A1 Racing Review Stuart McCallum

A1 Racing is a horse racing tipster service operated by Stuart McCallum that claims to provide a service that “no other service” can provide.

What does the product offer?

A1 Racing is a specialist horse racing tipster service that according to the creators provides users with the very best in horse racing tips. The selections themselves are actually pretty few and far between with A1 Racing preferring to focus on quality of tips rather than the quantity and to credit Stuart McCallum, it is an approach that so far appears to be paying off nicely.

A1 Racing is a very exclusive horse racing tipster service and this combined with the betting approach makes for a very slow moving service.

In fact, so far for 2016 there have been just 10 selections. It is worth noting however that A1 Racing does have a claimed win rate of 90% at the time of writing this doesn’t make the lack of selections too much of a deal breaker.

It is also worth pointing out that A1 Racing isn’t just a straight tipster service as Stuart McCallum owns horses and he says that he also notifies users of updates on their horses too.

How does the product work?

As mentioned, A1 Racing is a very selective service and this is down (at least in part) to the fact that A1 Racing doesn’t give any real details away.

This is actually rather common however for once it is also fair given the fact that Stuart McCallum is a horse race owner (flat and hunt) and most of his contacts likely come from his involvement in racing. There is also the knowledge of their own horses which you would expect to be top notch.

What is the initial investment?

The costs of A1 Racing are by far and away one of the downsides with a monthly subscription coming in at a rather eye watering £150 per month with the costs dropping to £595 bi-annually and £995 per year. There is no money back guarantee included with A1 Racing unfortunately.

What is the rate of return?

There is no claim on how much you can expect to earn by using A1 Racing however the nature of the service means that it will ultimately depend on how much you are willing to invest.


A1 Racing isn’t just an expensive horse racing system, it falls clearly into the super-premium approach by a country mile.

Obviously key to establishing whether or not A1 Racing is then worthwhile involves looking mostly at the tipster behind the service. In the case of Stuart McCallum, there is rather worryingly not a lot of information available.

Given his claims that he has a number of horses that he’s running frequently I would expect more.

This combined with the fact that there aren’t really any results as such available, no proofing etc. and the extremely high costs just makes A1 Racing a no go for me personally.



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I joined the service and it’s a complete con the results they say are false and we were hundreds of pounds down in the long run as we joined for a year a complete con artist I don’t no how they get away with it it’s completely wrong

A1, on their website state they only give out 5-7 bets per month. This is not true. They give anywhere between 8-15 bets per month. Most months they give out between 11-15 bets.In May 2017, they gave out 15 bets, only 3 won for a loss of 3.67 points. According to their website, the first 4 months of 2017 have all been winning months which is very strange because in March, they gave 11 bets only 2 won and they lost 6.50 points. They have yet to put their 2016 results on the website yet, which is not surprising because although the first 5 months were all winning ones, they had 5 losing months out of the remaining 7 months of the year at advised prices and 6 losing months at sp. I have no doubt that at some point this year they will show 2016 as yet another very profitable year right up with their previous years profits. Do not believe it!

Jonathan Matthews

The man is an an absolute charlatan. Avoid this service at all costs. He couldn’t tip up a bucket of shit!!

He has now packed up A1 is he has no members and has now started another service with the name A1 he is absolutely useless and the biggest C*NMAN going. All his results are made up lies DO NOT PAY Stuart Mcallum a penny as it will cost you bigtime that is a certainty.

I stopped getting 90% useless info from his a1 “service” after about 3 months when I had paid for 12 months.
Rotten charlatan is what Stuart McCullam (?) is. Avoid like the plague, took my money and disappeared until I just found him again
Let it be known what a swindler this excuse for a human being really is.

Stuart mc Callum is a first class bum like his parents he is frau****** and c*n artist stay away from this mother fisher he made me loose thousands of pounds after promoting his false horse racing tipping service he is the biggest liar on the planet he needs a good hiding.

This tw*t gave out 15 tips over the phone line last week and none have won. This not a tipping service it’s a c*n. Cost me Thousands….
Joining the (remove) to recover my money……

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