7 Days to 1K Review

7 Days to 1K is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being operated by one Mark Whitehead. He claims that you can make a substantial amount of profit in a small space of time.

Introduction to 7 Days to 1K

Do you need to raise £1,000 by the end of the next 7 days? No, me either. But it sure would be nice, wouldn’t it? And that is pretty much the full premise of today’s review, 7 Days to 1K. It’s quite literally baked into the name of the service. It is also a pretty straight forward idea that seems reasonable enough. After all, didn’t Albert Einstein himself compare compound interest to the Eighth Wonder of the World? (honestly, that is oft debated, but irrelevant from a narrative standpoint).

Honestly, it isn’t all that often that something comes along which catches me off guard. But that is exactly what Mark Whitehead has done here. His claim of making you £1,000 within a week seems ridiculous, but is it really?On paper, I don’t really think that it is necessarily that ridiculous. Especially because 7 Days to 1K is built on that concept of compounding. I know full well that this can really elevate the overall profit of a service.

But just because something can be, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be. And as much as I can appreciate the picture that Mark Whitehead has painted, there are definitely some questions that hang over this. None the less, as always, I will try to keep and open mind. So, let’s see if 7 Days to 1K is just something that is condemned to theory, or whether it is actually practicable.

What Does 7 Days to 1K Offer?

As far as tipster services go, 7 Days to 1K is actually quite a regimented affair. I don’t think that it’s necessarily unique for this kind of thing, but it is rather unusual. What it does do is provide a pretty good place for me to start talking about the service. Which speaking entirely as a writer, is always welcome.

So, what do you get from Mark Whitehead? Well, as you might expect given the nature of the service it is a daily tipster service. Realistically, it has to be. And this isn’t the kind of “daily” where a tipster might not find selections. Mark Whitehead is very adamant about how everything has to be in order to produce the claimed results.

Now, rather frustratingly, there just isn’t that much information provided about the logistics of 7 Days to 1K. In fact, it almost seems like an attempt to obfuscate certain things. But it probably shouldn’t come as any real surprise to learn that Mark Whitehead isn’t exactly doing anything that you could really consider to be new or interesting.

As you would expect, selections are sent out directly to subscribers. These usually land on the morning of racing and are rather frustratingly simple. Don’t get me wrong, there is enough information provided that you will always know what you are betting on. But that is about the minimum standard that you would expect.

What this means however is that like I so often do, I am forced to recommend using an odds comparison site. When you look at Mark Whitehead’s bets they are all through SkyBet. And Skybet do offer BOG, but that still doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best odds at the time of placing your bets. And the fact is that if you are following 7 Days to 1K, you will need the best possible odds because the risk here is massive.

In terms of the bets themselves, you will typically be looking at simply betting on horse to win. There’s nothing at all wrong with this, however, I do have some questions about the wisdom of this in the longer term. Especially because of the odds that you that Mark Whitehead seems to imply are typical.

And it is very important to me that you note that part about seeing the odds that Mark Whitehead suggest you can expect. On the sales material for 7 Days to 1K, you see a good number of bets being advised at 12/1, 11/1 and 11/2. These have all come in and won. From what I have seen, they are also not representative at all of what you can typically expect here.

Just whilst I’m wrapping up on the subject of the bets, I suppose one of the few things that you can say about 7 Days to 1K is that it should be pretty manageable. Mark Whitehead advises 3 bets every day. That should be easy to stay on top of. And in some respects it probably is. But that is before you also take into consideration the staking plan.

As I’ve alluded to, 7 Days to 1K is based around compounding your winnings. And Mark Whitehead has a very specific staking plan for this that I will now provide in full detail.

  • If your betting bank is £0 – £90, then stake £10
  • If your betting bank is £91 – £290, then stake £20
  • If your betting bank is £291 – £390, then stake £30
  • If your betting bank is £391 – £490, then stake £40
  • If your betting bank is £491 – £590, then stake £50
  • If your betting bank is £591 – £690, then stake £60
  • If your betting bank is £691 – £790, then stake £70
  • If your betting bank is £791 – £890, then stake £80
  • If your betting bank is £891 – £999, then stake £90
  • If your betting bank is £1000+, then stake £20

That means that at any given point, you could be staking £270 per day. Make no mistake, that is a hell of a lot of money. Especially considering you are supposed to start with a betting bank of just £100.

Now, in theory, this should all be OK. So long as you have a decent strike rate. And according to Mark Whitehead’s evidence provided in the sales material for 7 Days to 1K he’s smashed this. We’re looking at 10 winning bets out of 21 meaning a strike rate of some 48% Given the odds involved, that is really quite incredible. But it is also based off a sample of just one week.  

How Does 7 Days to 1K Work?

Probably not surprisingly, the core of how 7 Days to 1K works boils down to the fact that reinvesting your winnings can exponentially increase your profit potential. Especially when you are using a very aggressive staking plan. Which, whilst not openly acknowledged, is exactly what Mark Whitehead is doing here.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for more insight into 7 Days to 1K you’re just out of luck. Frustratingly, Mark Whitehead has nothing more to say about his service. This very disappointingly includes a lack of information on what kind of selection process is used here. Something I feel is important when you’re picking a set number of bets per day.

Because let’s be honest here. Most genuine tipsters will find more bets some days than others. That’s simply the nature of betting. So, to have a system that can pick out 3 winners every day, well, it’s either bloody brilliant or it’s ridiculously simple. I know where my thoughts lie…

Honestly, it isn’t even like there is any real proofing provided. Sure, we get that one week of betting slips but that’s hardly representative. Best case scenario there is that they are cherry picked examples. What is really frustrating though is that Mark Whitehead has supposedly turned £100 into £1,000 several times this year already. So why don’t we get to see those processes too?

Even before that single week, Mark Whitehead says that he has been making a full time living from betting on UK horse racing. But there isn’t anything backing this up really. It is simply a claim made by the one person who stands to gain from 7 Days to 1K. And once again, it leads back to that idea that perhaps information is wilfully being withheld (or equally as likely, never existed).

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to 7 Days to 1K. The first of these is a single week pass. This quite literally gives you access to a one week run of Mark Whitehead’s tips and is priced at £25 inclusive of VAT. If it doesn’t make £1,000, then you get the next weeks run for free.

Alternatively, you can sign up for an x5 – Multi-Week Pass. This gives you access to 7 Days to 1K for 5 weeks and is priced at £75 (which is again inclusive of VAT). Using this option means paying just £15 for a week.

And that is all that Mark Whitehead has to say about the payment element of 7 Days to 1K. And honestly, that concerns me. You see, payment for the service is handled through Clickbank. For those who aren’t aware of them, Clickbank typically offer a money back guarantee on a lot of their products.

 And 7 Days to 1K is included in this. In actual fact, wea are told that there is a 60 day window for it. As such, it strikes me as quite peculiar that Mark Whitehead doesn’t really seem to mention this anywhere in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential of 7 Days to 1K… Well, this is one of those cases where it’s literally in the name. Mark Whitehead’s key claim here is that in just a week, you can go from an initial betting bank of £100 to £1,000. Of course, what is interesting to me about this is the unspoken implication that this is almost indefinitely scalable.

Conclusion for 7 Days to 1K

I want to start by being very upfront and honest about something here. What Mark Whitehead is claiming here isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. The fact is that using compounding it is very realistic to say that you can increase your betting bank 10 fold. However, this does come with a lot of caveats. And these are things that can very easily be applied to 7 Days to 1K.

First things first, I want to address the lack of evidence surrounding 7 Days to 1K. There is a hell of a lot of this. Let’s start by talking about the claimed results. Because in theory there is evidence backing this up. Mark Whitehead quite literally gives us his betting slips. But that’s just one week out of how many?

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to sampling data, the more of it there is, there more accurate it will be. And if I’m completely honest, when you also consider that Mark Whitehead has a vested interest in presenting his service in the best light possible… Well, this lack of a substantial data sample simply doesn’t come as a surprise.

It isn’t even like Mark Whitehead shouldn’t have this information. He very openly talks about how well the service has performed historically. As such, it makes sense that this information would be provided right? Especially in the light of the fact that 7 Days to 1K supposedly has a pretty solid looking historical performance.

So that is the first part of 7 Days to 1K that is pretty concerning to me. Secondly, I have a huge problem when it comes to the lack of information on the selection process. Now I know I’ve already talked about this but it bears at least some repeating. Mark Whitehead says that he is out there, picking 3 horses per day like clockwork.

That might be fair enough if you have a tipster who talks a lot about what their selection process entails. If they are able to articulate what goes into finding tips with that level of regularity. At least then you can look at those three bets and know that they’re more than… Well, metaphorically picking names out of a hat. Which let’s be honest, Mark Whitehead may as well be doing with 7 Days to 1K given the lack of additional information.

What really concerns me is the fact that Mark Whitehead simply skips over the risk that is involved with 7 Days to 1K. Sure, it’s all well and good saying that you get your next week free if you don’t hit the target. It sounds great, because you’ve either turned £100 into £1,000 or you’ve still made a profit and get to go again. But there is no mention of the fact that you could simply burn through your betting bank in a week. And that isn’t inconceivable.

In my opinion, this also ties in to the fact that the money back guarantee is skipped over in the way that it is. There could be an entirely innocent reason for this, but, if I’m honest, I don’t think that there is. I’m going to speculate a little bit here, but it isn’t a surprise that not mentioning it just happens to work out for Mark Whitehead. It may well not be that sinister, but my time in this industry has taught me to question situations like this.  

So, would I say that 7 Days to 1K is worth a look? Personally, I don’t think that it is. I can understand the appeal, don’t get me wrong. But you aren’t really looking at anything substantial to demonstrate that this really works as claimed.

Using compounding, you can make any number into any number, and back in the day, there were a good number of tipsters who’d advertise million pound systems on the same grounds. Effectively, they would say that if you invested all your money back into it, you could be a millionaire in 6 months. Did that ever happen? Of course it didn’t. And I don’t think 7 Days to 1K will be any different.

Sure, there’s that one week, but even that was only saved by some incredibly improbable bets coming in. Especially when you consider that Mark Whitehead doesn’t really talk about his selection process. Are these kinds of bets things that you can typically expect, or are they simply there because (by a massive coincidence)it ensures that 7 Days to 1K can be advertised with a winning week?

Here’s the bottom line. If you are so inclined, I suppose that you’re only putting £25 at risk. And that isn’t necessarily a lot of money. Hell, it’s entirely possible that you’ll make it back in the first week. On those grounds, you might find that it’s worth a punt.

But I’m out here looking for a profit that is consistent and can be maintained. And I think that something like 7 Days to 1K long term is only destined to fail in this regard.  


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I am normally very paranoid about things like this but stupid is what stupid does and I fell into this garbage I signed over the one week £25 (he kept on pushing for more) and in just a few days my £100 bank had vanished and by day 4 so had his tips. I urge everyone DON’T DO IT

If it’s any consolation Graeme, I fell for the garbage of the guy who was pushing the product being reviewed here. Once subscribed, he began to spam me with every cock-eyed betting system out there. You live and you learn!

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