Acca Lay Method Review

Acca Lay Method is a new to market horses racing tipster service operated by Dave Jackson. He claims that he is able to utilise a brand new approach to betting to produce some substantial profits.

Introduction to Acca Lay Method

There are a lot of different ways that you can categorise tipster services in my mind, and importantly, who that service might work for. It is a process. And not surprisingly, it is a bit of a minefield. For example, I might consider the risk vs reward, I might look at the volume of bets, even the timing of selections all alters that categorisation. A high risk tipster service that focuses on weekend racing isn’t likely to appeal to a serious bettor who is looking for a second income.

Why am I talking about all that? Well, one of the categories of tipster that I see quite often are tipster services that I will simply refer to as “gimmicks”. These are services that have a unique angle that isn’t widely seen, and they lean into that. Hard. Acca Lay Method is such a service. Dave Jackson has taken an approach to betting that I can genuinely say that I haven’t seen before now and created a whole tipster service out of it. And whilst there is merit to the approach, ultimately, this is all just a bit gimmicky to me.

Now, I know that might be a controversial statement for some people. Who am I to judge these things? But here’s the thing, whilst the core idea isn’t a bad one (even if it is fundamentally flawed, but I’ll talk about this later), the execution of Acca Lay Method as a service leaves a lot to be desired. And in actuality, Dave Jackson seems far too happy to simply ride the coat tails of an interesting idea. All of which are typically red flags in my experience. So, let’s get into this and see if it is actually worth getting excited over or not…

What Does Acca Lay Method Offer?

Obviously the start of the show when it comes to Acca Lay Method is the bets themselves, but I don’t want to be too hasty here and jump straight to the main course. In no small part because there is a hell of a lot to say about that. So, with that in mind, I want to open with a nice amuse-bouche of the logistics of the service and how Dave Jackson actually runs things.

Now, this is ultimately an independent tipster service. Furthermore, it is an independent tipster service of… shall we say, a certain ilk. This means that there are undoubtedly some very specific expectations in my mind, and Acca Lay Method certainly seems to deliver on those. This starts with the wider approach to the service.

As you would probably expect, selections are simply issued directly via email on a Monday through Friday basis. The information contained is rather minimal, however, to be entirely fair to Dave Jackson, you don’t need more than the basics here. This is because the type of the bet that Acca Lay Method is based around can only be placed with one bookie. Bet 365.

This means that even thought the emails do land a little bit later in the day (typically about 11am), it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like you can shop around to improve your odds or anything. With that said, you do still want to act as soon as you can. Dave Jackson says that he is taking on 200 people for Acca Lay Method. Those people all placing the same bet through the same bookies will cause a shift in odds.

So why are you placing these bets exclusively through Bet 365? Well, to my understanding, they are the only bookies that offer the bet type that Acca Lay Method is based on. Now, something to point out here that is incredibly important is that Acca Lay Method isn’t a lay betting service. You are betting on a horse not to win. Something that sounds trivial, but as I will explore a little later, carries a huge amount of weight.

But this isn’t about simply placing bets on a horse not to win. As the name says, you are also bringing these bets together into an accumulator. Something that really seems to be key to actually making this a viable service. Because without those accas, there is (as you would expect) incredibly limited value available on individual horses.

Typically speaking you will be looking at 1/x type bets. As a full acca, you can at least get x/1, although these aren’t huge winners. Now, when we talk about accumulators, it is worth noting that Dave Jackson runs the full gamut with Acca Lay Method. Some bets are simply doubles whilst the evidence shows bets as high as 6 fold accas being used.  However, the odds aren’t too extensively tied to the number of horses you are betting against.

Whilst we’re on the topic of bets, it should be noted that Acca Lay Method is quite a low volume service. At most you are looking at perhaps 2 bets on a given day. This is at least some compensation for getting the bets so late in the day. It also means that in theory, your betting bank isn’t ever being stretched too much.

Which of course leads me to the staking. Acca Lay Method is a level affair of 1 point per bet. All of Dave Jackson’s calculations are based on his personal stakes of £25 per bet. It’s all nice and simple. It also appears to be incredibly affordable. It is recommended that to get started you would need a betting bank of just 20 points.

And finally, I want to touch on the claimed win rate for Acca Lay Method. Because that is something that is truly special. You see, Dave Jackson says that his “Lay ACCA’s” have a strike rate in excess of 80%. An absolutely huge number for normal lay betting, never mind combining them into accas. Furthermore, we are told that 90% of days end in profit, all of which seems to make it a bit of a no brainer. 

How Does Acca Lay Method Work?

There is only one thing at the core of how Acca Lay Method works according to Dave Jackson, and that is the bet type. The so called “Lay ACCA’s”. Which brings me back to that point about how this isn’t technically lay betting. Something that is openly touted as a sales feature in the sales material. You see, when you lay a horse, you act as a bookmaker. You open yourself up to liability in return for a guaranteed return (usually your stake, effectively making it an evens return).

What Acca Lay Method is concerned with is betting on a horse not winning, and the key distinction is that your liability is only ever what you stake. In return, you receive hugely diminished odds which are those 1/x returns. So, by bringing them together into an acca you can offset that. So far, so good. Except, when you make a bet an accumulator you inherently increase the likelihood of a bet failing. This eradicates much of the edge that you have. Something Dave Jackson doesn’t address.

Here’s where Acca Lay Method does a fantastic job of marketing itself though. Dave Jackson wants you so hung up on the bet type that you can easily overlook the very obvious fact that he doesn’t actually tell you anything about how he is finding horses. This lack of a selection process is hugely concerning to me. Because even though you are betting on something that carries that limited risk and liability, without someone having a good approach to picking horses, none of it really matters in my book.

Combine all of that with marketing that mostly consists of somewhat questionable screenshots of betting slips and a betting bank, and Acca Lay Method doesn’t look the best. The fact of the matter is that this “evidence” isn’t really evidence of anything other than the fact that Dave Jackson has seemingly picked some winning bets. Specifically, 12 of them over a period of 11 days, all of which are shown without context. Highly concerning stuff.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Acca Lay Method there are two different options that Dave Jackson has made available. The first of these is a full 60 days of access. For this, he is asking £30 plus VAT. Alternatively, you can pay £50 plus VAT for access to selections for 180 days. Of course, this latter option offers substantially better value for money.

What is really interesting to me when looking at Acca Lay Method however is the fact that Dave Jackson fails to make any mention of the 30 day money back guarantee that is in place. This is something that is backed up by Clickbank who handle payment for the service. As such, you shouldn’t have any problems claiming this if you wanted it. The fact that this isn’t mentioned is another pretty big example of those red flags to me.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline claims that Dave Jackson has made £3,115 of profit placing just 1/2 bets per day. All of which has been made since January. So, let’s put those numbers in context. Given that Dave Jackson bets at £25 per point, we can ascertain that this means a 124.6 point profit. A believable enough number. All of this looks pretty good.

The fact is that if Dave Jackson can actually deliver on this 25 point per month average profit, there is little ignoring the fact that he’s probably onto something. However, I do rather question this number. Honestly, there is little in the way of substantive evidence surrounding Acca Lay Method, and what little there is entirely lacks context. Both of which are incredibly important in my eyes.

Conclusion for Acca Lay Method

I can appreciate the fact that Dave Jackson is doing something different with Acca Lay Method. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is running a good tipster service. Here’s the thing. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have seen a hell of a lot of tipster services come and go that are doing something new or have this different angle on things. Rarely though do they actually deliver (something I will be returning to shortly).

You see, I can entirely see how in theory bringing together Not to Win bets as an accumulator can bring additional value that warrants the risk. Honestly, I don’t think that’s a difficult thing to see. Especially if you are backing the right kinds of horses. Namely, those that just don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of winning.

And of course, I can also see how the approach behind Acca Lay Method is arguably superior to lay betting. There is no denying the fact that when it comes to lay bets the liability can screw you over. I’ve seen plenty of good services hit a rough patch and burn through their profits, or worse, making the assumption that long priced horses simply won’t win. Just a few bets, and all of a sudden your bank is gone.

But all of this pins on one thing. Backing the right kinds of horses. What Dave Jackson doesn’t do however is… Well, anything to explain what horses he’s picking. That lack of a selection process is a bit of

an issue for me. Because to me, it doesn’t really matter how low risk or obvious the betting approach is, if you are just guessing, that isn’t really a sustainable approach to betting.

Then of course there is also the small issue of the fact that Acca Lay Method only works with Bet 365. This means that any restrictions whatsoever, any account closures, the whole service is rendered moot. And that doesn’t just have to come from this. Any irregular betting from another tipster service or betting system that you have in place can completely screw this service over. Which isn’t ideal really.

Now, let’s come back to this point about new ideas rarely delivering. As with betting itself, there are strong patterns in the tipster and betting service industry. Things that you come to see every few months, and one of the most common is a new way of betting. Usually, this comes from some new independent tipster that is making some very bold claims about their service.

Importantly, the method of betting is always something that just sounds good. As is the case with Acca Lay Method. I will wholeheartedly admit that I have learned something from Dave Jackson here.

And the reason for this is rather unfortunate. You see, typically this kind of service is launched by well known to me vendors. They rarely mention any refund policy (no prizes for guessing why). And Dave Jackson seems to simply be another example of them selling services under a pseudonym.

All of that combined with that distinctive lack of evidence is definitely enough to put me off. This might be a hot take, but for me the onus is always on a tipster to prove that their service works. In the case of Acca Lay Method, that simply doesn’t happen at all. And when you factor in the other stuff, it just doesn’t make sense as an investment in my mind. Because of all that, I simply cannot recommend this.


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