57 Wealth Hacks Review

57 Wealth Hacks is a new product from Glenn Fisher and Agora Lifestyles in which he claims to show users 57 different ways of acquiring wealth.

What does the product offer?

According to the headline of the sales page for 57 Wealth Hacks, users can expect to get “the fifty-seven most practical and reliable ways to increase your income”. This was a claim that I was initially very cynical of having looked at a number of products which claim to offer a similar sort of set up however as I will explore I have actually been pleasantly surprised.

In terms of content, 57 Wealth Hacks is pretty much what it says on the tin (although the use of the word “hacks” is just slighty lazy copy) with the book suggesting a huge number of ways that you can make extra money, make your money go further and save money in a variety of different ways.

Some of the methods that 57 Wealth Hacks looks at can be implemented instantly and with no real investment whilst others will require you to have some funds to invest.

How does the product work?

There are so many ways of making money in 57 Wealth Hacks that to list them all would be difficult and unfair to Glenn Fisher however I will look at some of the more obvious examples that are listed.

These include things like using cashback websites on your purchases to scouring car boots looking for things that you can profit from by reselling on eBay. There are also rough guides to more modern methods of making safe money such as exploiting matched betting as well as using Fiverr.

What is the initial investment?

As 57 Wealth Hacks is an Agora Lifestyles product you could be forgiven for thinking that it would be an expensive affair. Instead, Glenn Fisher is offering 57 Wealth Hacks for a one time cost of just £20. On top of this, it comes with a seemingly unprecedented 365 day money back guarantee.

This generosity is however mostly down to the fact that this is a platform to encourage you to buy more expensive products from Glenn Fisher.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for 57 Wealth Hacks talks rather extensively about making hundreds of pounds from the various methods however I don’t really believe that this is a genuinely viable figure. That having been said, I can see how you can make a little extra money with some of the methods that 57 Wealth Hacks shows you.


There are a large number of products on the market that claim to help you to make money however 57 Wealth Hacks is one of the few practical guides that I have looked at. The pricing isn’t bad and the content is generally of a decent standard however there is one problem that I have with it which is namely that there is bags of similar information available elsewhere online for free through sites like Money Saving Expert.

This begs the question of why you would spend £20 for the information.



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Another example of great copywriting. It is being overpromoted by More Money Review and other Agora related services. If Glenn is so successful living a life of luxury, why is he writing copy for Agora instead of using his own tips for for freedom from the daily grind? The copy writing skills are really well honed…makes me immediately supicious.

i get sent things by agora almost every day. As the above person responded. If they know of that many schemes that make thousands every month why are they stuck in an office all day. would anybody be stuck in an office all day if they knew how to make that kind of money?

i get sent things from agora almost every day all promising to make me thousands every month. as the above person replied if they know of that many ways to make thousands every month why are they stuck in an office all day. would anyone be stuck in an office all day if they knew how to make that kind of money every month. would they not have better things to do with there time.

I like Glenn Fisher.He taught me how to make a website.It was called five steps to online success.I must admit that i am not a fast learner,and the course cost me around £100 but i think that it was money well spent.It was quite cheap considdering you could pay a lot of money for the same information.The other thing was that he did a lot of videos on the same things . I realise that you can learn how to make a website free but when he teaqches its easy on the ear and very clear and undertstandable.Some of those free sites confuse with loads of seo stuff.I am now making a good living from Internet Marketing.

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