7 Figure Franchise Review Michael Cheney

7 Figure Franchise is a new product from well known internet marketing personality Michael Cheney. With this latest release he promises you “unprecedented” access to his own million dollar making business.

What does the product offer?

According to Michael Cheney, he is going to force you to make money whether you like it or not. This is the headline for his page and literally the first thing that you see. With this in mind, you would expect 7 Figure Franchise to be something really special. Especially when you start to go into the detail of what is being offered. With this potentially exciting new product being offered for the first time, let’s take a look and see whether or not 7 Figure Franchise can really deliver on these bold claims.

Michael Cheney refers to 7 Figure Franchise as a business in a box. This is a term that I have generally come to associate with disappointment when it comes to internet marketing. Generally speaking, most products with this tag are simply naff rehashes of old methods that teach you a strategy. They are a long way from a complete business. With 7 Figure Franchise however, you are supposedly getting everything, and to credit Michael Cheney, you really do seem to be getting this. I do however have some questions that I will explore as we go on.

As a product there is a vague structure in terms of what you get with 7 Figure Franchise. The first thing is content. This includes a massive variety of materials that Michael Cheney has used before now to build his own online business. In fact, he says that you get access to “every last money-making promotional message, email and blog post” that he’s ever created. Perhaps more interestingly, you also get to use any future messages, emails and blog posts. The sales material for 7 Figure Franchise says that this will amount to around 80-90 promotions each month.

The second aspect of 7 Figure Franchise is all about the affiliate relationship that you have with Michael Cheney. He claims to only usually give approval to around 25% of affiliate applicants and even then, they are on delayed commissions. When you sign up through 7 Figure Franchise, you are “granted the honor” of instant commissions, as well as 100% commissions on all of Michael Cheney’s products and upsells. He compares this to being handed his products to sell as your own. Again, this is something that I will get to.

One of the core components to 7 Figure Franchise is access to a recording of a closed door event hosted by Michael Cheney. This is the part of 7 Figure Franchise where you supposedly learn the business, and how to run it. As you would expect, this mostly covers strategies, methods etc. Everything in this section is supposedly user friendly and given that the sales material for 7 Figure Franchise frequently refers to it being newbie friendly, shouldn’t be too difficult. That having been said, I have almost lost count of how many times Michael Cheney refers to “advanced” techniques.

The final 3 components of 7 Figure Franchise are slightly more straightforward. These include free access to all of Michael Cheney’s previous digital releases as well as any other releases this year.  The second aspect of 7 Figure Franchise is access to a traffic method which Michael Cheney says will provide you with your first 1000 visitors entirely free of charge. Finally, you get personal access to Michael Cheney for 30 days for support with getting your business up and running. It is worth pointing out however that buying 7 Figure Franchise does only provide a rather basic example of this. Essentially, you can send him screenshots and he will advise you on what you can do.

Naturally there are a number of products included with 7 Figure Franchise. These are rather varied but ultimately tie into the core premise of internet marketing.

How does the product work?

I feel that there are two distinctive sides to 7 Figure Franchise. The first aspect is the affiliate programme. Honestly, this is what you are buying into here. Despite the name and references to franchises, you are purchasing the right to market Michael Cheney’s product on an affiliate basis. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, however I do feel that it is important when looking at 7 Figure Franchise to be clear about what it is.

The second aspect to 7 Figure Franchise is how it comes together. I don’t see this as a blueprint or even a business in a box. It is more akin to a Meccano set. All of the pieces are there, however it is up to you to put them together. Whilst Michael Cheney goes to great lengths to guarantee your success, I do have some concerns about just how feasible all of this really is. There are a large number of reasons for this, all of which I will get to.

What is the initial investment?

The supposed value of 7 Figure Franchise runs into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Except in many ways, it doesn’t. Even at £10,000 Michael Cheney claims that this would be a bargain. Despite these rather questionable values, 7 Figure Franchise is being sold for the “reasonable” cost of $1997 or two monthly payments of $1097. As you can clearly see, it is not cheap. There is also no money back guarantee offered at all  for 7 Figure Franchise. This is on the grounds that Michael Cheney is giving you his whole catalogue of products and tools and… that is actually about the only reason that is cited.

What is the rate of return?

The whole reason that this product is referred to as 7 Figure Franchise is that Michael Cheney’s business is now supposedly worth over $1.1 million. Despite this, all that he really talks about in terms of the income potential for 7 Figure Franchise is $1,000 pay days. These are actually off the back of marketing his products as an affiliate. Even on a 100% commission basis, it is important to note that you aren’t selling anything of your own and in working as an affiliate, your business is still very much reliant on Michael Cheney’s business working (I will explore this in greater detail below).


I have more than a few problems with 7 Figure Franchise. I also have some good things to say as well which I will look at first. Michael Cheney is a very well known name in affiliate marketing and I have looked at his products before now. He is very much a success and as such, you could do a lot worse in terms of mentoring. His products are generally of a reasonable enough quality, if a little repetitive in places.

I also think that with enough work and sacrifice, you can probably build an affiliate business through 7 Figure Franchise. I certainly think that with time, you will make your purchase costs back however this is weighted with a pretty substantial but. The general set up of 7 Figure Franchise is geared towards selling Michael Cheney’s products. I have mentioned this several times and he makes no effort to hide this fact. On paper, this sounds fine. There are big ticket items and if somebody goes all the way with upsells, then I genuinely believe you will hit those $1,000 pay days.

This brings me to the negatives of 7 Figure Franchise. The first of these is the fact that the whole course is so clearly geared towards selling Michael Cheney’s products. Truthfully, I can’t see any reason that he would want to get out of the internet marketing game. He is massively successful as is evidenced by demanding $1,000 for a product. If circumstances were to change in the future however, a fair portion of what you have paid for is in many ways rendered moot because the products 7 Figure Franchise is set up for are Michael Cheney’s.

Whilst I do believe that you can probably tailor a fair amount of the content for other products or even your own products – if you were so inclined – I am not convinced that you will get quite so much support doing this. I have already talked about the fact that this feels like an affiliate programme for Michael Cheney. I implore you to ask yourself, if you weren’t sending customers his way, how much help would you get? I would like to give the benefit of the doubt here, but I am not certain that I can.

One of the final points that I wish to raise is in terms of the content that you are getting access to. Those who aren’t familiar with SEO may not be aware that if your content copies somebody else’s, then it is suicide for your website. Given that all of the content that comes with 7 Figure Franchise has been used before, I question how useful it may be in the long term. As I have said, I am sure that you can tweak it. The problem however is that if you can’t, Michael Cheney and everybody who has purchased 7 Figure Franchise are all trying to use the same articles, emails etc. This makes it very difficult for your content to stand out.

Where does all of this leave 7 Figure Franchise as a product? The short answer as far as I am concerned is a very expensive affiliate marketing product. Furthermore, it is an affiliate marketing product that ties you right down. I can entirely appreciate that Michael Cheney is putting a lot on offer here. This is an internet marketer who very much knows their business and I can see their help being invaluable in the long term. The key question here is one of value.

In some respects, you are getting a lot of value for money here, but in others, you aren’t. I am of the opinion that the products and services on offer are good. Unfortunately, because of the structure of 7 Figure Franchise, I don’t see the value being there. Especially at the very high ticket price that Michael Cheney is asking. This mostly boils down to the fact that from everything that I have seen, 7 Figure Franchise is just too restrictive.

As I say, I think that you could well use what you learn through this service for other products etc. however as mentioned I do thinks that you would be somewhat on your own. For $2,000 this simply isn’t good enough in my opinion. This is a shame as despite the cost, I would like to recommend this. Unfortunately, paying $2,000 to become an affiliate for a marketer simply isn’t enough for my liking. As such, I can’t quite bring myself to recommend 7 Figure Franchise.





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Thank you so much for your review: 7 Figure Franchise by Michael Cheney. His webinars promoting this product is so well done and convincing. You probably just saved me $2,000.

Followup: Hey Simon: Respectful Question. Is your review for the 7 Figure Franchise based on what you saw on the website or webinar or facts from becoming a member which I think would be a more honest review of whether it works or not. I do agree with what you had to say which also answered most of the questions I had about this opportunity. Again, thank you for your review

I am curious to the response to this question because I am so close to actually purchasing this product. I am still trying to read more reviews before I make that final decision. I really want to hear from someone who has actually tried it.

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