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Acca Winners is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by one Lewis Jones. He claims that his football tips will allow you to provide a decent profit by exploiting larger odds.

Introduction to Acca Winners

If there is one thing about football betting that can be “criticised” it is the fact that you will generally struggle to find value. And this is mostly because in football, there are generally very clear superior teams (which means low odds for backing the obvious choice and almost no hope for the opposing team, or closely fought games in which case the odds are just very tight because they really can go either way. This generally means that if you want to profit through football betting, you need consistency on your side.

With that said, one of things that is often used in order to boost odds quite substantially is leveraging accas. An approach that Lewis Jones is keen to share with you, and, if you believe the results for Acca Winners, also an approach that can prove quite profitable. And all of that for a very low initial price as well. In fact, if I’m completely honest, if you look at the sales material, this really does look like a no brainer.

But there are issues that also come with betting on accumulators too. And these are problems that aren’t adequately addressed in Acca Winners in my opinion. The fact is that simply by bringing your bets together, you increase the risk that is involved. Because it only takes one upset to kill off your profits. And when you look at some of the bets that Lewis Jones is advising, I think there is more chance of those upsets than you may initially think. So, let’s get into it and see whether this is a worthwhile option.

What Does Acca Winners Offer?

Before I get into the management side of Acca Winners, I think it is incredibly important to start by looking at the bets themselves. Why is this so important exactly? Well, they’re very much at the centre of everything really. I mean, it’s right there in the name of Lewis Jones’s service. And because of this importance, I think it is necessary to ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting into.

So, Acca Winners is based around accumulators. That is very clearly established by this point, but there is still a lot to dissect in terms of these. First things first, Lewis Jones really leans into the myriad of football betting markets in order to make up these accas. Furthermore, he is also more than willing to modify how many bets he brings together.

This can mean a double on handicapped match results or a treble looking at a straight winner, over/under goals markets, and a double chance bet. There are even 4 folds which might include looking at both teams to score and a combination of other bets. And in and of itself, that is a very welcome thing. I believe that with football especially, you should lean into whatever you can in order to maximise value.

Which brings me to the element of Acca Winners that is possibly most exciting. You see, Lewis Jones claims that you will see accas ranging from odds of 2.0 (evens) all the way up to 10.0. Now I can’t tell you the last time that I saw a football bet that had odds of 10.0 that wasn’t just made up of a 10 fold acca. And this inevitably makes Acca Winners stand out.

Especially because there is ultimately a very manageable looking approach to betting. You see, Acca Winners is a daily tipster service, however, most days Lewis Jones says that he will advise just one accumulator bet. There may, on occasion, be a bonus acca which means 2 bets per day. But that is still a long way from a lot.

And moving into the management side of things, one of the positives is that whilst selections are typically sent out in the morning, Lewis Jones does say that Acca Winners subscribers can expect around 10 hours of notice on bets. On the occasion where there are selections for earlier games, you will receive them the evening before, which again, allows you to get the best value.

Which does lead me into something of an issue that I have with Acca Winners, and that is a lack of information contained within those emails. Sure, you get information about what the bet entails, but that is about it. As such, there is no advice on what kind of odds you should be looking for in order to maintain value or anything. And that is something quite important (especially in terms of assessing the risk), as I will explore a little later.

Now, one thing that does help Acca Winners along a little is that the staking plan is something very reasonable. Lewis Jones recommends using (theoretically) simple level stakes. What this means is that it is recommended that you are “starting with a bank that will allow you to bet 10% each time”.

That means that you are starting out with a betting bank of just 10 points. Now, one of the fortunate things here is that it doesn’t seem like compounding is recommended. This means that at the very least, if you win, you should find yourself in a more comfortable position quite quickly. Unfortunately, that is very much dependent on Acca Winners bringing in winners on the regular.

This is an area where I really do take exception to the claims that Lewis Jones makes for Acca Winners. You see, we are told that there is “an incredible strike rate”. What we aren’t given however is any actual number. Meanwhile the very limited “proofing” (if you can call it that) shows a strike rate of 80%. But given that this is taken from just 5 bets, I wouldn’t really take this result as being sustainable. In spite of all of this, we are also told that there are a fair number of losing days, so there is a very conflicted message there.

How Does Acca Winners Work?

There are two elements of how Acca Winners “works”. The first one is very obvious. It also happens to be the one element that Lewis Jones is willing to talk about. Effectively, this all boils down to why accumulators are good, and how you can use them in order to boost the odds that you can get from your football betting.

But that isn’t the part that is interesting to me. Honestly, if I had a pound for every time that I’ve seen this approach utilised… Well, I’d be a good few hundred quid up. The important takeaway isn’t that this approach isn’t unique though. It’s the fact that using accas isn’t simply a way of fixing a lack of value. Because as much as it is skipped over by Lewis Jones, and I have already said it, this also comes with increased risk. An element of Acca Winners that doesn’t seem to really be considered.

The other important element of how Acca Winners works is the selection process. This is interesting to me because Lewis Jones makes clear reference to having a process. There is mention made to “careful research” and how selective betting strategies are used. Unfortunately, that is where the information stops. And that is a really quite substantial problem in my opinion.

It isn’t even like you can really rely on any kind of proofing because all that we have are those 5 bets spread over 4 days. Even if you were willing to believe them entirely (which I don’t), 5 bets simply isn’t indicative of what you can expect long term. As such, I just can’t put any real weight behind this.

What is the Initial Investment?

Lewis Jones has just one option available if you want to subscribe to Acca Winners. That is a one time cost of £27 (plus VAT) for which you get access to his selections for a full year. On the surface of it all, that represents fantastic value for money. As is pointed out in the sales material, that means less than 8p per day.

On top of this, Acca Winners does come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This is well advertised in the sales material and is ultimately backed up by Clickbank. This means that it is all above board, and so long as you aren’t serially returning products to them, you shouldn’t have any issues getting a refund.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for Acca Winners, it is all very believable. Lewis Jones claims that you can expect to make at least £10,000 in profit over the next year. Presuming that this number is based off the £50 stakes that are supposedly used, that means a pretty moderate points profit of 200 points for the year. That’s respectable, but far from huge.

What I find questionable about this number is that there is no insight into where it comes from. Lewis Jones may as well have pulled this number out of thin air because there isn’t a single thing in the sales material that points to where this comes from. This makes me highly sceptical about whether or not Acca Winners can actually get close to this number, even if it does seem to be rooted in reality.

Conclusion for Acca Winners

If you really strip back the marketing for Acca Winners, it boils down to a few key points. And these are where I want to start. First things first, Lewis Jones is great, whilst other tipsters are just terrible. I haven’t really mentioned this yet, but there is a fair old amount of the sales material that is dedicated to it.

We are told all about how he has been betting on football for 2 decades, and that he started off as a mug, even betting on the weather. He also tells us about how he tried a number of “systems and betting e-books”, none of which worked. And from there, we reach the inevitable conclusion where Lewis Jones says that he knew more about betting than the tipsters he was subscribed to. So of course, he set up his own (although again, note the lack of actual information here).

The other element of Acca Winners is an insinuation that accumulators are some kind of shortcut to profit. They aren’t. You see, Lewis Jones is very hung up on the notion that you don’t have to win often (again, despite the suggestion that you will win often with Acca Winners) when backing accas to win big. In theory, this might be true, but it is also very much reliant on actually having winners on some kind of semi-regular basis. Which isn’t demonstrated.

And when that is combined with what effectively boils down to a 10 point betting bank… Well, that concerns me greatly. Because you really have to keep in mind that whilst there are those limited results, I cannot stress enough that the best case scenario is that they’re genuine, but unlikely to repeat themselves.

All of this is not necessarily conducive to a tipster service that has long term profit written on it. If anything, I can’t help but feel like probably at best, you might enjoy some short term success. But even that seems like it may well prove unlikely.

The reasoning for this isn’t entirely unsubstantiated either. I cannot stress enough the fact that really, when you buy into Acca Winners you’re simply taking Lewis Jones’s word that he is able to deliver. He doesn’t talk about what his selection process entails. He doesn’t provide any real evidence. There is no proofing. It all just boils down to believing that there are 20 years of betting experience, and that without explanation, Lewis Jones got better than the tipsters he followed.

Honestly, I really don’t buy into that. Because I’ve lost count of just how many tipster services have made the same claims, only to end up losing money in the long term. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Acca Winners will be the same, but on balance of probability, I don’t think I’d buy this on the grounds of “maybe”.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I just wouldn’t really look to recommend Acca Winners. About the best thing that I can say about it is that it’s cheap, and it comes with a decent money back guarantee. But that really isn’t a reason to buy a service. If you’re really curious, I suppose that you don’t have a lot to lose. But I would always say that it’s worth keeping in mind that even a small loss, remains a loss.  


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