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Advanced Cymatic Trader Review

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a piece of software that streamlines and makes it easier to navigate and utilise the features of Betfair. The product is an official Betfair API Solution meaning that it is fully security tested and approved by Betfair.

The products primary utilisation is in allowing users to maximise the number of bets they can place and cash out on at any given time through the streamlined interfaces that offer varying levels of information on screen at any time. Although the product is primarily aimed at existing users of Betfair it has been created in such a way that novices should have no need to feel intimidated by its use.

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The product is provided entirely free of charge by Cymatic Ltd. It has a website offering extensive coverage of the software’s abilities and how to utilise them as well as a strong support network. This is managed with a complete user guide as well as an active forum that is at present, used by nearly 400 users.

The product does not offer any investment return nor initial investment as it is primarily a different (albeit more efficient) way of utilising existing features on a website.

The only real downside to the program is that it lacks a test mode. This means that for novice users especially, figuring out what is what will be carried out in a live environment which means real betting. This can be overcome with minimal stake bets but none the less, it could prove costly in the long run. That having been said there is a test mode in the pipeline but as to how long it will be before its incorporation remains unknown other than the fact it is “a priority”.

Looking at Advanced Cymatic Trader as a whole it is definitely a worthwhile product for those that already utilise Betfair and wish to increase their edge. That having been said it must be kept in mind that this isn’t an investment or advice scheme and is only as effective as the user. For those who are looking for a new and easy way to make money this definitely does not seem to be the way, but if you are already familiar with Betfair and wish to increase your current returns then it is a no brainer.


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From: Simon Roberts