Accumulator Generator Review

accumulator generator ReviewAccumulator Generator is a new product from infamous betting product creator Mike Cruickshank that is able to provide his users with 100% guaranteed profits, regardless of experience.

What does the product offer?

There are a few different tools that make up Accumulator Generator as a package, each of which plays its own role in ensuring that Mike Cruickshank’s subscribers can generate a consistent profit. The core of Accumulator Generator is access to the exclusive “AccaMatcher” portal online that provides you with all the information that you need to make this method work for you. There is also a Bet Finder included which allows Accumulator Generator users to filter out bets and customise searches so they can find the best possible opportunities. There are also a number of additional features including an auto-populating calculator as well as built in reminders which will notify you when games you have bets on are starting.

This way you don’t have to manually keep track of the various bets you will place. Finally Mike Cruickshank provides over 3 hours of training videos, all of which are presented in a straight forward manner and to the quality you would expect from this creator.

How does the product work?

Without going into too much detail about how it all works, Accumulator Generator is based around a very specific betting strategy that allows you to place bets without ever really risking your stake. Mike Cruickshank does this through a method that is well known on stock exchanges known as hedging.

What this means is that Accumulator Generator will help you to create a bet that you place in the normal way with bookmakers that offer a refund on your stake if your accumulator loses out because of one team. The software then “hedges” against this bet covering all possible outcomes and laying against the potential refund.

What is the initial investment?

At £149.99 it is difficult to say that Accumulator Generator is cheap, however this does represent a fantastic discount on the usual price which is £199.99. Mike Cruickshank has put together a package in Accumulator Generator that genuinely warrants the cost. On top of this you get 30 days to trial the method to make sure that it’s something you can use.

Mike Cruickshank Accumulator Generator

What is the rate of return?

Really the sky is the limit with Accumulator Generator in terms of income. The fact is that Mike Cruickshank made his name with risk free betting and this has been at the core of his products since. Whilst the actual profits per bet may not seem like much, the fact is that you will be making 20% profit each time, regardless of the result.


It isn’t often that something new comes from one of the best product creators online so when it does, it is worth paying attention. Mike Cruickshank has spent a long time cultivating a reputation for this kind of thing and his reputation remains safe with Accumulator Generator.

The fact is that the only thing that could be perceived as a negative is the cost but I think that anybody who starts using Accumulator Generator will both appreciate the potential for unlimited earning and the hard work that has clearly gone into it, both of which more than justify the price.

Personally, I was blown away by what is on offer here and that isn’t something that happens very often. Whilst Accumulator Generator is a definite must have for anybody who has an interest in betting, the fact is that this is ideal for anybody who is interested in making money online.


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Comments (16)

Does this accumulator generator thingy actually work then? What do I need to do, and how much can I make?


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Tim,

This does work as advertised. Users are already reporting decent returns, and we are also currently testing the offer out, and so far so good, we have already made the money back on Accumulator generator, and we can see this product being a big hit with users.




I bought this a few days ago and I have already made some money with the accas. The accumulators definitely work, and there are a few different ways to make the profits, I am just working out which ones I like best. But as it is a Mike Cruickshank product, I already had confidence, as I have been using his stuff for 4 years without problems.

I will keep you updated on my progress, but all great so far.

Thank you chaps.

Charlie Fairweather

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Charlie,

Thanks you for the comments, and for letting us and other users how you are getting on with accumulator generator.

We knew Mike Cruickshank was launching this again in January, although we were already testing it from when it first launched, and therefore have no problems in giving it a thumbs up, as our own results have been very positive.



Can Mike’s Accumulator Generator be used in
the united states?

Hello Bob,

It is a UK/Ireland product mainly,



Nice one from Mike…but hope it does not have to do with free bets/bonus?

Thanks waiting and for your response.

When you say mainly U.K./Ireland, are there other countries it could work.

Yes, same question as Austin. Does it involve opening multiple bookmaker accounts like Bonus Bagging? Thanks!

Can the product be used in Nigeria since Betfair also supports Nigeria

Hello their,
Does this product literally offer more than 6 risk free bets a day or it just just gives you a one off each other day? And can you replicate the same bet a descent number of times with this product to maximize the profits?

Can this system allow you to place the same bets repeatedly a descent number of times for more bigger profits?

Apart from Bonus bagging which I found simple to operate and very effective I have not been happy with Mike’s products. It may be just me but I have found them too difficult to operate with dodging about with different screens and the need for concentrated effort and the requirement for a very sizable Betfair bank. Perhaps the fact that I am on AOL and operate an apple mac makes a difference. Can any one help.

I have just been re-reading an email that I sent to you last night and I am ashamed at the standard of English displayed in it. My only excuse is that I am currently ill and not working at my normal power.

Your review shows that the price of Accumulator Generator is £149 with a 30 day trial but if you follow the link to Mike’s page then it shows that the cost is £199 +VAT with a trial of only 10 days.

Which one is correct and if it is your figures as in the review, then how do I place an order for this system.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Andrew,

We have replied to you by email.

The current offer is a £1 trial for 14 days, and then a subsequent payment of £99 after that should you continue, which you probably will as there is a lot of profit to be made.

We get a lot of emails about this one, plus we have tried it ourselves, it is one of the better products out there, and Mike is very helpful. You also gain access to the Facebook group which has around 10,000+ members which all help each other out with more profitable opportunities.

Full details here:



Can the accumulator be used exclusively with a Betfair account for all the necessary bets or does one have to open multiple Bookmakers accounts to bet?

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From: Simon Roberts