’t a lot to make up. Personally, I’m not sure if £500 Every Week doesn’t spread itself a little thin as a product as none of the systems have really jumped out and made me go “Wow”. For example, without going into too much detail one system is based around a well known principle of betting on draws, hardly inspiring things. I would also liked to have some proofing (which is conspicuous in its absence) however less than £25, 60 day money back guarantee, there isn’t much that can go far wrong in seeing if the methods contained within are for you or not. I would advise that you avoid this one.

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From: Simon Roberts