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7 Day Winners Review

7 Day Winners is an email based horse racing tipster service operated by Yuri Belyanev that focuses on backing horses that have been overlooked as favourites.

What does the product offer?

7 Day Winners offers subscribers daily horse racing tips chosen by alleged Advanced Mathematics PhD, Yuri Belyanev. It would appear that 7 Day Winners bets can be placed as win bets or each way (with a claimed strike rate of 74% and 86% respectively) however there doesn’t seem to be any specific instruction on which bets to place, nor is there any proofing.

How does the product work?

If you believe the copy for 7 Day Winners (and I don’t), then Yuri Belyanev and one of his colleagues at “one of England’s top universities” decided to come up with a formula that would allow them to pick horses successfully. Not surprisingly enough, there is no mention about how the 7 Day Winners formula actually works which is rather concerning.

What is the initial investment?

7 Day Winners sells on a monthly subscription for £27 per month (plus VAT for EU residents) however if you try to leave the website you can get 10 days for £7. Because Yuri Belyanev sells 7 Day Winners through Clickbank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

There are no claims made about by Yuri Belyanev about how much 7 Day Winners will make however there are testimonials claiming that people have made 47.3 points profit over an unspecified time period to making over £300 per week with £10 stakes.


There is a lot about 7 Day Winners that I find to be extremely questionable, not least of which (and the most apparent) is the lack of proofing. There is also the fact that 7 Day Winners is a based around a formula that isn’t explored at all. Ultimately though is the claim by Yuri Belyanev that he is a professor at a top and well known English University. A quick search however only brings up the 7 Day Winners website. This combination simply doesn’t serve to instill my confidence in the service and as a result I would strongly recommend avoiding 7 Day Winners, even with the 60 day money back guarantee in place.



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From: Simon Roberts