Ace Trades Review

Ace Trades is a training program that the creators claim will teach you techniques to read stock market trends and how to profit from this.

What does the product offer?

The product offers two levels of training, Gold and Diamond with Diamond being the costlier of the two. There is also a 3 day free trial on offer with a very trimmed down version of the course. The key difference between the two is that the Gold package offers a time limit on the support whereas Diamond provides support for “life”. Otherwise the information supplied and the course material appears to be identical. The course itself is a combination of live “classrooms” with the opportunity to watch trades happening in real time as well as a series of core and advanced modules.

How does the product work?

The product is (as mentioned above) first and foremost a training program to enable its users to read and predict the future of the stock market. The system is based on the combine knowledge and experience of the Ace Trades team. The Ace Trade system claims that once you have an understanding it will increase your ability to generate profit consistently.

What is the initial investment?

The service is not a cheap one. The Gold package will set you back $2995 with the Diamond package costing $4795 with this price due to go up in the New Year. If users purchase the Gold package they do have the option to upgrade to the Diamond for the difference ($1800). On top of this would be costs associated with setting up a bankroll with which to trade.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return stated on the website. As this is a training program any results would be qualitative rather than quantitative.


There is a rather glaring issue that one must take up with Ace Trades before continuing. The claims made are the norm really, the price, particularly high. The problem here lies in the lack of information on who operates the program or really, any evidence to suggest that it works. Other similar trading training programs that I have looked at have shouted about the credentials of the creator of the program and the experience that they have had.

Instead Ace Trades makes no mention and this is a little unsettling. You are very literally looking to hand over almost $5k to a complete stranger. The only saving grace here is that there is the offer of a 3 day free trial. Whether you would view this as adequate time to lay down the kind of costs involved with Ace Trades is a personal preference, but for me it most definitely would not be. For me there is simply not sufficient evidence that this system works to justify even half of the cost of this program.



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Ace trade does not try to predict STOCK

Only Forex, Commodity amd mainly ES

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