70K Method Review

70K Method is a piece of binary options trading software from Thomas Edwards that claims to be able to make a significant monthly income for users.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material and Thomas Edwards, 70K Method is a piece of free to access binary options trading software that automatically trades with a success rate of (if you believe the “results that 70K Method publish) around 97%. It is claimed to be “push button” and can be used by anybody from anywhere in the world. In order to gain access to the software you have to make a deposit through Thomas Edwards’ chosen broker which at the time of writing is Binary Book (although this is very likely to change). One of the particularly worrying aspects for me about 70K Method is that the minimum stake is set at $25 or one tenth of your initial deposit.

How does 70K Method work?

Thomas Edwards claims that 70K Method is built on his “advanced trading skills”. Furthermore, 70K Method is literally claimed to be the most advanced piece of trading software on the internet! Naturally, there is nothing detailing where Thomas Edwards learned to trade (70K Method is sold off the back of the usual rags to riches story) but we are seemingly supposed to presume that in three years of trading, Thomas Edwards was able to go from discovering binary options to making enough money to comfortably travel the world.

What is the initial investment?

Whilst 70K Method is technically provided for free, as touched upon, in order to gain access to the software you have to make a deposit through a chosen broker. This fee can be anywhere from $250-$400 dependent. Naturally there is no money back guarantee or anything of this ilk in place.

What is the rate of return?

As is so often the case with this kind of product, 70K Method is very clear on how much you can expect to make. Thomas Edwards is adamant that the very minimum that you will earn is $70,000 per month however this could be higher. He also states that from your initial deposit you can expect it to grow into thousands of dollars overnight.

Conclusion on 70K Method

70K Method follows the template of the free binary options trading software scam to a T. All of the promises are there such as making huge amounts of money with very little effort as well as the ever suspect broker that you must use in order to claim your copy. The fact is that I am yet to see a piece of binary options trading software that works full stop and it seems unlikely that this will come from somewhere like 70K Method.

This kind of setup whilst seeming like a great offering is there to only serve one purpose and that is to get as many people to sign up with brokers in exchange for commission. I mentioned that the broker is very likely to change and this is down to the fact that there is no element of trust involved, instead the chosen broker is most likely the one that is paying out the most money. I cannot stress enough that this kind of product is simply not worth getting involved in.



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