Affiliate Trax Review

Affiliate Trax is a new product from Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky that the creators claim will allow affiliate marketers to build their own “buyers list” that can help to improve your marketing.

What does the product offer?

Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky are selling Affiliate Trax as a two part product but I don’t think that this is really fair. What you are paying for with Affiliate Trax is the software itself which to credit the creators is an interesting bit of kit. The software side of Affiliate Trax essentially allows you to monitor which of the people that you send to affiliate products are ultimately buying the products.

From here there is a whole suite of options that allow you to monitor what your business is doing and where you are ultimately adding value.

This is because amongst the features of Affiliate Trax, you can look at information on your customers and what they buy, the refund rate for the various vendors you promote for as well as details on how much money you are making per customer.

The “second” part of Affiliate Trax according to Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky is a training program that shows users how to use the software as well as some details that will help you to improve your affiliate marketing business.

How does the product work?

The main idea behind Affiliate Trax is that when you operate as an affiliate marketer, you are really building the vendors business, not yours. Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky say that by using their software and being able to monitor your buyers and list, you can actually improve your own business by increasing your insight.

This will allow you to do things like market to people who have purchase through your affiliate link before now and ultimately, grow and develop a more targeted list. It is worth pointing out however that Affiliate Trax is restricted in so much as you can only use it with JVZoo.

What is the initial investment?

Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky are selling Affiliate Trax for a one time cost which comes in at $67. There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place for Affiliate Trax but as it is sold through JVZoo you will have to claim this directly from the vendors.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any advertise rate of return for Affiliate Trax outside of a reference to making 6 figures and this makes a lot of sense. The fact is this isn’t a direct money making product and as such, I would personally view it as more of a tool. With this in mind I would expect results to be qualitative rather than quantitative.


It is instantly apparent what Mike From Maine and Brett Tutecky were going for with Affiliate Trax and I can see that they have marketed it very well to a niche that probably does exist. The thing for me is that most sucessful affiliate marketers are already using multiple emailing lists for various different niches.

Whilst I can see how a list of buyers looks attractive, the fact is that people who buy a gambling system aren’t then going to want to buy a book on weight training. This means that you’re wasting resources marketing to the wrong people.

With this in mind (and what I feel is a tad steep a price tag for what Affiliate Trax really does) I don’t think that I’d be particularly bothered with Affiliate Trax personally.


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From: Simon Roberts