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Across the Leagues is a new sports betting tipster service from Oliver Upstone and Oxfordshire Press. It looks at a variety of football based bets in order to find value opportunities.

What does the product offer?

I can’t lie, Oliver Upstone has done a very good job of making Across the Leagues sound like a rational choice. He presents plenty of facts to demonstrate how his betting strategy works and even I with all my scepticism was initially impressed. Essentially, Across the Leagues is a tipster service that looks at all possible values in a football game to identify certain patterns.

Where possible, Oliver Upstone then looks to provide tips based on these to Across the Leagues subscribers. You can expect to bet betting on a lot of different types of bets ranging from correct score bets to various goals markets and even some handicap bets.

Selections are sent out weekly (every Friday and on the day for midweek fixtures) with Across the Leagues providing you with the “need to know” stats, analysis and actual selections. It is worth pointing out that the nature of Across the Leagues means that there is no real staking plan and there is also no proofing or strike rate.

How does the product work?

Oliver Upstone says that all of his selections are based on OPTA Sportsdata statistics. These are massive company that provide data to various sports news teams as well as bookmakers and Oddschecker.

By analysing this data, the Across the Leagues team are able to spot trends and patterns which can then be compared to the available betting markets. Where there is profit to be had through bookmakers, the betting advice is sent out to Across the Leagues subscribers.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Oxfordshire Press are offering two options for Across the Leagues. The first of these is a monthly direct debit at a cost of £19.95 or alternatively, you can sign up for the year for a one time cost of £149.

Both of these options come with a full 14 day trial of the service as well as a 3 month money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Across the Leagues, there is unfortunately very little in the way of income potential. Rather than providing explicit proofing of bets that he has advised over the last year, Oliver Upstone instead talks about bets that Across the Leagues seemingly could have identified, something that is rather problematic as I will explore below.


As I have said before now, my first impressions of Across the Leagues were impressive. Here was a service that provides numbers and figures and tangible data. There is however a problem when you take a step back and read the sales material properly.

All of the examples provided are just that. To provide a sample, Oliver Upstone says “Look at the FACTS” and then quotes the following statistic for the Champions League: 83% – Bayern Munich games – Most Corners (10 out of 12). This is all well and good, and I am certain that if you were betting on this, you would have made money.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the kind of trend that is identified at the end of the season rather than actual bets that Oliver Upstone has sent out to Across the Leagues subscribers. With this in mind, anybody can go back over the last season and say “If you’d have bet on this, you’d have made money”.

What really puts the nail in the coffin for me in this regard is that there aren’t any examples from this season.

Whilst the sales material for Across the Leagues talks extensively about facts, the fact is that the results of last season have almost no bearing on this season with Football. As such, I am really not keen on what Across the Leagues is offering. The service isn’t too badly priced, but I think that Oliver Upstone is making a pretty big ask with nothing to back his claims up.



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Thanks I was about to sign up but you’re review has changed my mind

I have read your comments but you have missed one bit of vital information, the data gives you stats of the last 5 games, this service is designed for you the punter to be able to make your own decisions although the last half a dozen tips Oliver has provided have all won, I myself have made my own bets with success I don’t aim to earn a fortune but personally across the Leagues is great and the enjoyment I get from the site is fantastic.

They are pedalling the same old tat they have used for ten years, just changing the names. It used to be Robert Huth, I think. Sounds like a stats-geek/ sports hack wannabe who’s probably never been in a bookies in his life.

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