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Acca King is a new horse racing tipster service which claims to have produced some frankly, incredible profits. Selections come courtesy of tipster Dennis King.

Introduction to Acca King

I often find myself talking a lot about risk when it comes to looking at tipster services. This is because in my opinion, if you have to sink thousands of pounds into something, just waiting for a winning bet to come in. Even if that bet will make you a small fortune. It just isn’t necessarily worth it. It certainly isn’t something that is viable for most people. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find success with this approach, however.

The fact of the matter is that I have seen a number of tipster services that employ exactly this kind of tactic. And they have made some substantial profits. This brings me to todays review, Acca King. Because fundamentally, it relies on a number of principles that aren’t actually that dissimilar to what I’ve described.

Of course, there are plenty of tipster services out there that work incredibly well in principle. However, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a profit. All of which ultimately, leads me to Acca King. Because whilst that profit potential is seemingly very strong, there are also a significant number of questions that exist as well.  

What Does Acca King Offer?

Whilst there are some elements of Acca King that are undoubtedly quite interesting and exotic, there are also a lot of things that are relatively straight forward. Especially when it comes to the logistical side of things. Which is rather fittingly where I intend to start with all of this, because honestly, I’d rather get that out of the way so that the focus can be placed on those more exciting elements.

So, what exactly are you getting yourself into here? First things first, whilst there are a lot of elements that are straight forward, it is worth noting that Dennis King does only send out selections for Acca King Monday through Friday. This means that you are effectively getting five bets per week, or one per day. Except, that isn’t quite the full picture.

You see, each of these emails contains fives selections for you which you are advised to back in a very certain configuration, but I’ll be coming back to this in more detail below. The information that you actually receive vis-à-vis the selections is actually very sparse, something that definitely counts against Acca King.

In fact, in the sales material, Dennis King says that you can simply “lace your bets with any bookmaker online or on the high street. Shop around to get the best odds if you don’t mind using multiple bookies to place your bets”. This is something that is theoretically possible with Acca King, but the reality of the matter is that it is so impractical that it just isn’t feasible.

This is because the bets that are advised through Acca King are effectively single Canadian bets, also known as a Super Yankee. Now, you probably won’t have heard of this kind of bet before and that is for good reason. Effectively, a Canadian is made up of 26 different smaller accumulators. Ten doubles, ten trebles, five four folds, and a final five fold.  

As you can see, the idea of placing all of these bets individually with different bookies is possible, but it seems unlikely that you would want to make that much work for yourself. This means that realistically, you will be simply turning to the bookmakers that can automate this kind of bet for you. Inevitably, these restrictions can be problematic.

It is also just worth keeping in mind that whilst we are on the subject of time invested, Dennis King does seem to send out his selections the evening before racing. This does at least mean that some of the pressure that the service brings is alleviated.

Now, this kind of betting doesn’t come cheap. However you want to dress it up, what you are doing with Acca King is placing 26 different bets per day. Dennis King portrays this as simply utilising level stakes of £26 per bet, which is fair enough. What you don’t get however, is information on what kind of betting bank is required.

Based off my previous experience with this kind of thing, you will want a hefty betting bank. It is inevitable that you will hit losing streaks, and when they come, they will eat through your betting bank As such, I would advise 150 points as a minimum. A number that is actually based off £26 being 1 point, which of course means at those numbers, you would need some £3,900 to get started. Quite a big ask.

Of course, I am quite certain that Dennis King would dispute all of this. However, with no published strike rate for the service, the fact of the matter is that his word doesn’t count for much in my eyes. Especially in light of the fact that there isn’t really any proofing provided for the service

Even when you do try to calculate a strike rate, what you see is 10 of the 37 selections advised (there were more but a few were void) losing. That suggests that there is a strike rate for Acca King that would come in at close to 75%. Of course, this is a pretty substantive number, and one that is at best based off a particularly good week.

How Does Acca King Work?

When it comes to how Acca King works, there are two different elements that are at play as far as I’m concerned. First things first, there is what I have already explored. Namely, the idea of using Canadian bets to ensure that when you win big, you win big. We are demonstrated this possibility in Dennis King’s “evidence” which shows a bet land that features everything winning.

Running in parallel with this idea is that your smaller bets like the doubles and the trebles can help to ultimately keep your betting bank topped up a bit. Which I feel once again merits reiterating the point that this is all well and good in theory. The reality of this kind of thing is often very different.

The other element of how Acca King works is much less clear, and that is what Dennis King’s selection process entails. The fact of the matter is that you can have discovered the best betting market in the world, but if you are backing crap bets, you will always end up losing money. In the case of Acca King, we aren’t told anything about how Dennis King identifies winning horses.

All of this is problematic to me for two somewhat different, but ultimately, intrinsically linked reasons. First of all, with no information on how winning bets are found, you are very much blindly taking somebody’s word that they are able to pick winners. Secondly, this all means that there is no real way of making an informed decision about Acca King. Something that I am a strong advocate of being able to do.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Acca King, there is just one option that is available. Dennis King is asking a one time payment of just £45 (plus VAT) in order for access to his selections. And for this, you will receive them for the next 3 months. This is a none recurring cost, fact that is ultimately quite interesting to me for reasons that I will explore.

It is worth noting the fact that Acca King is being sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that this isn’t for you. Dennis King does mention this fact, however it seems to be not much more than a basic footnote

What is the Rate of Return?

I won’t lie. There is really only one real reason that Acca King immediately jumped out at me as being something truly exceptional, and that is the income potential. The headline mentions taking a £26 stakes and turning it into £11,020.25 in a single day. This is of course based off the one day whereby Dennis King claims that all of the bets came in.

Elsewhere, there are a number of other bets that Dennis King claims have come in (i.e. those doubles and trebles). These have all brought in profits that range from as low as about £70 to as much as around £500. These all add up to an overall claimed profit of some £14,000 over January and February.

Conclusion for Acca King

It feels like every other week I am forced to drag up the question of whether or not betting on accas is a good idea or not. Personally, I don’t know what the answer is. It’s all very much a question of personal preference. What I will say though is that irrespective of your position on the “risk vs reward” nature of the bets, there are services that have proven profitable using them.

What that doesn’t mean however is that every single service that utilises this approach is going to produce the same kinds of results. And I am particularly sceptical when you have something like Acca King that comes out of nowhere, has no information or proofing to back up the claims, and happens to be implying an ability to make hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

And that lack of… well, anything, frankly, is exactly what the problem is with Acca King. The fact of the matter is that really, all you are doing here is taking Dennis King’s word that he is able to deliver on the claims that he makes. Which would be fine if the service appeared in any way to actually do this, which it doesn’t.

In fact, everything that I’ve seen from Acca King doesn’t in any way suggest that the claimed results are tangible. Which doesn’t really surprise me to be honest. Honestly, at best, Dennis King wasn’t going to get close to those results that the sales material likes to lean so heavily on. Especially that massive win. Which coincidentally, is unlikely to happen again for a long time (presuming of course that it even happened in the first place).

But honestly, that is only one of many problems with Acca King (albeit probably the single largest one, of course). The fact is that there are a number of elements of the service that suggests to me that this is something questionable. Aside from the what I have already covered though, there is one thing that suggests to me that this isn’t genuine. And that is the length of subscription.

Now, I know how that sounds, but stick with me on this. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the tipster behind Acca King is offering a 3 month subscription when you sign up. Just long enough that as an internet marketer, you can convince people to stick around past that 60 day money back guarantee that Clickbank enforce on their products. Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m not certain that I am.

This mostly boils down to the fact that the vendor who is selling Acca King is one that is known to me. And unfortunately, it isn’t for positive reasons. Truth be told, most of the services that they have offered historically have been quietly closed after about 3 months, and honestly, I see little reason to believe that this will be any different.

With all of that in mind, I simply can’t bring myself to recommend Acca King. Mostly because when I look at it, I just see nothing that is really worth recommending. It isn’t even like there is a particularly interesting approach here. Sure, you don’t see many Canadian bets being tipped, but that isn’t nearly enough to warrant recommending a bad service.  


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