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AAP Insiders Review

AAP Insiders is a horse racing tipster service under the Betfan umbrella. They claim to be able to consistently generate a profit.

What does the product offer?

AAP Insiders is a horse racing tipster service that according to the unnamed tipsters behind it will allow you to beat the bookies. They claim that bookies pay out £4.8 billion in the UK with £3.8 billion of that going to 20% of punters, a select group that take advantage of sports investment. Based off the proofing information that Betfan provide, AAP Insiders has achieved a strike rate of just 25.72% for 2014 with bets having a level 5 point staking system. AAP Insiders will allegedly take just 15 minutes per day and can be carried out by anybody with an internet connection. As a bonus you get a copy of Mega Maidens, a system for profiting during the flat season.

How does the product work?

The tipsters behind AAP Insiders claim to be betting entrepreneurs and part of the elite 20% that take home most of what the bookies pay out. All selections are based on their analysis which is then “discussed, filtered, verified and approved by some major bettors”. AAP Insiders’ analysis is of information that comes from a variety of sources claimed to include trainers, stables and “certain individuals” that have close ties with bookmakers.

What is the initial investment?

AAP Insiders is subscription based and you can sign up on a 28 day or 90 day basis. This will cost you £59 and £118 respectively. These can be cancelled at any time but there is no real money back guarantee in place with Betfan saying that they will review requests but typically do not give refunds.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing AAP Insiders is showing as 640.3 point profit from February 2013. It is worth noting however that this does include a 2 month loss of 180.8 points in February and March of 2014.


AAP Insiders has performed reasonably if you look at the grand scale of things, ultimately ending up in profit. Personally I found that a deeper look was rather concerning, namely the losing months which at the time represented a loss of around 30% (and this doesn’t include the constant ups and downs of this service), but the staking plan seems rather bold to me. Ultimately, AAP Insiders has made money and that is all that matters but I don’t think that I’m sold on this.



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From: Simon Roberts