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AH Horse Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Punthub tipster stable. Selections come courtesy of a tipster referred to simply as Will.

What does AH Horse Racing offer?

I have been looking at gambling products and tipster services for approaching 4 years now in a professional capacity and I can honestly say that it is an area that is more competitive now than I feel it was when I started. Volume however, is not necessarily the same as quality. None the less, there are certain properties that I have noticed when looking at the better services.

Whilst I like Punthub’s claim that a good tipster is made of “Determination – Ability – Consistency”, I believe that there is a lot more to it than this. Of course these terms are being used to sell their service AH Horse Racing, and marketing is as marketing does. What I am interested in however, is whether or not this particular service can match my slightly less abstract and arguably more stringent standards.

So exactly do you get for your money with AH Horse Racing?

As far as tipster services go, it is a very straight forward affair.

Selections are issued on a near daily basis and they sent out directly via email. Whilst it isn’t mentioned anywhere that I have seen, you should probably aim to place bets with a best odds guaranteed bookmaker as on a number of occasions, both recent and historically, proofing has demonstrated a larger profit as a result of this. You are not talking significant differences most of the time, but every point counts.

The bets that are recommended are again, nothing to write home about really. There are between 1 and 4 selections most days. These are all advised as either win or each way and whilst there is a variety of odds involved, there aren’t any massive outsiders to contend with. What this does mean however is that you do have to work hard to make sure that you try and get the recommended odds (which generally seem to be available).

It probably will come as no surprise at this point to say that there is nothing particularly different about the staking plan either. Win bets are advised to 1 point whilst each way bets are advised at 0.5 points each way. On some of the bets where there are much lower odds, you may have a 2 point stake but there isn’t a huge amount of variation here.

The final thing that I want to look at here is the strike rate. Rather unfortunately, this is not discussed anywhere. What I can say however is that there have been 284 losing bet since proofing began. There are however another 86 unplaced bets and a further 31 bets where races were abandoned or none runners. Given that there have been 615 bets placed, this means a strike rate of approximately 35% which sounds good, but this involves bets that have placed as well as won.

How does AH Horse Racing work?

Punthub give nothing away when it comes to their services and this includes any potential information on the selection process. I have never tried to hide the fact that I consider this a part of any tipster service package. I do not expect details, but I like enough to know that I am making a reasonably well informed decision and that the tipster isn’t pulling names from a hat.

In the case of AH Horse Racing, I have to say that I consider it doubly important due to the very distinctive lack of anything stand out in terms of selections etc. At least I can look at something with constantly long odds or a particularly high strike rate and see some semblance of strategy. AH Horse Racing is however very much middle of the road.

What is the initial investment?

There are just two subscription offerings if you want to sign up to AH Horse Racing. The first of these is a monthly option and will cost you £25 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for the quarter (3 months) at a cost of £60. At the time of writing, Punthub and Will are also offering your first month for just £10 which is a decent discount. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee in place however this is typical for a lot of tipsters.

What is the rate of return?

Since the service launched in August of last year, AH Horse Racing has produced an overall points profit of 62.83. Frankly, this is a bit of a rubbish result and would mean a little over 6 points of profit per month. Factor in subscription costs and it hardly seems worth it.

This isn’t however the whole picture. The launch month for AH Horse Racing saw a loss of 41.73 points and that has had a massive negative impact on the results. Factor this out and you are looking at 112.53 points which is a much higher number and works out at 14 points of profit per month.  

Conclusion on AH Horse Racing?

As far as I am concerned, there are two different schools of thoughts when it comes to something with results like AH Horse Racing. It is hard to ignore the overall results. I have already discussed this and so won’t dwell on it, but they aren’t great. Ignore August and they are much stronger. This suggests to me either a very long run of bad luck or alternatively, and I am inclined to see this as the more likely circumstance, the tipster behind the service made a change.

This brings me to another issue that I have with AH Horse Racing which is the lack of information on the selection process. I have seen this on a number of products from the Punthub stable and whilst it is generally simply frustrating, given the change in AH Horse Racing’s results this is escalated to a genuine concern. If there is a change, I will always factor this in but as it stands, this can only be blind optimism.

For me, the deciding factor for AH Horse Racing boils down to whether or not the service represents value for money.

Looking at the more recent results I am currently erring on the belief that there is some to be had here. £25 per month is not a lot of money and I have seen much more expensive services available as well. The fundamental problem, more than anything else is that even the higher average results will only yield around £1,500 per year to £10 stakes. This is better than nothing, but you could make your money work much harder for you.

Honestly, I would have loved to see some explanation that would have allowed me to put AH Horse Racing in better context, but there isn’t. I keep coming back to it but I just don’t think that the results are strong enough to warrant a recommendation. Profit is profit and, in that regard, AH Horse Racing delivers. Unfortunately, it is placed in a competitive market and simply doing the minimum isn’t really enough.

I would certainly say that it is some way away from the headline that Punthub use to sell it.


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