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5K Betting System is a brand new sports betting tipster service which is operated by Benjamin “Ben” Cross. He claims that he can make all of his subscribers quite a substantial amount of money.  

Introduction to 5K Betting System

Wouldn’t it be great if you could guarantee making a certain amount of money in a certain time scale? For example, how great would it feel to know that you were going to make £5,000 by May. That’s a decent chunk of money for anybody. Could be a holiday, paying off your car, or a shopping spree for yourself.

Of course, all of this is just pipeline dreaming right? Not if you believe Ben Cross who claims that this is pretty much what he is offering you with 5K Betting System. As such, you’d be a fool to turn that down. Except, that kind of statement is very much dependent on whether or not these claims can actually be delivered.

Here’s the thing. If every tipster that made these kinds of claims could deliver on these promises, I can say with some confidence that whilst I’d probably still be doing this. It would be from my own private villa somewhere along the South Coast of France. But instead, I’m writing this in good old gloomy Blighty. So, are Ben Cross and 5K Betting System the ones that can finally follow through? Let’s have a look and see.

What Does 5K Betting System Offer?

There is no denying that the premise of 5K Betting System sounds like a good one. I would even go as far as to say that unlike some tipsters that I have looked at before that have similar goals, there is a realistic looking plan in place. These things mean that there is a lot of early promise to 5K Betting System that might be missing from its contemporaries.

What does this mean for you if you subscribe though? The short answer is that you are really getting access to a pretty straight forward tipster service. In something of a rarity for a football based tipster service, Ben Cross is able to provide selections on a near daily basis. He acknowledges that there will be the odd game that is missed, however, backing 6 different leagues provides a steady stream.

These selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email, as you would expect. Rather frustratingly though, they can be sent anywhere from the evening before kick off to the morning of. In and of itself, this isn’t a problem I suppose. However, it does make it difficult for those who are simply looking for a second income stream.

In terms of the content of the emails. Unfortunately, you may find it a touch lacking. Don’t get me wrong. You get all of the information from 5K Betting System that you need to place a bet. However, given that Ben Cross says himself that you simply need to be able to place bets on the over 2.5 goals market in the sales material, you shouldn’t be expecting recommended odds/bookmakers.

This means that if you are going to get the most out of Ben Cross’s advice, then you should be looking at something along the lines of Oddschecker. And the fact is that if you are going to follow something like 5K Betting System, then you really do want to be getting the most out of your bets.

I feel like this particularly applies here because of the fact that a compounded staking plan is used. More specifically, Ben Cross says that you should aim to bet 5% of your betting bank on each bet. It stands to reason that if you are compounding and getting the best odds, you can grow your bank that much quicker. And when you are advised to start with a bank of just £100 or £200, that is very important.

It is worth keeping in mind however that you can also supposedly follow this to level stakes of 1 point per bet. Doing so does mean though that you are realistically going to miss that 5K target by a massive margin, which ultimately, misses the point of the service.

Returning to the bets themselves, as I’ve mentioned already there is just one market that is backed. That is exclusively those aforementioned over 2.5 goals. Now in theory, this isn’t a bad thing. Getting value odds when it comes to betting on football is a difficult thing to do, and anything Ben Cross can do to boost that value will only bode well for 5K Betting System.

With that said, the odds that you will be getting are still not particularly great. A look at the (somewhat limited) proofing that is provide shows that you will very rarely be backing bets that have odds of higher than 2.0. This of course has massive ramifications when it comes to the strike rate (a topic I will be coming back to shortly).

Whilst on the subject of bets, I do want to just mention the volume before we carry on. There have been days that have produced more than 10 bets. This means putting in excess of 50% of your betting bank down on a single day. If you have frequent big winners, that might not be a problem. But when it comes to 5K Betting System, I can’t help but feel that it is a potential problem.

The fact is that according to Ben Cross’s proofing, 116 bets out of some 410 bets means a strike rate of almost 60%. This should be the end of it, but I’m not actually convinced that this number is genuine, a fact that is mostly down to the fact that I don’t actually believe that the proofing is genuine. And this isn’t without good reason, but I will come to this shortly.

How Does 5K Betting System Work?

Now the core premise of 5K Betting System is pretty simple. You compound your winnings, grow your bank, and in theory you are able to make claims like “I can make you £5,000 by May”. And it’s pretty simple to do that because when you hit a number of wins. But when you start to hit losses, it quickly has the opposite effect.

One of the other big elements to 5K Betting System is the over 2.5 goals market, and more specifically (at least in my mind), the selection process behind these tips. Honestly, a look at the proofing doesn’t show any games that you wouldn’t necessarily back on a “common sense” basis. There are the odd one or two that are interesting, but that’s about it.

The problem that I really have though is that even this statement is speculative. The fact is that Ben Cross only makes mention of vague things in terms of what the selection process entails. This is a problem for me as this makes it very difficult to make an informed decision. Especially when the proofing for the service simply stops just before the launch date with no explanation.

This to me means that the proofing simply cannot carry much weight. In fact, the second that a tipster stops updating their proofing upon launch, you can make a pretty informed guess that the results may not be entirely kosher. I don’t want to say that this is intentionally the case with 5K Betting System, but I will say this. It’s a lot easier to have found winners for games that have already happened. Especially when there is no public scrutiny.

What is the Initial Investment?

Ben Cross provides just one option if you want to sign up to 5K Betting System. That is a one time payment of £37 plus VAT. For this, you get full access to Ben Cross’s tips for the rest of the season, potentially bleeding into Euro 2020 if the service is struggling to hit its targets.

It is worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that the service isn’t for you. Something which is backed up by the payment processor, Clickbank. One of the few things that I think I can credit Ben Cross with is that this is at least well advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of 5K Betting System that I suppose all of us really care about which is how much money we can actually earn. In the sales material, Ben Cross suggest that his profits are over £9,000. However, this isn’t really placed into any sort of context. Factor in that this is evidenced by a hugely questionable screenshot, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to write this off.

This leads me to the core claim at the heart of 5K Betting System. Making £5,000 by May. At the time of writing this, that gives about 3 months to get this done. What is interesting about this is that starting with a £100 betting bank, according to his proofing, it has taken Ben Cross almost 6 months to get to a touch over £2,500. So realistically, if you get in right now, it just isn’t viable to see that kind of return.

For context, if you were to back bets to simple level stakes, you would have made 71.3 points. Hardly a massive amount given the timescale that Ben Cross has been proofing 5K Betting System. I also think that it provides a pretty good idea of just how little profit you will actually make by May.  

Conclusion for 5K Betting System

At the time of writing this, I feel a little bit disillusioned by the current state of the tipster market. Unfortunately, I’ve looked at a fair few stinkers at the time of writing this. And as much as I wish the case were different, 5K Betting System looks to be exactly the same.

Now there are a lot of reasons that I’ve outlined as to why I just don’t really buy into Ben Cross’s claimed results. I am sure that he would say that I’m being petty or that a lot of these problems can be easily explained away. Things like, for example, refusing to really give any insight into what the selection process entails.

Or the way that the proofing suddenly stops once the service went live. I’ve already spoke about why this doesn’t bode well, but it is a very important indicator of the direction that things may well end up going with 5K Betting System.

But all of that pales next to the simplest fact which is that there just doesn’t seem to be a way of actually making the claimed £5,000. Looking at Ben Cross’s compounding approach, I can see how he might achieve this (presuming of course that you actually believe his proofing is representative of his betting). But if you’re starting with £200 today, you’re looking at potentially 3 months before you hit £1,000.

All of this is enough that I would definitely say to you that I don’t really recommend it. But there has been a recent development that convinces me that 5K Betting System really isn’t worth your time. When I recently returned to Ben Cross’s proofing, a message came up that stated that the file is in owner’s bin (the proofing is hosted on Google Docs).

This suggests to me that the vendor is already looking to close this down and move onto their next marketing campaign. They certainly very clearly have no intent of updating this. Which in my book is just a statement of intent about the wider future of 5K Betting System. As such, I would take this as the nail in the coffin, just on the off chance you had any other doubts.


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