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90/10 Betting System is a betting system which is being offered through the Flaming Torch team. It can supposedly produce a profit through a number of different casino games. 

Introduction to 90/10 Betting System

As I’m writing this, it is rather difficult to ignore the fact that sports have pretty much been shut down. Match of the Day is showing classic games, the Grand National will be “Virtual”, and most sports fans that I know are pretty much climbing the walls looking for something to do. But what about if you are reliant on betting as a source of income? Where do you turn when there isn’t really a lot to bet on?

The obvious answer is of course one of the many casino games that are constantly being touted online. From specialist websites that exclusively deal in games of chance, to the bookie you normally back with. Loads of websites offer some sort of casino option. The only problem here is that the games typically offer fixed odds. Enter 90/10 Betting System.

According to Flaming Torch, this is a betting system that enables users to generate a consistent profit through casino games. This is a very interesting claim, and one that I fully intend to investigate. Especially because by and large, casino games by their very nature tend to favour the house. So, lets’ dive into 90/10 Betting System and see whether or not this is something that you can really make work for you. 

What Does 90/10 Betting System Offer?

90/10 Betting System is one of those products that make it very difficult to really break down what is on offer. Sure, this is fundamentally just a betting system. And as always, you can pretty much just break anything down like that, but the fact is that what Flaming Torch are offering here is a combination of incredibly simplistic, and also a lot of content.

Now I think that probably the best place to start is with the core “betting system” product. This comes as a PDF document which ultimately breaks 90/10 Betting System down using a step by step approach. It is reasonably well written and I think that it is fair to say that Flaming Torch do cover everything, although, I do believe that it could be more concise.

The fact of the matter is that when you start to look through 90/10 Betting System with a critical eye, you realise just how much of the content is simply… Well, it’s a bit “filler-ish”. The truth is that Flaming Torch are asking quite a lot here and I can’t help but feel like they are trying very hard to justify this cost (a point I will be returning to a few times).

Don’t get me wrong, everything is well laid out and the ultimately the important information is all easy to follow. There are clear instructions on what to do every step of the way, all of which are things that I think are quite commendable. It is just a bit of a shame that there has to be so much padding there which… Doesn’t complicate matters per se, but it doesn’t simplify them either.

In terms of the approach taken, I will admit that when I first saw 90/10 Betting System, I was a bit taken aback by the claim that this works on all casino games. Honestly, I have seen this kind of claim before now and there is usually good reason for treating them with scepticism.

When it comes to this though, Flaming Torch are commendably correct. You really can apply 90/10 Betting System to any casino game. Whether or not you should is a bit of a different question though, The fact of the matter is that what you are dealing with here is a fundamentally pretty simple approach to betting.

Honestly, it isn’t even like 90/10 Betting System isn’t technically correct. The key selling point here is that you are able to “protect” 90% of your betting bank at a given time. However, it is also a little bit misleading, as are a number of other statements made (but I’ll come to this a little later on).

As well as the core manual, 90/10 Betting System comes with a very comprehensive package of supporting material. Included with this are a number of additional documents which really tie in with that core product.

These include an FAQ for 90/10 Betting System (which honestly, I feel should probably just be a part of that core manual if I’m entirely honest. There are also a plan and a “system chart”, both of which help you to break down that core manual into simple one page documents that you can follow.

As well as this, the majority of the content that makes up the wider 90/10 Betting System product is simply video content, and there is a lot of this. Much of what you will be shown supports that core manual, however, there is perhaps more video here than there needs to be. Once again, I can’t help but feel that this is so that Flaming Torch can justify the costs that are involved. 

Now, there are a few final, albeit very important, points that need to be considered here. You see, it is recommended that you should be starting with a minimum of £100 (or 100 chips). Realistically, this means a 100 point betting bank, a point that isn’t explicitly stated but is hinted at in the sales material.

For example there is talk of the minimum stakes being £1 or “1 chip” each which, when combined with the £100 bank creates a nice framework. Furthermore, it is of note that you are also recommended to have 500 chips in order to actually get started. This would place bets at £5 which is roughly in line with what Flaming Torch seems to be betting in some of their videos.

As well as this, when you come to download 90/10 Betting System, you have to download the package to PC or Mac. Now, it probably goes without saying that most people will have a computer, but this strikes me as a point that is worth making.

How Does 90/10 Betting System Work?

So, what exactly does 90/10 Betting System entail? Well, as I’ve always said, I don’t believe in simply giving away the details of somebody’s service for free. With that said, I think that there is a lot that can be said about this without selling out Flaming Torch.

First things first, to call 90/10 Betting System a betting system seems like a little bit of a stretch to me. A big part of the marketing involves Flaming Torch saying that 90/10 is some kind of golden ratio. We are told multiple times things like “90% of your profits will come from 10% of your bets” or that “90% of the time you won’t get 20,21 or Blackjack, but 10% of the time you will”.

Of course, these statements are patently false. Furthermore, they don’t actually have anything to do with what 90/10 Betting System is all about. Because, as I’ve mentioned, the core premise of the service is that you are protecting 90% of your betting bank. What this has to do with perceived win rates is confounding to me and certainly not something that is discussed in the sales material.

Now most of this is ultimately handled by a staking and recovery plan. And the “10” part of 90/10 Betting System’s name is very relevant here. This is then combined with a bit of a “stop at a win” approach that means in theory, this is all pretty low risk. This is also how Flaming Torch are able to say that it can be applied to pretty much any type of casino game, and with any casino.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the biggest questions that exist when it comes to a betting system is whether or not it represents value for money, and of course, a big part of this is the costs involved. Flaming Torch are asking £199 for 90/10 Betting System which frankly, is a hell of a lot.

At the time of writing, there is a limited time offer on which makes 90/10 Betting System available for £79.99 but if I’m completely frank, even that seems like it is a touch on the pricey side. It isn’t the most expensive betting system I Have ever seen, but then there are a lot of questions to me about whether or not Flaming Torch are offering enough for what you are paying.

Especially when you factor in that there is no money back guarantee or refund period in place. Effectively, if you pay out this quite significant asking price, you are very much stuck with it.

What is the Rate of Return?

Interestingly, there aren’t really many specific claims in terms of the income potential for 90/10 Betting System. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. Flaming Torch talk about them making an average of 40% profit on their bankroll each month. Elsewhere, we are told about making regular amounts of £250-£500 per month. A number that is theoretically possible, but will ultimately depend on your betting bank.  

Conclusion for 90/10 Betting System

And so we land on the big question. Is 90/10 Betting System actually any good? Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a particularly short answer, so I will instead spend a little time dissecting everything. First of all, can I see how this works? Absolutely, yes. I can very much see how in theory, 90/10 Betting System works.

Unfortunately, as much as you can make this seem like a reasonable offering, you will always have to ultimately deal with the random elements of 90/10 Betting System. You see, I don’t doubt for one minute that Flaming Torch will take great exception to what I am about to say here, but I will stand by it.

You see, I ultimately see everything about this offering as being… Well, fundamentally flawed. First of all, there are certain assumptions made about the patterns and behaviour of casino games. Unfortunately, these are rarely proven to be true. As such, their inclusion as an element of 90/10 Betting System as a betting system seems naïve.

The fact is that what this ultimately seems to be to me is a stop at win strategy that involves (perhaps not overly surprisingly) not generally betting more than 10% of your betting bank. It’s all incredibly straight forward which is pretty much why I call into question just how much of 90/10 Betting System is filler.

So, what you are looking at here is honestly, a very basic system. It is one that works on paper; however, I believe that it does carry with it quite a significant amount of risk that is skipped over. Something that is so often the case when it comes to betting systems. The fact of the matter is that it is much easier to make something that looks like it works, rather than actually works.

On top of this, I also think that it is worth some serious consideration of the fact that you are ultimately going to be limited in terms of what you can earn. Sure, Flaming Torch are keen to make their claims of £250 per month, but I’m just not entirely convinced that this will be attainable for most people without a particularly hefty betting bank.

All of this is… Somewhat academic though. We all look for different things in a betting system. Personally, I think that this is rather simple, somewhat risky, and carries a pretty significant limit in terms of the income potential. But there is one overriding thing which really convinces me that it just isn’t worth it.

Flaming Torch want £200 for this. Even at the reduced costs that are available as I’m writing this, I don’t see 90/10 Betting System as representing value for money. The fact of the matter is that the betting system market is a competitive one. If you are going to ask £200, you have to be very sure that you have something incredible. This is one of 11 different betting systems that exist through Flaming Torch for casino betting alone. That I think tells you something.

And it mostly because of this that I wouldn’t really recommend 90/10 Betting System. If it were significantly cheaper, I might say that it’s worth a go (what with everything that is going on). You might not make a huge amount of money from it, but if I’m honest, sometimes betting can just be about having a bit of fun.

But this isn’t that cheap. And as such, I think you really do have to look at 90/10 Betting System in the context of other products. Sure, you might find that there are restrictions on some of the alternatives right now, but buying something with a short sighted view is ultimately going to cause you to suffer in the long term.  


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