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7 Bets 4 Free Review

7 Bets 4 Free is a free tipster service provided by Jon of Greentree Consultancy. They offer three selections that are designed to be bet on in a number of ways.

What does the product offer?

There is very little information about 7 Bets 4 Free provide by Greentree Consultancy. What I can confirm is that users will receive 3 tips per day that are designed to be bet as a patent bet covering the singles, doubles, and the treble. Users also get a daily “Ultra Strong” tip that apparently has an increased chance of winning. 7 Bets 4 Free send out tips directly to users emails but as mentioned there isn’t much more given about this service.

How does the product work?

In terms of how it works, there is less information than there is on what 7 Bets 4 Free is. There is no information about the selection process other than that the Ultra Strong ebet comes from one of Greentree Consultancy’s “Men in the know”. The main part of 7 Bets 4 Free seems to be reliant on long odds coming in to balance things out.

What is the initial investment?

Subscription to 7 Bets 4 Free is free to access. This seems to be a permanent fixture as there is no mention of plans to implement a charge for the service.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t really touched on but based off research and looking at the structure of 7 Bets 4 Free, I would expect few wins with any real income coming from doubles and trebles.


7 Bets 4 Free doesn’t seem to be a natural performer. Despite no advertised strike rate, my research has shown a system that has rather consistently lost out. The fact that is free makes some amends for that but if a free service doesn’t make money you are still ultimately making a loss.

I don’t even think this is worth paper trading as the results I have looked at show very few winners.



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Comments (6)

7 bets for free is a poor service dressed up with bold words of ‘top inside info’ and ‘top word just in’ don’t be fooled poor return don’t be sucker in by buying spaces for so called top tips very poor to much bs

I used this service twice to give it a fair chance. The free three horses they give you is to get your email add to sell you further services. Very cleverly done to clean you. Then they sent you emails saying we have a penalty kick it banker of th year etc. All bullshit!!!

They ask you to bet for them and they put it in a way that is so tempted… I don’t call them tipsters or inside info … they are bloody salesman for me. Your bank balance will vanished like a goat . You are more than welcome to give them a try. I gave them a try two times to be fair and regrets every inch of it.

How about an update ? They are now claiming a big patent
win , and that they have 20000 members . Betting gods are

I’ve been using them and betting very small stakes. In the last 3 months they have hit 3 trebles. One over 600/1, one smaller, yesterday, and one from their bet with baz product over 800/1. They do put the hard sell on their products but as long as you ignore that and stick to freebies you should be ok. My two largest layouts this year are with them so cannot them.

All tipsters have a poor strikerate! They do get winners it’s up to us to profit from them,i.e. Staking plan.THAT’S THE HARD PART

I started using the 7 bets 4 free selections from Dec 2020 to 17 Mar 2021. I’m only staking pennies so about £1.05 to cover all 7 bets. During this time, there were a few single wins. This reduced the overall stake but the wins were not enough to give a profit. Had 2 full patents wins, 1 in Dec and 1 in Feb. Some doubles as well. But these wins were not enough to recover the total amount I’ve spent. So don’t put a lot of money into this. Consider it as a “fun” punt.

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