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The £50,000 a Year System is a horse racing betting system offered by John Harrison of Streetwise News. The system was developed by an ex supermarket employee “George”.

What does the product offer?

£50,000 a Year System is an offering by John Harrison and Streetwise News that claims to hold the secret to a guaranteed wins on horse racing, using just an hour or two per day. The system comes with training from the creator, George as well as a “secret” piece of paper that George uses to make his fortune.

How does the product work?

Although not discussed in any real detail £50,000 a Year System appears to use some kind of formula although this is speculative as John Harrison divulges nothing about the system including win rates, proofed results etc. This is all rather worrying and on a personal level sets alarm bells ringing.

What is the initial investment?

At £247, £50,000 a Year System is one of the most expensive horse racing systems I have ever looked at, especially given the lack of any results or proofing or even basic information about George’s system. As this is a Streetwise News product there is no money back guarantee which only compounds the issue for me.

What is the rate of return?

The alleged rate of return is in the title. John Harrison says that £50,000 a Year System will earn you £50,000 per year tax free from a betting bank of just £500.


Information is key to any purchase, especially expensive ones. £50,000 a Year System is expensive but provides no information and I find this off putting. John Harrison and George refer to it as having unlimited wishes but with no evidence this can only be put down as marketing spiel. I also disagree entirely with the lack of money back guarantee. I accept that some people may take advantage but if you are confident in a product there shouldn’t be any reason to not offer this, especially at such an astronomical amount.

Personally £50,000 a Year System is not for me at all. There are a number of other methods that work as well and offer plenty more reassurance than John Harrison does.



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Comments (12)

Please let me know more about George showing his Horse Race Betting system.

I would love to earn £50K per year for an hour or so per day input.

I do not know how to use or place bets on the Internet so I shall require so help if I am going to use George’s system.

Kind regards,

Alan McDonald.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Alan,

The review stated our opinion on this, but one method our own members have had very good success with is the following:


Which makes £50 per day, and is a full detailed product for use even if you have never done this type of thing before, everything is explained.

Kind Regards


I have purchased this system and I am shocked that I spent £247 on this rubbish from Streetwisenews. It doesn’t even tell you which horses to back, it just suggests backing favourites or following the tipster of your choice. The staking method is basically you plan to win a target amount over 4 or 6 races, and if you get a loser you just use the next race to recover your losses and win the target amount. You keep going until you’ve won your target profit for the day and then stop until tomorrow. Of course it’s only a matter of time before you get wiped out by a losing run.

I’ve purchased many systems over the years and this one is the most expensive and least intelligent. Do not buy

I have purchased this and I agree with all that Lanky Streak has said. After a number of negative emails to Julia Briscoe at Streetwise I decided to ask for my money back. Although it has been noted that no money back guarantee was given with this system I feel it might come under the law on distance selling and as such they must return it. However, if distance selling regulations do not apply and Streetwise refuse me I shall buy a website and publish the whole of the book’s so-called secrets; I’ll keep you updated as to progress. So, as they say: watch this space!

Well done lads, for a moment there i thought i must be stupid, because i could not make any sense of the system. I too try to communicate with Julia Briscoe for the pastt two to three weeks but has been fobbed off. Please lets have more info about the distance selling, I will keep watching….

I asked Streetwisenews if they were exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations and they replied that they weren’t. These regulations require you to contact the seller within 14 days of receiving the item and tell them that you’re rejecting the goods. You then have a further 14 days from that point to return the goods to the seller. They must then give you a refund within 14 days of receiving them.

I did exactly this with the £50k a Year system. I sent the book back to Streetwisenews by Recorded Delivery so it was tracked, and I have now received a refund of my £247.

Sorry to be late getting back with a result, been on holiday. Lanky Streak beat me to it. It’s as he says and it worked for me. I feel it might be out of the time limit for you Bewlidered, but don’t lose heart. I have heard from somebody else who they tried to fob off. However, he kept pressing the issue and eventually was rewarded for his efforts with a credit note to the value of £247 to be used against other Streetwise items.

Not exactly the outcome he wanted, but it’s something. Who knows, somebody, looking to buy an item from Streetwise, might be prepared to buy the credit note for a percentage of its value. I understand the note was issued in the person’s name, but there are ways of getting around this, if you get my drift?

Furthermore, once a small band of us know how to contact each other it could open the way to save hugely on future book, manual, course sales. If, once again, you get my drift.


Richard DeHavillande

Received a letter from Streetwise today and it seems to be a rehash of this system. Now it is a chap called Roy who has `a little stubby pencil and a sheet of paper’ which he uses to make £903 a week (£47k per year). They now call it System 903 and want £222 for it.

Im just amazed that anyone would send Stretwise Publications money to begin with! It beggers belief. Anything they send me goes straight to the bin! I don’t unsubscribe as its costing them money mailing me!

Thank all you for the heads up, looks like you just saved me wasting £220 which is the price on the sales letter I got today!

Another sc*m from Harrison. How does he keep getting away with it? I don’t unsubscribe either so that they waste money mailing me. On the other hand it is quite interesting keeping up to date with the current sc*ms on the internet just to remind me what to avoid. david blenkinship, leyland, lancs.

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